Master P – 99 Ways To Die

Master P - 99 Ways To Die“99 Ways To Die” was not only Master P’s fourth solo effort, but was also released in the golden era of California’s hip hop reign. The Bay Area was also the original home of P’s No Limit Records, as evidenced by 1995’s “99 Ways To Die.” The album was released after the success of P’s “West Coast Bad Boyz” and contains a completely different feel than P’s catelogue when No Limit obtained commercial success in New Orleans.

1.) Intro/17 Reasons: After paying homage to such Bay Area veterans as E-40, Rappin 4 Tay, Too Short, JT The Bigga Figga, and Spice 1 over Earth Wind & Fire’s “Reasons”, P flips the script over a funky loop about an attempted car jack with his brothers – C-Murder and Silkk The Shocker. Good way to open up the album.

2.) Commercial 1: Although the album’s first track was billed as an intro, this second track on the album, is just a commercial about P getting bit while getting head. Pointless skit, skip it.

3.) Dead Presidents: Before Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents II” was heralded as an East Coast classic, Master P’s ode to currency recieves a West Coast treatment. While P’s rhymes aren’t anything spectacular (“I’m not Dr. Dre, but Richmond, California’s ‘Deathrow'”), funky Bay Area production, combined with P’s delivery make for a good track.

4.) Rollin Thru My Hood feat. Big Ed, King George, Lil Ric, Silkk: Over another bouncing instrumental, Master P describes a day rolling through his hood in Richmond, California. Backed up by later ‘No Limit Soldiers’ – Big Ed and Silkk The Shocker, P recieves a little help from some of his first recruits to the tank – Lil Ric and King George. While everybodies verses are on par, Silkk suprisingly steals the show with a smooth flow over an even smoother beat.

5.) Bullets Gots No Name feat. E-A-Ski, Rally Ral: Production on this song has a definite West Coast vibe, as all three artists do an excellent job at describing how ‘bullets gots no name’, so your best bet is to stay strapped. Great track up and down.

6.) When They Gone: After three previous uptempo songs, Master P dedicates this track to everyone dying in violence. From the average joe on the street to his brother Kevin Miller, P’s delivery and charisma carry this track, making for another great track, and possibly one of the album’s best.

7.) Playa Wit Game feat. King George, Silkk, Simply Dre: This song is one of my personal favorites, as P trades verses with his brother over a very funkdified instrumental, before King George laces the third verse. A great hook by Simply Dre, and even better production carry this song.

8.) Commercial 2: This commercial is entertaining for the simple fact it features Romeo (who was only about 5 years old at the time) asking his dad if he’s ever killed someone before. Otherwise, skip it.

9.) 99 Ways To Die: Easily the best track on the album, this is Master P just kicking rhymes Bay Area style, while detailing the West Coast hustle, and how the streets are indeed ‘survival of the fittest.’ Even though the hook is very simple, it’s Master P’s delivery and ability to make a good track that make this a West Coast classic.

10.) Rev. Do Wrong Commercial: After only one song seperating two skits, this is another dissapointing ‘commercial’ featuring “Rev. Do Wrong” who is preaching in a church about the 99 ways to die in the hood. Skip it.

11.) Hoe Games feat. C-Murder, King George, Silkk: This track is very different. It starts off with Master P portraying a radio host awarding the caller that can properly define a ‘busta.’ The beat is very basic and repetitive, and this song is worth listening to for the simple fact C-Murder makes a rare guest appearence. Otherwise, this is probably the weakest track on the album.

12.) 1-900-Master P: After the dissapointment of the last song, P and younger brother Silkk get funky over this dedication to the ‘late night creep.’ This track is another one of the album’s highlights as P’s flow and subject matter make for a great track. King George adlibs the hook.

13.) When They Gone (Radio): Not much to say about this track, except for the fact that the explicit version is already on the album, and the radio version isn’t that much different. Dissapointing way to close out an otherwise good release from Master P.

While not containing the polished beats and greatness of “Ghetto D”, this album offers fans a glimpse into what Master P was before he was, well – Master P. P’s Bay Area roots shine throughout the CD, and although some would bill this as an underground classic, an overabundance of skits and some weaker tracks end up dragging it down. This is still a good release none the less, and manages to still get respect to this day, being billed as one of P’s better albums.

Overall Rating: 3.7/5

Master P – Da Last Don

Master P - Da Last DonSay what you want about No Limit now, but nobody can deny that they’re music was top of tha game in 98. This is my favorite album(s) of all time, which doesn’t make my review biased, but is underated and often called the peak of P’s 2Pac biting rhymes. When in fact, this was the peak of No Limit, going 4x platinum in 1998, and for a good reason.


Disc 1:

1) Da Last Don: 

Perfect way to open up the CD. It was No Limit’s most anticipated release, and Master P’s marketing ploy of his ‘retirement’ to sell more records paid off. Playing a don ( in a cheesy Italian accent ), P states why he’s the last Don, and pays his respects to 2Pac, Biggie, and of course his brother, Kevin Miller; over a hard ass beat.

2) Til we Dead and Gone feat. Bone Thugs and Harmony: 

Not the best song; didn’t really live up to what I thought it would be. Average verse from P, and Bone rips it as usual. Just an average song.

3) Thinkin Bout U feat. Mia X, Mo B. Dick: 

Released as a single, this song talks about alot of different gangsta subjects. The beat is sick, with a bumpin piano beat, but the singing and chorus is what drags it down.

4) Soldiers, Riders, and G’s feat. Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal:

This is possibly the best song on the first disc, everybody comes hard on it. The beat, the verses, everything’s on point and the whole song delivers. A No Limit classic.

5) The Ghetto’s got me Trapped feat. Silkk the Shocker: 

Not a bad song, talking about how P and Silkk will always be trapped in the ghetto, but they’re not ready to die. The beat is another mafiaso type beat, with a heavy bass guitar. Average song.

6) Get Your Paper feat. E-40: 

A lot of people don’t like this song, but it’s got a Bay Area beat, and it’s how a featured song should be. Two seperate verses from P and 40, and then them going back and forth on the third verse. Definatley a good song worth listening to.

7) Ride: 

One of the only P solo efforts on the album(s), but this a good song. It’s a more laid back track, with piano rifts in the background. As always, P let’s off his signature Uggghhh!!!, but it fits in perfect for this joint talking about the struggles in the ghetto.

8) Thug Girl feat. Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker:

I don’t like this song, to me it’s a mess. Snoop’s verse isn’t good and P’s verse isn’t good. Silkk ruins it. The only thing good about this track is that it’s short.

9) These Streets Keep Me Rollin feat. Fiend:

In this track, P obviously tries to emulate a lil of Pac’s style, but it flows smooth over this laid back beat. Fiend has a tight verse with his raw voice, which seems a lil out of place, but it’s still a good song over a BBTP produced beat.

10) Black and White: 

Song about P being a black man in a white world, and how things will never change. Romeo has a cameo in the beginning, but this track is just average.

11) War Wounds feat. Fiend, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker:

Somewhat of a Soulja song, this song goes hard. The beat, the chorus, everybody’s verse, and the ending. Nothing short of a classic from BBTP. Definatley recommended for listening and constant playback.

12) Dear Mr. President feat. Mac: 

P got a lot of critics and haters with this song. Obviously, 2Pac had a song about his letter to the president, which it would seem P ripped off. And to some extent he did, but it’s not a bad song, and has a good feature from Mac.

13) Mama Raised Me feat. Soulja Slim, Snoop Dogg:

Tight song, and the title lives up to it’s name. It’s not the content or the meaning of the song that make’s you want to listen, but the way it flows. The smoothest of No Limit ( Soulja Slim and Snoop Dogg ) spit game about how they mama raised them. One of my favorite tracks on the double album.

14) Let My 9 Get Em: 

Another rare P solo song, in which he raps Ghetto D style about layin it down for any ***** that don’t like him and what he stands for.

Disc 2:

1) More 2 Life feat. C-Murder:

C-Murder makes a track good. Bottom line. And that’s not saying that his albums are perfect, but his features never dissapoint. More 2 Life is talking about how everything shouldn’t revolve around *****es, weed, and a mercedes. Tight song, kind of slow, but it’s catchy and makes you want to listen; and that’s all that should matter to a person buying the CD.

2) Ghetto Life feat. UGK: 

Tight track with another UGK appearance ( they appeared on a number of No Limit albums prior to this ), and this song actually has some meaning. That’s saying a lot about a Master P song, but it’s definatley one of the best songs from both discs.

3) Gangsta ***** feat. Steady Mobb’n, Mo B. Dick: 

Westcoast feeling song ( to a certain extent ) about how no ***** compares to a gangsta *****. Average song, but not really that great. Definatley a filler track.

4) So Many Souls Deceased feat. Ghetto Commission:

Ghetto Commission comes hard on this track, and P’s verse is too short. The beat is just average, with P talking Italian at the beginning again. Recommended if you like the Commission.

5) Rock-A-Bye-Haters: 

A skit of P changing a popular nursery rhyme, like he did on his later albums, and switching it up. Really drags the disc down, and is a complete waste of time. Skip it.

6) Snitches feat. Snoop Dogg:

A sample of G’z and Hustlaz from Doggystyle, which isn’t a bad concept, but fails to deliver. Snoop’s verse is too long, and he can’t live up to the original ( which shouldn’t be expected ), but is still an average track.

7) Family Business: 

Another mafia type skit, with P talking in his accent and ‘taking care of a snitch’. Waste of space, and obvious filler for the 2nd disc. Skip it.

8) Let’s Get Em feat. Magic, C-Murder: 

Magic, who also tried to sound like 2Pac through much of 98, comes hard. C-Murder comes hard. P comes hard. Bottom line, this is one of the best tracks on the album.

9) Goodbye To My Homies feat. Sons of Funk, Silkk the Shocker: 

Trying to capitilize on the success of ‘I miss my Homies’ P offers a sequel to the 97 joint, with the exact same theme of the first. He’s still talking about Kevin, nothing’s really changed. However if you like the Sons of Funk, peep this track.

10) Welcome To My City feat. Mac, O’Dell:

A lot of people find this their favorite track of the album, and it’s not completely surprising to see why. The beat is smooth, and all the flows are with P continuing to yell Ugghhh!!! on about every song.

11) Ghetto Love feat. Mia X, Mo B. Dick: 

Not a bad song if you want ya girl in the mood, but when I buy a Master P album, that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t blame him for making this type of track, at this point he didn’t really have one, but it’s not really my style. I skipped it.

12) Make Em Say Ugghhh!!! Part II feat. Fiend, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker, Snoop Dogg:

It’s been said before, I’ll say it again. This song was really anticipated, and for the first 3 minutes, it was as good if not better than the original; until…..Snoop Dogg comes on. This song is DRAGGED DOWN by his slow style. He is capable of rhyming fast and hard ( listen to any track on Doggstyle ), but the Doggfather got lazy, and this song needs Mystikal bad.

13) Hot Boys and Girls feat. Kane & Abel, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, Mystikal: 

Above average song about the wierdest shit you will ever hear. The song’s title has nothing to do with the theme ( which isn’t bad ), but you won’t get what you expect. Everybody on this joint describes themselves as something that you’d do everyday. Ex: Master P ” I’m the fire down in Hell, I’m the gas you pump at shell “. Out of the ordinary, but it definatley puts a twist on the song, and makes you want to listen to it even more.

14) Reverse the Game: 

Pointless skit leading up to the end of the album. Skip it.

15) Eternity feat. C-Murder, Mr. Serv-On:

Easily my favorite No Limit track ever, everything about the song is great. There is no flaws to this song, and the beat, the verses, and the chorus especially you can play just about anytime. The perfect way to end ANY album, as Master P closes off saying this is the last time you will hear a bad guy like him; and at that point in 1998, actually made you believe him. One of the best songs ever.


In conclusion, I give this album nothing less than a 5. 5/5. It’s full of tracks that you can play just about any time, and was probably Master P’s last GREAT album. It lives up to the hype in my opinion, and if you don’t own it already, I suggest you go out and buy it if your a No Limit/Master P/Gangsta Musik fan.

Master P – Only God Can Judge Me

Master P - Only God Can Judge MeOnly God Can Judge Me was made post Beats by the Pound era, and after No Limit’s success really wore off. After going 4x platinum with the Da Last Don, Master P came out of ‘retirement’ to release Only God Can Judge Me. The twist on this cd is that by this time ( late 99 ) most of the soldiers had left the tank, including BBTP, which gave it a new style. Along with the new production, came a new style from P. It’s an experiment, and not everybody liked it. With that being said, here’s the review for OGCJM.


1) Only God Can Judge Me

P talking over a Daniel Kartell laced guitar solo, about why he’s a soulja and how he’ll always be TRU 2 Da Game. Not really recomended.

2) Ghetto Prayer feat. Magic

This is a song that was really critiqued when it first came out as a shallow, meaningless wannabe 2Pac song. I wouldn’t say it’s that bad, but it does get a lil repetitive. Not the worst, not the best.

3) Step To Dis feat. D.I.G.

One of the best songs on the album, also released as a single. D.I.G. has a flawless flow, and Master P comes correct. What more to say?

4) Return of Da Don feat. Silkk the Shocker

Unfortunatley, this song doesn’t live up to it’s name. Silkk’s accent is complete garbage, and the beat is mafiaso, but without BBTP, it sounds terrible. Nothing stands out.

5) Say Brah feat. Mac

This is a club bangin track with Mac. It’s almost like whenever Mac is on a song, it can’t be bad. This is a good song, with an uptempo beat also featured on 504 Boyz’s ‘Goodfellas’.

6) Boonapalist feat. D.I.G., Ms. Peaches

This is a slow song that has no relation to anything good at all. D.I.G. has a tight verse, and that’s about it. Nothing special about this track at all.

7) Where Do We Go feat. Mac, Nas

This is probably one of the best songs on the entire album. Master P definatley has his best verse I’ve heard in a long time. It’s about staying positive even when life getz tough. Tight verses from all three artists.

8) Ice on My Wrist

Cash Money’s success obviously influenced this song, because P never used to rap about cars, jewels, etc. Not really worth listening to unless you like songs about diamonds, and Cash Money does it better anyway.

9) Stop Playing Wit Me

One of the highlights of the album. It’s a rowdy joint that stays on point through the whole song detailing P’s come up in the game. Worth a listen.

10) Ghetto in the Sky

Much like Ghetto Prayer, this song is criticized for being a cheap version of songs from the likes of 2Pac, Biggie, etc. I don’t really look that deep into it, but it’s worth a listen if you like slowed down jamz.

11) Ain’t Nothing Changed feat. D.I.G.

Another one of the best songs on the album, as whenever D.I.G. touches the mic, the song is gold. Everything about the song is good; the production, the chorus, and the verses from P and D.I.G.

12) Commercial feat. Young Guns

A ‘commercial’ which is on here for whatever reason, is not that bad. The Guns lace the track with a smooth flow over a tough beat.

13) Oh Na Nae

I’m not sure why this song is on here. It’s another watered down Cash Money type song. P’s change from ‘Da Last Don’ is most obvious here, as he continues to rap about Benz’s, 20’s, and basically Big Tymer type raps.

14) Ghetto Honeys feat. Mac

The beat is hard, couldn’t be any better. The title of the song could’ve been better though, because just looking at it, made me want to skip it. Overall, a good song with Mac and P layin it down.

15) Y’all Don’t Want None feat. Mystikal

Despite saying that he’d never beef on wax, Master P takes shots at UNLV and Pastor Troy on this song. Over basically the same beat that UNLV used to diss Mystikal, P and Mystikal use it to diss them subliminally. A good song though, one of the best.

16) Life Ain’t Easy feat. C-Murder: 

Finally a track featuring C-Murder, and although it’s less than two minutes, it probably couldn’t be any better. Definatley one of the best songs on the album, and bout it bout it.

17) Who Down To Ride feat. D.I.G.

As you can see, D.I.G. is obviously all over this album. Promotion paid off, because he once again steals the song from P, and lays down the chorus on point. Too bad ‘AfterLife’ never dropped.

18) Y’all Don’t Know feat. Ghetto Commission

P goes back to his ‘Last Don’ style to talk about his 2Pac-influenced-penetentiary-chances theme. It’s good to hear Ghetto Commission again ( because they were always good ). Overall, not a bad song, not the best, but not bad.

19) Nobody Move feat. Magic, Silkk the Shocker

Bottom line, this track is a hard track that gets you hyped. Silkk does not do good on these type of tracks, and basically ruins the end of the song. However, if you want a tight two minute track, peep the first two verses from Magic and P, and you won’t be dissapointed.

20) Da Ballers feat. Jermaine Dupri

P and JD go back and forth talking about their lifestyles and where they’re from. Not a bad track, but don’t expect much. JD produced it.

21) Crazy Bout Ya feat. Mercedes, Ms. Peaches

Slow song ( which P doesn’t do good with ) about being crazy bout ya girl. It’s not recomended. Skip It.

22) Intro to Get Yo Mind Right

P talking in the background, and introducing the following song.

23) Get Yo Mind Right feat. C-Murder

Tight song w/ a catchy hook. Not a bad way to close out the album, but definatley could’ve been better.


Overall, after hearing this experiment I wouldn’t say this a bad Master P album. Due to his limited rapping skills, it’s probably one of his better solo efforts. There are worse ( Ghetto Postage, Gameface ) and there are better ( Da Last Don, Ghetto D, Ice Cream Man ), but if you are a No Limit fan or just a P fan in general, it wouldn’t hurt picking this up, because it’s not as bad as everyone says.

Master P – Ghetto D

Master P - Ghetto DMASTER P “Ghetto D” Released September 2nd 1997

LABEL: Priority Records, No Limit Records

BILLBOARD: The Billboard 200 1997 No.1 ‘Ghetto D’ Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums 1997 No.1 ‘Ghetto D’ Hot Rap Singles 1997 No.2 ‘I Miss My Homies’ The Billboard Top 100 1998 No.16 ‘Make Em Say Ugh’

PRODUCTION: Master P, KLC, Carlos Stephens aka C-Los, O’Dell, Craig B, Mo B. Dick, DJ Darrel, K-Lou, Randy Jefferson & Dez.


01. Ghetto D w/C-Murder & Silkk (4.37)

The infamous track that got Master P and the No Limit Soldiers on top of the rap game. This track would have to be the best song on the entire album as the three Miller Bros. rap about the dope game and making crack, which is also portrayed as slangin albums like crack. Master P does a great job in rapping in this track and the production by KLC is 100% on point with a great sample and tight bass line. C-Murder & Silkk also lace the track well with pure ghetto and helped make this track one of the most controversal songs ever by the tank let alone the album title already added fuel.

02. Let’s Get Em’ w/Mystikal & Silkk (5.49)

This beat produced by C-Los is tight with a nice hard No Limit beat taste to it. The appearance by Mystikal and Silkk rappin’ hard as hell make this beat come alive. Master P also tears the mic apart and sets the record straight for the haters who he rides on in the tank with aggression in all raps in this track, a hard beat to ride to.

03. I Miss My Homies w/Sons Of Funk, Mo B Dick, O’Dell, Pimp C & Silkk (5.23) 

Master P takes time out to remember his fallen homies and all the fallen soldiers with Pimp C and Silkk. The song is a dedication to 2pac, B.I.G & Kevin Miller (Master P’s Brother) and also all fallen soldiers we have all lost. The pain of the ghetto is expressed through the raps of Pimp C and the track had the world mournin’ as it hit charts and hearts all over the world. The background vocals and hooks are put into place with Mo B Dick, who also produced the track, Sons Of Funk and O’Dell. A song to blaze up to and remember the fallen homies.

04. We Riders w/Mac (3.57) 

Another tight song by KLC who composes another classic beat to ride to which helped make the tank the best label at the time. Master P is assisted with the raps of the talented Mac who does a great job on this hard No Limit beat and rides all the way through the beat with a nice smooth but hard flow.

05. Throw Em’ Up w/Kane & Abel (3.23) 

Phat, Phat, Phat! This track is produced by O’Dell and has a mad ass beat to it that Master P raps perfectly on. The dueo of Kane & Abel who spit on this beat make it another classic to ride to. Kane & Abel make this song bump to its full potential as Master P calls out to his Soldiers on the hooks.

06. Tryin’ 2 Do Something w/Fiend, Mac & Mo B Dick (3.23) 

Produced by DJ Darrel this song is for the ladies and features the likes of Fiend and once again the talented Mac. Mo B Dick helps the hook out with Fiend and the track samples the famous Thug Life classic “Bury Me A G”. The beat is mellow and the raps are smoothly delievered for the ladies.

07. Plan B w/Mia X (3.50)

A modern day Bonnie & Clyde as Mia X joins the colonel in a Craig B produced beat that rocks the head from side to side. Mia X posts here raps on time with every beat that Craig B drops. The track is for the players who keep some ho’s on the side for pleasure only.

08. Weed & Money w/Silkk (4.05) 

A song for the pimps and hustlers who play the everyday dope game of the ghetto. Master P anthems up he lives for ‘Weed & Money’ as others live for ‘*****es & Blunts’. The beat is produced by Mo B Dick who does a great job on makin a perfect beat for the lyrical content. A layed back song for yall to smoke to and roll low with your skrilla. Silkk raps on the beat making it soar with his unique rapping style which fits just like a missing piece of a puzzle.

09. Captain Kirk w/Fiend, Silkk & Mystikal (5.05)

C-Los brings Master P back to Richmond California with this Cali inspired beat he produces. The Cali hit is laced with Southern hospitality as Silkk, Fiend & Mystikal ride on the track with the colonel making it another classic beat from the tank. The song is lyrically filled with how to becareful of these skandolous *****’s and how to be the mack in the game of *****. Another great track and a highlight to hear Master P return to his Californian influence in rap.

10. Stop Hatin’ w/Fiend, Silkk, Mo B Dick & O’Dell (5.04)

A dedication to the player haters and enemies who hate on players in the game doing their thing. Master P along with Fiend and Silkk lay the smackdown on the jealous ones and with the help of Mo B Dick & O’Dell on the hooks make their message clear. The beat once again is laced with a lil Cali love which is produced by Randy Jefferson. Another layed back track for the cool cats.

11. Eyes On Your Enemies w/Silkk, O’Dell & Mo B Dick (3.30)

Produced by O’Dell this song is a slow yet hard beat which explains how we gotta keep our eyes on our enemies. Silkk does an excellent job on the rapping and O’Dell and Mo B Dick keep the beat freaky with the harmony singing in the background. A song that will get mixed emotions by different listeners.

12. Make Em’ Say Ugh w/Fiend, Silkk, Mia X & Mystikal (5.06) 

The song that got the whole world riding the tank and people all over screaming ‘Ughhh’. This song is a pure classic and showcases the all star team of the No Limit tank. The production by KLC was once again tight and backs up the fact that he can do some really awesome tracks. The Soldiers all had their turn with the mic on this one and it still gets the party bumpin’ til this very day. Rappin’ 4 Tay & comedian AJ Johnson make a quick appearance on the intro which is funny and Master P fires first: “Nigga im the colonel of this mother*****en tank/yall have the big thangs, we after big bank. 3rd ward hustlers, soldiers in combats my comrades is dealers and killers wit TRU tats”

13. Going Through Somethangs w/Big Ed & Mr Serv-On (4.41)

Master P rides with two of the most deadliest soldiers on the tank Mr Serv-On & Big Ed aka The Assasin (R.I.P). Produced by K-Lou once again Master P delivers his Cali style beats to the listeners and runs through the struggle of ghetto life. Tracks such as these help this album become as popular as it is and the credit earned by Master P was well deserved as he stuck with the Westcoast influence which rap listeners could not ignore. A classic song on the album along with the other Cali based beats.

14. Only Time Will Tell w/Mac & Sons Of Funk (4.08)

Only time will tell whether we go to heaven or hell? Master P brings another relaxed flow and beat that bumps with a good meaning on the way of life and where we go after death. Mac drops a few bars on the beat making all his appearances on this album well felt and kept all the fans anxious for a solo album which was finally delivered a year later. Produced by Dez and rapped on by MP and Mac this had a great ingredient for a song.

15. After Dollars, No Cents w/Silkk (3.34)

Producer K-Lou has his second hit on this album after his impressive ‘Going Through Somethangs’ track which was perfectly executed. Master P does well on this Cali based track and passes an assist to his younger brother, Silkk The Shocker for a grand finally. Great track all round all over.

16. Gangsta’s Need Love w/Silkk, Mercedes & Lawand (4.07) 

A song for the boo’s down with their man. Master P and Mercedes go at it with the stories of ghetto love and just having a down ass ***** by your side. Mercedes harmonizes the hooks and the beat is composed perfectly by Mo B Dick. An excellent track for you to listen to with a down ass B’…

17. Pass Me Da Weed (3.05) 

All rap album’s wouldnt’ be complete without the traditional weed anthem. Master P has Craig B produce the track which is full of lil tweeks that are bound to hit a spot with the weed smokers out there who listen to this track. The song is another typical weed song and is a must for a successful album that is full of pimping, ho’s, crack and ghetto life in general.

18. Come And Get Some w/C-Murder & Prime Suspects (2.31) 

Produced by KLC a short track but yet still has the strength to hit the ear-drums with full force. Master P, C-Murder & Prime Suspects all manage to squeeze real gangsta shit in just over 2 and a half minutes of real ghetto talk. One of the most gangsta tracks on the album its a shame they couldnt’ of extended the song a little bit more, which makes you think maybe it was more of an introduction for the new soldiers Prime Suspects?

19. Burbons & Lacs w/Silkk, Lil’ Gotti & Mo B Dick (4.10) 

To end the album Master P goes out rollin in the cadi with Gambino Families Lil’ Gotti & Miller brother Silkk The Shocker. The track samples ‘Sexual Healing’ and along with his production hand Mo B Dick also sings the hooks. A track that caught the attention of many rap listeners most notibly non No Limit fans.


After a successful run on the tank back in 1996 with ‘Ice Cream Man’ and ‘Bout It Bout It’ Master P returned bigger than ever with ‘Ghetto D’. This album marks the era where it all began for No Limit and its success brought the South into the spot light. The all star features from the tank, the production by Beats By The Pound and Richmond Cali influence all rolled into one to deliver one of Master P’s best ever LP’s. This album was full of classic tracks after each other that not only hit the charts but also signed new soldiers to the tank. A near classic for Master P and a highlight in his career as he moved a small label from the Dirty South to one of the biggest labels in history next to Deathrow Records. RATING: 4.5/5

Master P – Gameface

Master P - GamefaceI’m not a big fan of Master P, however I spent some time down in Florida and down there, Master P is a living legend. That was the only thing that made me buy this album. My expectation was low. Master P is the kind of rapper that most people either love or hate. I’m neutral in this tho.

1. Take it outside feat Krazy

Nice way to start of the album. I like the beat and if the album continues like this it’ll be a cool album. It IS kinda long tho… they shoulda cut it off earlier.

2. Ghetto ballin feat Lil Romeo & Silkk The Shocker

This song will make you bump your head. It’s tight and cool lyrics. However, the music string and beat are the same over and over and over again here. They just repeated it. I remember playing this at the basketball court when this album came out and I always liked it back then.

3. Ooohhhwee feat. Weebie

The first single of the album, and definitely a hit. A typical party song with a catchy hook. Master P successfully picked this track to promote the album. I’m pretty sure this song and this song alone has made this album sell better.

4. Real Love feat Sera-Lynn

Nice lil beat and a cool hook. However I gotta say Master P is ruening this one. His verses is quite wack… There’s nothing wrong with the lyrics but I don’t think this production is meant to scream on.

5. We want dough

This is a cool song. I especially like the hook. It’s quite catchy and match the production well. Some may not like the way Master P’s rapping to this, but I think it’s cool. This song’s average.

6. The block

This song’s proof that Master P shouldn’t do slow jams. It’s too bad, because the production is tight. Skip it.

7. A woman

Another slow song. I don’t like Master P on slow stuff. Next!

8. Back on top feat. C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker & Lil Romeo

Cool sample of the old Ice Cube track “One nation” with George Clinton. I like this! Tight remixing and tight verses. Master P and his fam is representing the New No Limit, and they should since it’s their company.

9. The farm

Wow! I wouldn’t expect Master P to come out good on a slow jam! But here he proves me wrong. Good lookin out Master P!

10. What i’m bout

An other kinda slow song. The beat’s cool but the combination of beats and rapping just aint right. Master P’s talking about his career and what he’s about.

11. Whoadie gone

Whoadie gone is done in memory of all the fallen soldiers. Master P’s coming out with his classic “UUUUGGGGGHHHHH” and the production is tight. However, this is an other slow jam and like I said before – Master P shouldn’t do them, atleast not when screaming to a slow music. The song’s got a good message tho.

12. I don’t feat Krazy

This is more like it! Master P fits in perfectly on this kind of production. One of my favourites on this album and I think all ya’ll will like it too!

13. Rock it feat. Weebie & Krazy

The second single and a hit! I can’t stress enough what a great party track this has been for the clubs in the dirty south! Weebie got a style similar to Nelly but it’s more in the rapping direction than what I’d say Nelly’s doing. Production is straight fire!

14. Loose it and get it back

An other kinda slow song. Thisone’s better than the other ones tho. The production is cool and the chorus is kinda cool. A good way to finish off this album.

This album has it ups and downs. Tracks like “Ooohhhwee” and “Rock it” are tight party tracks while tracks like “The block” and “A woman” aren’t too good. If you like Master P, you’ll probably still like the slow jams on this album, but personally I don’t think Master P fits in on them. I’d rather se someone else doing their thing on those.

This album is hard to grade, but since the best tracks are really tight they bring up this album to an average level.

I give it 3 out of 5.