Master P – Ghetto D

Master P - Ghetto DMASTER P “Ghetto D” Released September 2nd 1997

LABEL: Priority Records, No Limit Records

BILLBOARD: The Billboard 200 1997 No.1 ‘Ghetto D’ Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums 1997 No.1 ‘Ghetto D’ Hot Rap Singles 1997 No.2 ‘I Miss My Homies’ The Billboard Top 100 1998 No.16 ‘Make Em Say Ugh’

PRODUCTION: Master P, KLC, Carlos Stephens aka C-Los, O’Dell, Craig B, Mo B. Dick, DJ Darrel, K-Lou, Randy Jefferson & Dez.


01. Ghetto D w/C-Murder & Silkk (4.37)

The infamous track that got Master P and the No Limit Soldiers on top of the rap game. This track would have to be the best song on the entire album as the three Miller Bros. rap about the dope game and making crack, which is also portrayed as slangin albums like crack. Master P does a great job in rapping in this track and the production by KLC is 100% on point with a great sample and tight bass line. C-Murder & Silkk also lace the track well with pure ghetto and helped make this track one of the most controversal songs ever by the tank let alone the album title already added fuel.

02. Let’s Get Em’ w/Mystikal & Silkk (5.49)

This beat produced by C-Los is tight with a nice hard No Limit beat taste to it. The appearance by Mystikal and Silkk rappin’ hard as hell make this beat come alive. Master P also tears the mic apart and sets the record straight for the haters who he rides on in the tank with aggression in all raps in this track, a hard beat to ride to.

03. I Miss My Homies w/Sons Of Funk, Mo B Dick, O’Dell, Pimp C & Silkk (5.23) 

Master P takes time out to remember his fallen homies and all the fallen soldiers with Pimp C and Silkk. The song is a dedication to 2pac, B.I.G & Kevin Miller (Master P’s Brother) and also all fallen soldiers we have all lost. The pain of the ghetto is expressed through the raps of Pimp C and the track had the world mournin’ as it hit charts and hearts all over the world. The background vocals and hooks are put into place with Mo B Dick, who also produced the track, Sons Of Funk and O’Dell. A song to blaze up to and remember the fallen homies.

04. We Riders w/Mac (3.57) 

Another tight song by KLC who composes another classic beat to ride to which helped make the tank the best label at the time. Master P is assisted with the raps of the talented Mac who does a great job on this hard No Limit beat and rides all the way through the beat with a nice smooth but hard flow.

05. Throw Em’ Up w/Kane & Abel (3.23) 

Phat, Phat, Phat! This track is produced by O’Dell and has a mad ass beat to it that Master P raps perfectly on. The dueo of Kane & Abel who spit on this beat make it another classic to ride to. Kane & Abel make this song bump to its full potential as Master P calls out to his Soldiers on the hooks.

06. Tryin’ 2 Do Something w/Fiend, Mac & Mo B Dick (3.23) 

Produced by DJ Darrel this song is for the ladies and features the likes of Fiend and once again the talented Mac. Mo B Dick helps the hook out with Fiend and the track samples the famous Thug Life classic “Bury Me A G”. The beat is mellow and the raps are smoothly delievered for the ladies.

07. Plan B w/Mia X (3.50)

A modern day Bonnie & Clyde as Mia X joins the colonel in a Craig B produced beat that rocks the head from side to side. Mia X posts here raps on time with every beat that Craig B drops. The track is for the players who keep some ho’s on the side for pleasure only.

08. Weed & Money w/Silkk (4.05) 

A song for the pimps and hustlers who play the everyday dope game of the ghetto. Master P anthems up he lives for ‘Weed & Money’ as others live for ‘*****es & Blunts’. The beat is produced by Mo B Dick who does a great job on makin a perfect beat for the lyrical content. A layed back song for yall to smoke to and roll low with your skrilla. Silkk raps on the beat making it soar with his unique rapping style which fits just like a missing piece of a puzzle.

09. Captain Kirk w/Fiend, Silkk & Mystikal (5.05)

C-Los brings Master P back to Richmond California with this Cali inspired beat he produces. The Cali hit is laced with Southern hospitality as Silkk, Fiend & Mystikal ride on the track with the colonel making it another classic beat from the tank. The song is lyrically filled with how to becareful of these skandolous *****’s and how to be the mack in the game of *****. Another great track and a highlight to hear Master P return to his Californian influence in rap.

10. Stop Hatin’ w/Fiend, Silkk, Mo B Dick & O’Dell (5.04)

A dedication to the player haters and enemies who hate on players in the game doing their thing. Master P along with Fiend and Silkk lay the smackdown on the jealous ones and with the help of Mo B Dick & O’Dell on the hooks make their message clear. The beat once again is laced with a lil Cali love which is produced by Randy Jefferson. Another layed back track for the cool cats.

11. Eyes On Your Enemies w/Silkk, O’Dell & Mo B Dick (3.30)

Produced by O’Dell this song is a slow yet hard beat which explains how we gotta keep our eyes on our enemies. Silkk does an excellent job on the rapping and O’Dell and Mo B Dick keep the beat freaky with the harmony singing in the background. A song that will get mixed emotions by different listeners.

12. Make Em’ Say Ugh w/Fiend, Silkk, Mia X & Mystikal (5.06) 

The song that got the whole world riding the tank and people all over screaming ‘Ughhh’. This song is a pure classic and showcases the all star team of the No Limit tank. The production by KLC was once again tight and backs up the fact that he can do some really awesome tracks. The Soldiers all had their turn with the mic on this one and it still gets the party bumpin’ til this very day. Rappin’ 4 Tay & comedian AJ Johnson make a quick appearance on the intro which is funny and Master P fires first: “Nigga im the colonel of this mother*****en tank/yall have the big thangs, we after big bank. 3rd ward hustlers, soldiers in combats my comrades is dealers and killers wit TRU tats”

13. Going Through Somethangs w/Big Ed & Mr Serv-On (4.41)

Master P rides with two of the most deadliest soldiers on the tank Mr Serv-On & Big Ed aka The Assasin (R.I.P). Produced by K-Lou once again Master P delivers his Cali style beats to the listeners and runs through the struggle of ghetto life. Tracks such as these help this album become as popular as it is and the credit earned by Master P was well deserved as he stuck with the Westcoast influence which rap listeners could not ignore. A classic song on the album along with the other Cali based beats.

14. Only Time Will Tell w/Mac & Sons Of Funk (4.08)

Only time will tell whether we go to heaven or hell? Master P brings another relaxed flow and beat that bumps with a good meaning on the way of life and where we go after death. Mac drops a few bars on the beat making all his appearances on this album well felt and kept all the fans anxious for a solo album which was finally delivered a year later. Produced by Dez and rapped on by MP and Mac this had a great ingredient for a song.

15. After Dollars, No Cents w/Silkk (3.34)

Producer K-Lou has his second hit on this album after his impressive ‘Going Through Somethangs’ track which was perfectly executed. Master P does well on this Cali based track and passes an assist to his younger brother, Silkk The Shocker for a grand finally. Great track all round all over.

16. Gangsta’s Need Love w/Silkk, Mercedes & Lawand (4.07) 

A song for the boo’s down with their man. Master P and Mercedes go at it with the stories of ghetto love and just having a down ass ***** by your side. Mercedes harmonizes the hooks and the beat is composed perfectly by Mo B Dick. An excellent track for you to listen to with a down ass B’…

17. Pass Me Da Weed (3.05) 

All rap album’s wouldnt’ be complete without the traditional weed anthem. Master P has Craig B produce the track which is full of lil tweeks that are bound to hit a spot with the weed smokers out there who listen to this track. The song is another typical weed song and is a must for a successful album that is full of pimping, ho’s, crack and ghetto life in general.

18. Come And Get Some w/C-Murder & Prime Suspects (2.31) 

Produced by KLC a short track but yet still has the strength to hit the ear-drums with full force. Master P, C-Murder & Prime Suspects all manage to squeeze real gangsta shit in just over 2 and a half minutes of real ghetto talk. One of the most gangsta tracks on the album its a shame they couldnt’ of extended the song a little bit more, which makes you think maybe it was more of an introduction for the new soldiers Prime Suspects?

19. Burbons & Lacs w/Silkk, Lil’ Gotti & Mo B Dick (4.10) 

To end the album Master P goes out rollin in the cadi with Gambino Families Lil’ Gotti & Miller brother Silkk The Shocker. The track samples ‘Sexual Healing’ and along with his production hand Mo B Dick also sings the hooks. A track that caught the attention of many rap listeners most notibly non No Limit fans.


After a successful run on the tank back in 1996 with ‘Ice Cream Man’ and ‘Bout It Bout It’ Master P returned bigger than ever with ‘Ghetto D’. This album marks the era where it all began for No Limit and its success brought the South into the spot light. The all star features from the tank, the production by Beats By The Pound and Richmond Cali influence all rolled into one to deliver one of Master P’s best ever LP’s. This album was full of classic tracks after each other that not only hit the charts but also signed new soldiers to the tank. A near classic for Master P and a highlight in his career as he moved a small label from the Dirty South to one of the biggest labels in history next to Deathrow Records. RATING: 4.5/5

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