Digital Underground – Sex Packets

Digital Underground - Sex Packets1. Humpty Dance 

The CD kicks in with the track that made DU explode on the scene. Humpty Hump takes the lead introducing himself (Shock G’s alter ego) and his signature dance This song is a classic and you can see why with its funky clapped out bass line (which Humpty acknowledges) and ‘dope-a-delic’ lyrics.

2. The Way We Swing 

“Are you hip-hop? RnB?” DU reply in their own honesty, they are themselves with their own original sound. The song is about how other people hear their music and try to take their styles. Features a lot of shout outs at the end to countries across the world that like the way they swing

3. Rhymin’ On The Funk 

Just check out this beat! This dope beat is a duet from Shock G and Money B. Both their vocals and the beat fit together because of their smoothness. Great track

4. The New Jazz (One) 

A very quick interlude. Its over before you even have a chance to skip it. Some piano beats. Funky, very short

5. Underwater Rimes (Remix) 

Somehow this song actually has an underwater feel to it especially when MC Blowfish takes a verse! This track has some of the cleverest lyrics on the CD. It pretty much takes an every day situation and turns it into an underwater dimension

6. Gutfest 89 (Edit) 

The intro of this song should have been separated from the song because it lasts over a minute meaning you have to fastforward it to get to the song Another Shock-G and Money-B duet In case you hadn’t guessed the song is about taking a road trip to a music palooza with a lot of sex going on! The beat is nice and quick and the breaks are filled with snippets of commentary from the Gutfest festival. Good song for breaking to

7. The Danger Zone 

Another song to show DU’s totally original sound. The bass is so low I cant get under it! Feel the kick drum! This is funky, through and through, laced with a few strings. Guitared hook What its really about is the situation of drugs in the hood and the dramas and dangers that follow. A message which is delivered in DU’s independent style

8. Freaks Of The Industry 

Sexual ‘freaks’ that is! It’s another Shock G and Money B collabo, Money busts some nice quick flows. Beat is slooow and chilled. Mainly about a multiple choice of what you would do caught in a dodgy sexual situation. Piano Man takes us out of the song. Real smooth.

9. Doowatchulike 

Its another DU classic and it plays at over 8 minutes long! Most of the lines end with “Doowatchulike” but its all good because the beat is constantly moving with variations in the beat every few bars. Its all about being yourself and basically doing “watchulike,” whenulike, howeverulike, as long as its cool This song is just straight dope… halfway through an announcer announces that radio stations may fade out, but it still keeps going! Samples, chants, Piano Man, break beats, pumping bass! This is one of those few songs that can go on for ages but still remain dope.

10. Packet Prelude 

Piano Man takes the prelude to Sex Packets

11. Sex Packets 

A very slow, mellow, smooth and sensuous beat. The idea is to capture the feeling of a sex packet in this song so this song is like trying one, apparently. The track is all sung. Smooth, something to blaze to and full of synthesised sounds No doubt this is another DU classic. Not often you get to hear stuff like this ever.

12. Street Scene 

A packet-dealing skit

13. Packet Man 

A Shock-G and Humpty Hump duet this is funky! It’s the song to the Street Scene skit basically. Real funky. DU got the styles!

14. Packet Reprise 

Instrumental lead out from the album


What can i say, this CD is smoooth! Digital Underground are unknown to alot of people except those who heard Shock-G and Money-B on ‘I Get Around’ by 2Pac. They were around years before the start of gangsta rapping. Their style always had been different and more fun yet often holding political meaning.

Sex Packets is a classic CD no doubt. Their sounds are original, their lyrics are clever and the rappers have character. If you call yourself an ‘oldskool rap fan’ then this should be in ur collection

Although this is definately DOPE some of the beats become uninteresting. An essential nonetheless


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