Mistah Fab – I Found My Backpack 3

Mistah Fab - I Found My Backpack 3

West Coast rapper Mistah FAB used to be signed to Mac Dre’s label Thizz Entertainment and Atlantic Records.. Apparently he is also known as a good freestyle rapper.

I discovered Mistah FAB in 2007 when he released “The Baydestrian” which to me was a very good album. That album showed a Mistah FAB that mixed meaningful deep tracks with crunk party songs. After that I kind of slept on Mistah FAB and didn’t check any new releases, but when I saw that “I found my backpack 3″ had been released I thought I’d check it out.

There are a lot of rappers with meaningful rhymes, and there are a lot of rappers that can make good music and make it sound good. But there aren’t a lot of rappers that can spit meaningful rhymes and making sound good while doing so. Mistah FAB is one of a few that can do this and is also able to mix depressing messages with party tracks and get away with it.

“I Found My Backpack 3″ starts up with a track produced by Warren G, titled “Dreams”. I’m really feeling the beat and Mistah FAB has really taken advantage of it, making a really tight track and a strong starting point for the album.

When writing this review, I was going to write more about the tracks that sticks out in a positive way, but listening to this album it’s becoming really hard… It would be easier to point out tracks that stick out in a negative aspect. I really think that “I Found My Backpack 3″ has a lot of bangers and I really think Mistah FAB has a lot of relevant topics covered here.

Even though Mistah FABs lyrics may not focus on the gangsta part of gangsta rap as much as many other West Coast rappers, he is (to me) representative for the new bay area scene and one of the top West Coast rappers as of now. FAB is bringing a new dimension to the West Coast scene and even single song on the album has got a meaning and a message, which is a pretty rare concept these days. I advise anyone to check this album out. You’ll not regret it!

Recommended tracks: Generation Lost, Back To Tha Front, We All Know Her, This Ain’t Listenin, Who U Gon Turn To? and This is what’s cool?

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