X-raided – Psycho Active

X-raided - Psycho Active1. “Tha Murder”

Just a short intro, X-raided pretends to be a pizza delivery man and shoots the guy who opens the door N/R

2. “Still Shooting”

Gunshots from the intro leads into this track, X-Raided comes in spittin some of those sicc lyrics “I’m a killa the motha*****in X to the R-A-I-D-E-D L-O-C smokin niggas like some green bud” good oldschool beat, the hook is a bunch of sampling good hook, this is a great track to start off this album one of the best on the album 5/5

3. “Call Tha Guardz”

Tight oldschool beat, no hook on this track just more sampling, hard lyrics by X-raided “lable me insane and a dope dealer, now add this your list of cop killas”, on this track X-raided tells some good stories tight song overall 5/5

4. “Who’s Tha Hoe?”

This track start off with a little talking, X-raided talks about how easy it is to get some hoes, some good lyrics more story telling lyrics here, the hook is good they repeat “who’s the hoe” over and over, another good oldschool beat great song overall 5/5

5. “Crazy Than A Mutha *****”

Starts off with Brotha Lynch doing some talking, X-raided comes in with some more sicc lyrics, great beat on this track, no hook just some talking with scatching, X-raided comes hard on this song is, one of my favorites tight overall 5/5

6. “Every Single *****”

X-raided comes in talking about *****es and hoes and how easy it is to get some hoes, tight oldschool beat, X-raided comes hard on this track, the hook is X-raided talking with some sampling, ends with X-raided giving a few shout outs, great song overall 5/5

7. “*****in Wit A Psycho”

This song is crazy, X-raided comes real hard on this song with some sicc psycho lyrics “i’m looking for a slaughter some jack the ripper shit,so I take a ***** and stick a fat knife in her *****” he tells a story, tight oldschool beat here, the hook is some sampling, overall this is a tight song bump this one load probably my favorite on the album 5/5

8. “***** Killa”

X-raided spits somemore pyscho lyrics on this track “it’s halloween, and i got a treat, i’m dressed like a devil and i’m handing out human meat”, he talks about killing about a *****es” I was squeezing trigger hella tight, Like twenty shells I let her have it to the face, when smoke cleared there wasn’t a mother*****ing trace”tight oldschool, the hook is somemore sampling, crazy lyrics on this track, great song overall 5/5

9. “Everybody Killa”

Good beat on this track more oldschool beat, X-raided comes with some tight lyrics he flows real tight on this track short track with X-raided just flowin tight track 5/5

10. “Shoot Cha In A Minute”

X-raided comes with somemore hard lyrics here “Tha Murder, yeah, I got something to do with it, cause I shoot cha punk ass in a minute” another good oldschool beat, X-raided does the hook pretty tight, great song overall 5/5

11. “That’s How My Trigga Went” (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Sicx)

X-raided doesn’t have a verse on this track its just Brotha Lynch & Sicx rippin the mic up with some sicc ass lyrics, Brotha Lynch spits first he comes with some real sicc lyrics i’m feeling his flow more than Sicx, Sicx spits next with some sicc lyrics good flow, hard beat on this track, just a short track with Brotha Lynch & Sicx no hook here,just flowin tight song overall 5/5

12. “That Sickness” (feat. Kaos, Big-O, Brotha Lynch, Young Meek, Cyco)

Starts off with Brotha Lynch doing some talking, X-Raided spits first with some tight lyrics more of the psycho shit, “If I can’t beat cha, the gat will defeat cha” he has the best flow on this track, X-Raided does a little talking before Brotha Lynch’s verse, Lynch has a tight ass verse with some sicc lyrics i’m feeling his flow,everyone else has some good flows, X-raided spits another verse last, tight oldschool beat here, great track overall everyone has a good flow good features here, great way to end the album 5/5


Overall, X-raided’s debut album is a classic, good production by Brotha Lynch a lot of oldschool beats and sampling which was tight and good features as well this is probably X-Raided’s hardest album, his lyrics on then album were used to convict him of murder, if you don’t got this album go and pick it up it’s classic

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