Nas – Illmatic

Nas - IllmaticAfter making his debut on Main Source’s “Live At The BBQ” in 1991, Nas earned himself instant respect in the East Coast rap scene. In 1994, Nas dropped dropped his highly anticipated debut album. With Nas’s undeniable lyrical skills and production from some of the most respected and sophisticated producers in the game, the album lived up to the hype. The astonishing debut made the Queen emcee the king of New York for a while admist the post- Chronic East Coast comeback.

1. The Genesis 

An intro with Nas & AZ talking over a beat.

2. N.Y. State Of Mind 

Nas starts off the album great with this DJ Premier track. In this track Nas describes the harshness of the N.Y. streets. Nothing less than classic. – 5/5

3. Life’s A *****

Laid back track. Like always when the duo of Nas & AZ collaborate, this song is a classic. Probably there best track together. Nas’s father, Olu Dara, plays the trumpet at the end. – 5/5

4. The World Is Yours 

One of the singles from the album (and my personal favorite). Pete Rock produced this classic. The track has a good feel to it and one of the best of the album. – 5/5

5. Halftime 

This Large Professor produced track first appeared on the Zebrahead soundtrack in 1992 (in fact, it’s lead single). Nas kicking mad lyrics over a nice beat. – 5/5

6. Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park) 

Laid back track. Nas showing off his unique lryical skills over this nice beat. Anothe classic. – 5/5

7. One Love

Nas shows his storytelling skills on this classic. Q-Tip porduced this song and is widely considered Nas’s best. It’s a detailed letter to an incarterated friend how there allegiance in there group has changed. – 5/5

8. One Time 4 Your Mind

The album slows down for a while here. Nas once again kicks lyrical skills on this track. The beat could have been better. It’s not even that bad of a track, but compared to the rest of the album, is not up to par. – 4/5

9. Represent 

Nas spitting lyrics about the streets of New York over a grimey beat. Really good track, but like the prior song, no up to par. – 4.5/5

10. It Ain’t Hard To Tell 

Another single. Great beat, fantastic showcase of Nas’s lyrics. Another climax song and a great climax to an astonishing album. – 5/5


Although it slows down at the end a bit, the rest of the album is so good that it makes up for it, in fact making you forget about it. A undeniable classic, one of the greatest in hip-hop history. One of those rare masterpieces that don’t come along often.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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