Daz Dillinger – This is the life I lead

Daz Dillinger - This is the life I leadDaz, a member of the platinum plus group the Doggpound, has released a couple of albums revently. My favourite Daz albums are Revenge, Retaliation & Getback (Death Row) and R.A.W (DPG Recordz). On this album he’s brought in the producer Mike Dean to produce with him. All south fans know who Mike Dean is. He’s on Rap-A-Lot and has produced a lot through the years.

1. Intro – DPGC 4 life

2. Drama

Wow! Great way to start off the album with! Tight production and Daz come out hard as *****. When I hear this I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

3. Ain’t that somethin feat. Crystal & P.F.N

Tigh ass beat and nice raps over it. Overall a tight track but not as good as the pervious one. Still a good track and definitely not a “skipper”. I’ve never heard P.F.N before and I wasn’t realy feelin em. Crystal came out tight tho, and Daz was raw as usual.

4. ***** make me rich feat. Too Short

Don’t play this track to your girlfriend! The title is self explonary. Too Short’s coming out tight on this track and the chorus is tight. Daz’s tight as usual even tho I happen to know he took off Kurupt’s verse on this track and recorded pretty much the same lyrics himself. Still, I find this version of it better.

5. Keep it gangsta

One of my absolute favourite tracks on this album, and also the first single. The chorus is cool, and actually quite catchy. Daz does his part realy well. Party track!

6. I live every day like I could die that day

“I live every day like I could die that day” is a slow jam. Daz’s saying he don’t give a ***** about them major ass labels in the beginning, and going independent ignoring major deals proves that. This is not one of my favourite tracks but the bassline is tight and some of you might like it.

7. Load up feat. Tanya Herron

Wow! Bomb ass beats and tight ass lyrics, can we ask for more?? I don’t think so! Daz’s realy proving himself with this one and if you don’t like this, there’s something wrong with you. Probably my absolute favourite track on this album! Tanya Herrons chorus and lil verse there is also tight. I don’t normally like when there’s someone singing more than the chorus, but this is an exception.

8. Run tha street

Cool beat on this one, but not one of my favourite songs of this album. The chorus is tight as ***** and that’s making this track above average.

9. We do this with passion

Daz follow up “Run tha street” with “We do this with passion”, a track with a very tight production and lyrics. It’s a kind of slow song but not too slow. Very tight track and kinda hard to describe. I guess you gotta hear it yourself! Daz’s throwing in a few disses to Death Row too.

10. Redrum galour feat. Mean Piece

This production doesn’t sound like Daz at all. It’s a rock kind of production but I like it. It’s not one of my favourite tracks on this album but still good. The chorus is kinda wack tho.

11. This is the life I lead

Daz’s going off on this song and it’s lifting it up, since I didn’t like the production at all. Too bad because with better production this could have been a dope song!

12. Outro

(Bonus track) Gangsta prerogative feat. Kurupt

Don’t forget about the bonus tracks! This track is actually one of the best tracks on this cd! Both Daz and Kurupt’s coming out tight and the production is just tha bomb! They’re rapping about how it’s DPG for life… I guess that’s a lil diss to Kurupt since he left for Death Row. DON’T SLEEP ON THIS!

(Bonus track) From the moment feat. Kurupt

A slow jam with a deep content. Not at all one of my favourites on this album. It’s nice with a few bonus tracks tho.

(Bonus track) Keep it gangsta (remix)

Tight remix of this track but I liked the original better. Considering the original is tight as *****, this is still a tight too!

Overall this album is tha bomb! I didn’t expect an album this good from Daz right now since he’s releasing a lot of albums and he’s doing them pretty much by himself. On this album Mike Dean stepped in and dropped some tight ass beats and that made the album a little different from the average Daz album. If this album was released on a major label, there is no doubt in my mind it would be a platinum plus album. Don’t sleep on this album! I give it 4 outta 5 stars.

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