Chingy – Jackpot

Chingy - JackpotSt. Louis native Chingy used to hang out with Nelly’s St. Lunatics but signed to Ludacris label “Disturbing the peace”. With those two superstars behind him, Chingy couldn’t do anything besides succeeding. “Jackpot” is the debut album from this southern dialect newcomer.


1. Jackpot Intro

2. He’s herre

The album starts off with a bouncy production with Chingy flowing with his distinct accent. He’s basically saying that he’s “herre”. It’s a real cool track. The beat’s making it, mostly, but Chingy’s got a nice flow too.

3. Represent feat. Tity-Boi & i-20

“Represent” is a lot like “He’s herre” production wise, but in a lower phase. It’s still got the bounce style I like tho and it’s definitely above average. Chingy, Tity-Boy and i-20 are representing with some freestyle-like lyrics. It’s a real good track.

4. Right Thurr

I’m sure ya’ll heard this one. “Right Thurr” was and is a big hit. The production’s perfect for the club, radio, tv or whatever. Chingy’s rapping about how he like the way the b*tches shake that ass. Definitely a hit.

5. Jackpot the pimp (Skit)

6. Whurrs my cash

Chingy’s building on his “Herre, Thurr, Whurr” slang, which is cool with me. This time he’s doing it over a real mellow beat with some funky sounds in the backround. The subject is money, fame, women… Not very original but I’m still enjoying this cut.

7. Chingy jackpot

“Chingy jackpot” is an other party track. It’s not as partyisch as “Right Thurr” but it’d be a good pick for a second single. Chingy’s rapping about money, which is getting pretty boaring, but the production and his nice flow with the slang is holding it up. The hook’s real good too.

8. Sample dat ass feat. Murphy Lee

Again, Chingy’s rapping about b*tches. Murphy Lee’s doing the same thing. The production’s good but this track’s still not one of my favourite tracks on this album.

9. One call away feat. J/Weav

Now Chingy’s rapping about a girl he fell for? I guess he’s not very faithful if you choose to believe all the previous tracks. The song goes to show how Chingy can do story telling rap tho, and that’s a good thing. The production’s very good with a guitar string, and the hook’s very catchy so if this was a single, it’d be a hit.

10. Dice game (Skit)

11. Gettin’ it

On “Gettin’ it” they’re bringing in that club-hit production again. This time it’s a little darker with some trumpets or something in the background, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard this at the club later on. Chingy’s flowing about how everybody’s gettin it…

12. Holidae in feat. Ludacris & Snoop Dogg

Chingy’s bringing in label head Ludacris and west coast veteran Snoop Dogg. The beat’s real tight and Luda’s tight as usual and Snoop’s on the hook. Snoop’s also doing some talking at the end of the track but no real rapping. Tight cut.

13. Juice

Again, Chingy’s on a pimpin tip. “Juice these hoes” is the message on this track, and it’s nothing new so I’m not really impressed. Production’s still lasting tho.

14. ***** dat n*gga (Skit)

15. Madd at me

They’re mad at Chingy cuz he’s got money, *****es etc. Same ol’ same ol’. I’m not impressed by that, but I’m impressed how well the production’s been throughout this album this far.

16. Bagg up

“Bagg up” has a real funky beat and it’s very tight. Chingy’s flowing nicely over it making it a real tight track. Too bad it’s about the same things as most other tracks. It’s still a really tight track.

BONUS TRACK: Right thurr Remix feat. JD & Trina

Same Trackstar beat is used on the “Right thurr” remix, but JD and Trina are dropping while Chingy’s doing a new verse. Trinas flow seems lazy, and that’s not what I’m used to hearing from her so I won’t give her the OK. JD’s not known for being lyrical, but his verse is accepted to this reviewer. It’s a tight track, of course, but the original’s better.


Chingys debut album has got very tight production from producers like Trackstar and Dj Quik. The production’s holding up the album, no doubt. It’s actually pushing the album to an above average status. It’s too bad Chingy’s not rhyming about different things than money, cars and b*tches. He’s showing that he can do story telling rap with “One call away”, but he’s not using it on any other track which is too bad.

Since production’s a big part of albums today, and because of Chingy’s catchy slang and nice flow, I grade this album 3.5 out of 5 – a very good debut album.


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