Kool G Rap – Greatest Hits

Kool G Rap - Greatest HitsAlbum: Greatest Hits
Artist: Kool G Rap
Label: Land Speed
Year: 2002

Kool G Rap is one of the most infamous gangsta rappers of all time. He started his career off as a member of the legendary, Juice Crew. The Juice Crew was one of the greatest hip-hop crews from the Queensebridge area. Other members of crew were Biz Markie, MC Shan, Big Daddy Kane and more. Kool G Rap took gangsta rap to another level. But, he is extremely underrated for all that he did for the genre. His teaming with DJ Polo was a great thing for rap as they released solid albums. This album, is a compilation of his hits when he was with Polo, and when he was solo.


It’s A Demo

The perfect introduction track. It is extremely simple but still very good. It is exactly like a demo. This is one of G Rap’s earlier tracks and that is evident judging by it’s simplicity. “People in the audience Kool G Rap is my name I write rhymes and insert them inside your brain”

Riker’s Island 

Kool G Rap comes strong on this track. He rap’s about a place called Riker’s Island. G Rap tells about everything that happens there. This is a dope track. G Rap comes with straight fire. “Well listen to me, you young hoods, this is some advice You do the crime, you’re payin the price”

Truly Yours

This track is quite odd. Normally, when one raps about a girl, they rap about love etc. On this track he raps about the girl that he hates. It is a dope track, as G Rap flows non-stop. “This I dedicate to the girl I hate It’s a piece of my mind rhyme put on a plate”

Butcher Shop

Kool G Rap raps about himself on this track. He brings pure heat, never toned down throughout the track. Polo also shows his skills on the DJ set. G Rap comes hard with great lyrics. “He’s the big boss when his hands criss-cross Up and down the crossfader turning wax to sauce”

Talk Like Sex 

G Rap spits fire on this track. He talks about, well, his sex life and what will happen once he gets it on with someone. He also talks about his standards and exactly what he does. A dirty, yet great track. “For the ladies, one hundred and ninety-five pounds of beef, chinky eyes, curly hair and gold teeth”


He raps about his lethal raps on this track. He talks about his and Polo’s deadly combination. This track breaks down his own rapping style and alerts the listener that it is poisonous. He spits venom on this dope track. “This is poison so be alert and cautious Those who act courageous you will get nauseous”

Road To The Riches

Kool G Rap raps about how he is coming back to teach everyone a lesson, and know “what time it is” This is one of the best tracks on the album. It is in some ways about the American dream in a sense. He raps about the rugged road to the riches. An amazing song. “When I was five years old I realized there was a road At the end I will win lots of pots of gold”

Streets Of New York 

This track goes on about the streets of New York. G Rap tells about what goes on in the streets and who goes there. He raps at a nice pace so the listener can absorb everything being said. A dope track. “In the streets of New York Dope fiends are leaning for morphine”

Money In The Bank (Featuring Freddy Foxx, Large Professor & Anton) 

This is a great track. Large Professor starts it off with his laid back sound. He spits nicely before handing the mic over. Freddy Foxx comes correct. His lyrics seem slightly weak initially because their simplicity. Kool G Rap shines on this track. The other two were nice but he rips the mic. Anton spits nicely. He comes with some great lyrics. This track basically says that nothing matter’s if there is money in the bank “Kool G. Rap for your first selection, get up on it To my opponents, let me just demonstrate for a minute”

Bad To The Bone

This fast song starts off with some great lyricism which maintains throughout. This song is all about himself. He raps about how he is bad to the bone and nothing else. But he puts up a compelling argument… “I’m bad to the bone, with a style like Al Capone I’ma smile while I give you the dial tone”

Ill Street Blues 

A classic track. One of G Rap’s best. Kool G Rap comes correct on this fantastic track. This track is pretty self-explanatory. Kool G Rap talks about the streets and what he does. He talks about how he rules the streets. “I’m right in front of my front steps thinking of a plan Looking like Raggedy Ann, no dough in hand kicking a can”


The Genius of Rap spits fire on this track with some nice work from Polo. He comes correct on this great track. Kool G Rap etches his sound and name into your head, and he does a pretty could job too. “Rougher than Gotti, in tone Got a body harder than Flintstone”

Fast Life (Featuring Nas)

A great track. Nas starts off with a nice flow and meaningful lyrics. Kool G Rap then raps at a slightly faster pace. Him and Nas’s lyrics match each other, a perfect combination. This is a great track with a strong message. “Champagne wishes of caviar dreams? a penis didn’t cream? With sales of fish scales from triple beams I gleam”

For Da Brothaz

Another great track. A tight track dedicated to his homies. This song contains some of his best lyricism. Kool G Rap shows that he is a great storyteller on this track. He narrates many events of his life. A great way to wrap up this great album. “I knew a youngster, met him at 14, a very short scene Fiendin to make his dreams come true, but see, money was caught mean”


This is a great compilation from the Kool Genius of Rap. With classic cuts this is a definite pick up for new fans and old alike. This is a must have for gangsta rap gans. Surprisingly, Kool G Rap is among the MCs often forgotten when naming the greatest. From his days with DJ Polo to when he was solo Kool G Rap was often slept on. But through everything, Kool G Rap will always remain a legend.

Rating: 4.0

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