Anticon – We Ain’t Fessin (Double Quotes)

Anticon - We Ain't Fessin (Double Quotes)Before I start, Anticon are a group from Frisco who make hippy-like “rap” music.

1. More From June(Deep Puddle Dynamics)

Well this is the best song on the album and that’s because of Slug who has the first verse, yup only one good verse, what a sham this track is. Dose-One is horrible, purely awful. This track is just noise, that’s it! There’s no beat, it’s just experimental crap. Wack

2. We Ain’t Fessin(Double Quotes)(Anticon)

What the hell is this? I would never bump this around other people, you’ll say “Well you only listen to the popular music!” and I say “I like Digital Underground…you know a group that can actually make music instead of mindless coffee shop hippy hop!?!”. This track has no direction, they try to recite pathetic spoken word poetry with awful flows over a beat that cannot make up its mind. This my friends is grade A garbage! Train Wreck

3. Pitty party People(Anticon)

Yes this is the last track ON THE WHOLE ALBUM! Only 3 songs? Bite me *****es! This is such a wussy sing-a-long track that should’ve stayed in the trash. Some kat tries to rapid spit and messes up horribly, this is embarassing. Train Wreck

All in all this is a TRAIN WRECK! Only 3 songs! 3 SONGS!!!! And they all suck, not one good track. People call this progressive rap? This is awful! Stay away from everything Anticon related, they may be the worst group ever. Spoken word never sounded so bad.

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