Kool G Rap – 4,5,6

Kool G Rap - 4,5,61. Intro

Just an intro.

2. 4,5,6

Really dark beat by Dr. Butcher, uses samples from “NY State Of Mind” and “Mysterious Traveler” so you know this is going to be a great track. G Rap proves why he’s one of the best as he flows through the track like a hungry Tiger looking for prey. Great chorus here, it’s simple but it works. Great track. Good

3. It’s A Shame

Slower pace on this track, nice beat by Naughty Shorts, has a funkish feel to it. G Rap rips the track as usual and Sean Brown sings the chorus. Great track. Good

4. Take ‘Em To War(Feat Grimm & B-1)

MF GRIMM!!!! is featured on this track and he starts it off with a vicious verse, man Grimm is great. Great beat by T-Ray, pretty dark feel to it. B-1 has the next verse and it’s really good, he manages to outshine Grimm. G Rap has the last verse and he outshines both of them. You need to hear this track. DOPE!

5. Executioner Style

DOPE!!!! Dr. Butcher produces a very dark/eerie beat, has a grimey NY feel to it. G Rap just kills this track, he uses so many multi’s and has great wordplay on this track, just insane! Chorus is very dark and really good. You also need to hear this track. DOPE!

6. For Da Brothaz

T-Ray produces the beat and it’s really good, it’s mellow and has some nice horns added to it. G Rap raps about the streets. G Rap is really an overlooked story teller, another underrated story teller is Masta Ace but that’s another subject. Great chorus as the horns get involved. Dope track. DOPE!

7. Blowin’ Up In The World

Buckwild produces the beat and he uses the “What You Won’t Do For Love” beat, very dope and G Rap sounds great over it. The chorus is simple but it works oh so well. One of my favorite G Rap tracks. DOPE!

8. Fast Life(Feat Nas)

I do not like this track, the beat is not good(Produced by Buckwild), it just has no kick to it and for a Nas & G Rap collabo, it’s really disappointing. G Rap does a good job and so does Nas but man the beat is terrible. Wack

9. Ghetto Knows

Naughty Shorts produces a pretty good beat, has a dark piano feel to it, also has a grimey NY feel to it. G Rap of course rips it. I like how the beat changes during the chorus. Good

10. It’s A Shame(Da Butcher’s Mix)

Same lyrics but with a better beat, nice and bouncy. DOPE!

11. Money On The Brain(Feat B-1 & Grimm)

B-1 & Grimm join G Rap again, nice beat by Dr. Butcher, it has a more fun type sound to it, it’s not dark at all. B-1 starts it off with a good verse. Grimm does the chorus, a little awkward but still good. Grimm with the second verse, man it’s a shame how much Grimm is slept on, in his prime I’d say he was better than Nas. G Rap with the last verse and of course he rips it. Great track. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Very good album by Kool G Rap, this was a very dark album, very hard hitting. G Rap is a legend and this album should be heard….COP IT!

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