Necro – I Need Drugs

Necro - I Need DrugsComing from N.Y. A new Rapper/Producer merged in 2000. The album was of the Horrorcore genre. The album was solo produced by one man and was highly different from anything ever heard before. His name was Necro. Producing the most dark and eerie beats you ever likely to hear for his indy company Pyscho+logical- .


1.The Most Sadistic Featuring Ill Bill 

This one features his reallife brother Ill Bill. The beat is good.It’s a bass based track with a few keys in there of some sort. The lyrics are good and are really about people trying to take them on and how ruthless they are. They flow well especially necro. The hook is alright (4/5)

2.Hoe Blow 

A really eerie organ with bass and drum nicely put together.His lyrics are about sex. Yes i know before you start yawning this is new compared to people like cam’ron. Necro can pull this off as he doesn’t care about pleasing the ladies. His sexpet type of stuff. He gets his ***** if they want to give it or not and leaves. This track he slows down his flow to a really calm (for necro) and he sounds like his talking to a women. The hook is catchy and simple. (4/5)

3.I Need Drugs 

This is dope. This is the title track of the song. Using the beat from LL cool J’s I Need Love which in my opinion was bad Necro changes this into a storytelling type of track about a junkie and his addiction and how his moral have lowered due to his addictions. Necro can relate as his uncle (howie) is a crackhead and is on the cover. This shows skill as he can do a storytelling track.Also he makes a dead terrible song into a classic. His flow is like LL’s to add to the mockery. This is humerous stuff in hip-hop on a whole different level. (5/5)

4. Your *****in Head Split 

This is good too. Necro is really good with his basslines and is nicely put together with a guitar i believe. His lyrics are the usual Necro horrorcore sick lyrics, His flow on this is more more energetic and aggresive. The hook is quite catchy (4/5)

5.You’re Dead Feat Ill Bill 

This is dope. This again is featuring the underrated Ill Bill. If you dont think he is then after listenng to this you will. The beat is alright.Hard to explain but ain’t as good as the last havebeen. Really quite simple but works. Necro Verse is good and he flows pretty well. The hook is really simple. Alright so how can a standard verse beat and hook equal a 5. Well its Ill Bill my friend. Ill bills Verse is dope as *****. His Flow to begin with is insanely Crazy! The lyrics too are dope. (5/5)

6.Get On Your Knees 

This is dope. Using a sample of Dionne Warwick.. Like I need drugs he changes an innocent song into something preverted which dont get me wrong that is dope!. The lyrics are he sexpert type of stuff(perverted type) or his pornography.The lyrics are clever. The beat is good aswell.Its a more upbeat then the rest. He flows nice to this one. (5/5)

7. Rugged Shit 

This is great. There is a really dark bass and beat and some piano loop. Also theres a weird trumpet type of thing which is occasionaly played. Real nice but too wutangish and i like necro for his orignality, The lyrics are you guess it, Rugged Shit. His flow works with the beat which is slower than most of his stuff. Quite an addictive Hook (4/5)

8.Im Sick Of You 

This is surpose to be a secret diss towards Slim shady. He starts off by saying “All you ***** ass niggaz SHADY Muther*****ers” then subject matter is visious punches at him towards him being so depressed etc. If this is a diss than this a very sublimbal diss as he doesnt name mr shady once. Diss or not its dope. The beat is a dark yet uptempo beat. (5/5)


This is alright. The beat is standard drums but yet again the strange horn makes his appereance again at the intro and the middle. Then when Necro lays his verse the bass and drums gets faster and more aggrasive if that makes sense. Also Theres a spacey some distorted sound which i dont like that much and in the middle a sample is played and is Al Pacino Scarface. The Lyrics are about *****roaches. He flows nice (3.5/5)

10. ***** you to the Track 

The horn is back. The beat is alright. Also guess what the lyrics are about. He flows nice.Not much except its good (4/5)

11.Burn The Groove To Death 

This is alright. The bass is good like most of Necro songs and the drums are pretty standard.Occasional the spacey thing is one this. The lyrics are goodf like usual. He flows well. Not much excepts it above average. (3.5/5)

12. Underground 

This is dope.Beat wise this is proberly my fave track. The sample feels like a 50’s type of thing. The beat is the most upbeat. The beat is drums and chimes(xylophone if im not wrong) and what i think is violens which are perfectly put together. The lyrics are upto his standards. he goes on for about 5 mins which is pretty impressive. no hook just one long verse which he flows really well.


This beat is well simple and aint him. When Necro starts dropping a verse you think is this necro? He all nice and is talking romantic. he meet a girl and takes her home and when he starts ‘making love’ he turns into the aggressive Necro as she has a STD. This is a nice storytelling song. Again humour in hip hop on another level (4/5)

The last ones are Freestyles. There different types showing different skills. On 14 His showing he capable of doing a long one and even Mr Hyde drops a verse which i like better. !5 A Hilarous a consterversy freestyle about Christmas as he Jewish and mock everything about xmas. Very funny and clever. 16 shows he ability to flow to different tracks but they are off his own ones.


This album gets a 4.5 outta 5. It gets a overall 4 for the album but half a mark for originalitly.

Necro’s beats and lyrics are new and creavtive. One problem is he too offensive and most people will be offended but who gives a *****. Necro has a new personality. But his lyrics can bore you if you not a horrorcore fan. Necro so good im urged to buy anything by him or his company without hearing it.This Cd beat’s are hard to esplain so you’ll have to hear it to apperciate this review

Recommendation : BUY THIS!!!!! This is one of the best albums i heard in a while for hip-hop. If you are not ignorant as ***** then i recommend you try this. All of necro’s CD are tight and would recommend you buying any 3 but i wouldnt really go for Prefix for death as its trys to mix rock and hip hop which its does but theres one really bad song.

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