Snoop Dogg – Rhythm & Gangsta

Snoop Dogg - Rhythm & Gangsta1. I Love To Give You Light(Intro) 

Actually this isn’t really an intro, in fact it’s a pretty good song to kick off the album. Snoop raps over an Alchemist beat and he actually sounds motivated. Pretty dope stuff. Good

2. Bang Out 

The beat is really sloppy, the drum machine is all over the place here. Other than the awful drums, this actually is a decent track, the girl singing isn’t that bad and Snoop tries atleast. Good(For effort)

3. Drop It Like It’s Hot(Feat Pharrell) 

This is the single and yes it is horrid. This song will play on a repeated loop in hell. Pharrell raps on here and actually outshines Snoop, when a producer is outshining you then it’s time to call it quits. This track is such an uninspired piece of garbage, from the chorus to Snoop’s terrible lyrics, this song has everything you don’t want in a song, oh yea and it has a terrible and annoying beat. Train Wreck

4. Can I Get A Flicc Witchu(Feat Bootsy Collins) 

Wow and you thought the last track was bad, this is easily one of Snoop’s worst songs ever. Man what the hell is this? Skip this tripe and never listen to it again. Train Wreck

5. Ups & Downs(Feat The Bee Gee’s) 

Great beat here as it is a sample of “Love You Inside & Out”. Snoop does a pretty good job here as he manages to not sound bored or high off his ass. Good track. Good

6. The Bidness 

Snoop raps over a bastardized Down South beat that sounds like it was rejected by Master P. Snoop actually tries here and yes he manages to carry the track. I’m surprised as well. Average

7. Snoop D O Double G 

Awful track with a boring beat. Snoop is terrible on here. Train Wreck

8. Let’s Get Blown 

Decent beat but the subject matter is terrible and played out. Snoop sings and I laugh, man this track does nothing for me. Wack

9. Step Yo Game Up(Feat LiL Jon & Trina) 

LiL Jon produced the beat and you already know how it sounds because all his stuff sounds the same. I actually like this track, it isn’t boring and it’s still weird to hear Snoop rap over this beat. LiL Jon starts it off with the usual, Snoop with the usual(As usual), and Trina outshines Snoop. Man that’s sad when Trina outshines you, she’s one of the worst rappers out and she still ruled this track. Good

10. Perfect(Feat Charlie Wilson) 

Call this Beautiful part 2 and it sucks about as bad as the original. Why the hell would you even make this crap? Let alone put this on your own album? Awful! Train Wreck

11. WBallz 

Skit and it still isn’t funny.

12. Fresh Pair Of Panties On 

Dig these great title tracks! Well actually don’t dig them because they are atrocious. Terrible track with awful singing and bad rapping by Snoop, hey it’s like a Snoop single! Wack

13. Promise 

A good track with a nice relaxing beat with some decent singing thrown in there and Snoop actually sounds decent on here. Good

14. Oh No(Feat 50 Cent) 

Pretty dope track, nothing great or anything but it does a good job to get your head moving. Has a nice “G-Unit ready for war” type beat. Snoop starts it off with a decent verse. 50 Cent sounds a little different here, well sort of, he has a good verse actually and easily outshines Snoop. Snoop with another verse and it’s better than his first. Good track. Good

15. Can U Control Yo Hoe(Feat Soopafly) 

Man these song titles are annoying me. They ruin a good beat by singing over it and just goofing around. Wack(What a waste of a good beat)

16. Signs(Feat Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake) 

Yes Timberlake is on this song and he drops the F bomb as well. Track is catchy thanks to Charlie Wilson. This is a dance track and has a nice fast paced party beat. Good track actually as it is catchy as all hell. Good

17. I’m Threw Witchu(Feat Soopafly) 

Another awful track name. What a terrible track, such a waste of Soopafly. Train Wreck

18. Pass It Pass It 

Neptunes produced one terrible beat. I have never liked the Neptunes and probably will never like them, shit like this is why I don’t like them. Just an awful track that should be erased from rap. Train Wreck

19. Girl Like You(Feat Nelly) 

Best track on the album, I dig the beat by LT Hutton and Nelly doesn’t annoy me on here. Good

20. No Thang On Me(Feat Bootsy Collins) 

Snoop babbles in the beginning and sings in an awful moment. What a crock of shit this is. Terrible way to end the album. Train Wreck

All in all this gets a TRAIN WRECK rating, yes this is one of the worst albums I have ever heard with tracks that should have never been made. Avoid this like the plague because it’s easily “Worst Album Of The Year”.

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