Warren G – Regulate… G Funk Era

Warren G - Regulate... G Funk Era1. Regulate

What can I say about this song? Great way to start off the album, classic g funk cut. Nate Dogg blesses the song with his nice ass singing and Warren G’s smooth flow really makes the song tight. Nice song to bump in your car just cruising. 4.5/5

2. Do You See

This song is another nice song, the beat on this is really bouncy and different from most of the other songs on this CD. Nice song overall. 3.5/5

3. Gangsta Sermon (skit)

4. Recognize 

This song is definitely one of the best from this CD. This song features The Twinz. The Twinz really make this track hot with their nice lyrics. Warren G is alright on the lyrical tip but The Twinz really outshine him on this. Tight song. 4.5/5

5. Super Soul Sis 

This song does not feature Warren G, but it features this hot ass female lyricist, don’t know her name. The beat on this is really nice laid back g funk, another nice cut. 4/5

6. ’94 Ho Draft (skit)

7. So Many Ways 

This track is undeniably the best song on this CD! The bass line on this is as funky as can be. This song is addicting from the first time you listen to it. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this song. Definitely the best song on this CD and probably the best Warren G song. 5/5

8. This D.J. 

Another laid back cut from Warren G, lyrics are average like most of Warren’s stuff but this song is still a nice one. 3.5/5

9. This is The Shack

This song features Warren G’s group The Dove Shack, real talented g funk cats from Long Beach. Lyrically it is nothing special but the whole beat, flow and things like that make up the track. Nice track. 3.5/5

10. What’s Next

The beat on this sounds like something Dr Dre would do on the Murder Was The Case Soundtrack, it is different from the other Warren G beats but it is still dope. This track features young talented MC Mr. Malik, this is one of my favorite tracks from this CD. 3.5/5

11. And Ya Don’t Stop 

This song is alright, again, the lyrics are nothing special. This is definitely one of my least favorite tracks on this CD. 3/5

12. Runnin’ Wit No Breaks

This track is definitely dope, nice g funk beat featuring The Twinz and the same chick from Super Soul Sis, really nice track overall. 3.5/5


This album overall is dope, I love this album, I don’t think I will ever get tired of this CD. Warren G is nothing special lyrically, he just has a nice smooth voice to go with his beats, the beats on this CD really make this CD. The only not so good things about this album are that it is kind of short (36:56) and the skits. If the tracks were a little longer with no skits at all, this album would probably be the best west coast rap CD.

Final Rating: 3.85/5

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