Celly Cel – Song’z U Can’t Find

Celly Cel - Song'z U Can't Find1. Time To Play 

Really good track, the beat is relaxing and bouncy. Celly Cel raps about women but he also maintains his great flow and doesn’t get “lovey dovey” so it ends up being a really dope track. This track is basically a “Player” track. Good

2. My Tip Toes(Feat Levitti) 

2 really underrated artists are on this track. Levitti’s singing is a little uninspired here but it’s still good. Levitti even has a verse(!) which is really dope. Celly Cel of course rips it, man Celly Cel is the most overlooked rapper ever. Good

3. L.A. To The Bay(Feat W.C., C.J. Mac, Homicide, & Bigslep) 

Wow what a posse cut we have here. Nice beat, it has that bouncy feel to it and some funk to it. Homicide starts it off with a good verse. Celly Cel with the next verse and it’s of course really good and he outshines Homicide. Chorus is pretty dope. CJ Mac sounds really different here as he doesn’t have that raspy flow. W.C. up next with the best verse on the track. Good track. Good

4. What U Hustle Fo?(Feat Baby Beesh & Don Cisco) 

Really dope beat by K-Lou. Celly Cel starts it off with a great verse, I have no clue why Celly never got to be a huge mainstream rapper, it’s probably because he’s from the Bay(Well that is the reason), he has everything you’d want in an artist: Dope flow, dope lyrics, charisma, good presence. Such a shame he never got to be huge. Cisco with the next verse and it’s good. Beesh with a decent verse. Good track! Good

5. How I Roll 

Celly uses the “She Blinded Me With Science” beat here and IT WORKS! Celly using this sample is just dopeness! Of course Celly Cel rips the track. DOPE!(She Blinded Me With Science + Celly Cel=DOPE!)

6. Get They Wig Split(Feat C-Bo & B-Legit) 

This is off Hemp Museum and it’s a classic track. B-Legit actually raps with some enthusiasm which is dope and C-Bo rips this track and is clearly the star here although Celly gives him a run for his money. Classic track! DOPE!

7. The Only Way 

This was off the Dangerous Ground soundtrack and the beat is a little messy, Celly carries the track though because he’s Celly Cel and he could carry a Casio beat. Good(For Celly’s work)

8. Shoe Strings(Feat E-40, Mugzi, & Kaveo) 

Sloppy track here, it’s decent though but can get annoying. Kaveo starts it off with a decent verse. Mugzi with an awful verse, he should never try to rapid spit. Celly Cel outshines everyone with a great verse. E-40 with a weird verse. Mugzi & Kaveo rap again and I don’t care about either one. Average

9. Pop Yo Collar(Feat Rappin 4 Tay & Big Ton) 

DOPE!!!!!!! I love the beat. Rappin 4 Tay starts it off with a smooth verse(4 Tay is overlooked). Chorus is great and fits the song. Big Ton sounds a little rough over this beat but it works. CELLY CEL!!!!!! with the next verse and outshines everyone. DOPE!

10. Tramp Delite 

Pimp track here, decent stuff here. Celly really isn’t trying here and it shows. Average

11. We Bring The Funk(Feat Mac Shawn) 

DOPE!!!!! The beat has this siren type sound that kicks in and it really adds to the track. Mac Shawn starts it off with a dope verse then Celly with the next verse and it’s dope(Of course). Mac Shawn with another verse to end the track. Great stuff here. DOPE!

12. Beware Of Those(Feat E-40 & JT The Bigga Figga) 

Quite the all star line up here. JT produces a really hard hitting mob type beat. Celly Cel starts it off with a great verse, man he can flow over any track. JT with the next verse and it’s great and I love how the beat changes when he starts rapping. E-40 with the next verse and it’s dope. Celly Cel with another great verse, this track is insane. E-40 up next and he just kind of sings. JT up next with another verse and it’s dope. What an insane track, needs to be heard. DOPE!

13. Struggle(Feat B-Legit & Arapahoes) 

Beat is nice and relaxing with a girl singing to add effect, dope stuff and I like the piano added in. Arapahoes starts it off and what a name that is he has a decent verse though he tries to sound like Bizzy Bone by the end of it. Celly Cel with the next verse and he totally outshines the last guy. Girl sings a pretty dope chorus. I guess Arapahoes is a group and member number 2 raps up next with a decent verse. B-Legit with the next verse and it’s pretty dope, it’s typical B-Legit. Good track. Good

14. Bay Riders(Feat NFL Star William Floyd) 

Ant Banks produces the beat and it’s decent. William Floyd with the first verse and he tries atleast. Celly Cel with the next verse and it’s pretty good but short. Chorus is some girl singing the word “Bay Riders” it’s decent. Floyd with the another verse and it’s not that good but he’s atleast putting some effort into it. Celly Cel with another verse and it’s pretty dope but again too short. Yea that was a little odd. Average


All in all this gets a Good rating. Pretty good album with old tracks and old features that some didn’t get to hear. Cop this if you’re a Celly Cel fan!

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