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The Executioner Bernard Hopkins won the IBF Light Heavyweight championship at 48 years of age. Clint Eastwood was 74 when he won several Academy Awards for Million Dollar Baby. Leonard Cohen released his latest album, Old Ideas, to critical and commercial success at the sprightly age of 77.

Rap music on the other hand is a young man’s game. Much like how a barely legal and upcoming porn starlet enters MILF-typecasting at 28, rappers are often bound for the oldies circuit around the time they hit 35. Maybe it has something to do with hunger and keeping your finger to the pulse of the street or flipping one’s verbal technique to the sound of a changed beat. Maybe it boils down to a young audience not relating to someone old enough to be their dad. Whatever the reason, the result is that ten years in rap constitutes a vast generation gap.

Here at 30Rap our main objective is to provide shelter for all those lost souls still trying to come to terms with the fact that Big Daddy Kane isn’t considered the epitome of cool anymore (it’s up for debate anyway), the death of one Tupac Shakur (also up for debate) and the notion that you don’t need a DJ backing you on the one’s and two’s. For you folks we’re here to provide a comforting injection of nostalgia, a place on this thing called the interweb where you can still read a new review of an old Eric B. & Rakim classic. For the new crop of hip-hop enthusiasts this is a place to get put up on game and get hip to the fact that before their was a Maybach Music there was a Death Row records. Before there was a Waka Flocka there was Master P.

That brings us to the second part of our mission statement: bridging that aforementioned generation gap. There is still a lot of great new music being made, which shouldn’t go unnoticed, so we’ll dedicate a fair share of our attention to the new kids on the block as well, young’uns like Chief Keef or Lex Luger. Basically if it’s good rap music, we can dig it;

On top of that we’ll also be putting up movie reviews and columns that could be about pretty much everything: sports, television, videogames, breakfast cereal, comic books or something else entirely. Remember, hip-hop isn’t something you do; it’s something you live. Well beyond your thirties….