2pac – Resurrection Soundtrack

2pac - Resurrection SoundtrackTelling the story of young Tupac Shakur’s life, “Tupac: Resurrection” is accompanied with the soundtrack. The movie, based on the life of rap legend Tupac Shakur, is in his own words.

2Pac: His story, his words.

1. Intro (0:05) 

2. Ghost (4:17) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Mark Jordan, Luis Resto and Marshall Mathers Previously unreleased

Just that simple saying “Don’t cry, just ask why, and try not to die, as I take you through a ghetto-nigga’z lullaby” just hooks you on this song. It has a nice lyrical flow and some hard beats to go with it. “Ghost” was the second-most anticipated track off of the entire soundtrack in most people’s eyes. 9/10

3. One Day At A Time [Em’s Version] (3:44) feat. The Outlawz Written by: Tupac Shakur, Henry Garcia, Malcolm Greenridge, Katari Cox, Rufus Cooper, Marshall Mathers and Luis Resto Previously unreleased

Okay, honestly, I hate the beat, I’ve hated it ever since the song came out. It is very uneven in the song, especially with the lyrics. I really like what Em did with this song, he made it hott. Eminem gets a lot of hate because he’s with Shady/Aftermath and 50 Cent, no one really sees the actual talent he has. He wouldn’t be as big as he is without the talent and a mind for a rapper. Yeah, he’s white, but is this the 60’s again? No, this is the 2000’s, that shit isn’t necessary. 8.5/10

4. Death Around The Corner (4:07) Written by: Tupac Shakur and Johnny “J” Jackson Previously released on “Me Against The World”

Okay, one simple question: WHAT THE ***** IS UP WITH THE MEXICAN FOR THE CHORUS SAYING ALL THAT SHIT? I mean you listen to it the first time but after the second time it just gets annoying as *****. But the song does have a nice, smooth lyrical flow and a good beat to go along. 8/10

5. Secretz Of War (4:13) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Rufus Cooper, Malcolm Greenridge, Yafeu Fula, Johnny Jackson and Bruce Washington Previously released on “Still I Rise”

Another very righ track with the Outlawz, honestly, I think “Still I Rise” is one of his best albums, and this song adds to it. “Secretz Of War” is a song that you could listen to constantly, it never gets old, very nice choice for the soundtrack. 9.5/10

6. Runnin’ (Dying to Live) (3:51) feat. Notorious B.I.G. Written by: Tupac Shakur, Christopher Wallace, Osten Harvey, Edgar Winter, Marshall Mathers and Luis Resto Previously unreleased

The clash of the titans is resurrected right here, once friends, B.I.G. and 2Pac turned against each other. Each dying young, many people thought it would be good to remember them by one song; Runnin’. Both 2Pac’s and B.I.G.’s music talent is whipped into one in this song, a definite good thing. 10/10

7. Holler If Ya Hear Me (4:38) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Randy Walker, Barrett Strong and Norman J. Whitfield Previously released on “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”

Going back to “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”, the 2Pac Shakur legacy is still alive. “Holler If Ya Hear Me”, I think, is one high point of not only “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.”, but for this soundtrack, also. It goes good with the rest of the songs. 8/10

8. Starin’ Through My Rear View (5:11) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Tyrone Wrice, Malcolm Greenridge, Yafeu Fula and Phil Collins Previously released on “Gang Related” soundtrack
When I first heard this song, I absolutely couldn’t go through the day without turnin’ up my headphones and just listenin’, think about shit. In my mind, Tupac is staring through his “rear view”, just looking back at his life, all the shit he’s done, just everything. I think they picked a good song for the movie, here, it goes good with looking back at the late, great Tupac Amaru Shakur. 10/10

9. Bury Me A G (4:59) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Diron Rivers, Tyruss Himes, Walter Burns, Maurice Harding, R. Isley, E. Isley, M. Isley, O. Isley and C. Jasper Previously released on “THUG LIFE: Volume 1”

Well, every CD in my eyes has one “different” song. It goes very well with the movie, very well, but I just don’t like the flow of the lyrics and beat, I mean I love them both, but them together equals, well, not the best! 8/10

10. Same Song (3:57) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Ronald Brooks, George Clinton, Jr., William Collins, Gregory Jackson, J.S. Theracon and Jim Vitti Previously realsed by Digital Underground on “This Is An EP Release”

Totally tight track to have on an album, awesome lyrics and an even better beat rythm. It’s not the best, nothing like that, just a cool song to sit and chill to. 9/10

11. Panther Power (4:36) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Raymond Tyson, Mark Dorado and Jim “Chopmaster J” Dright Previously released on “Tupac: The Lost Tapes”

Hmmm….Not really my type of song, little too “old school” for me, but I still like it. It has nice lyrics, medium beat, but are very tight when mixed correctly. 8.5/10

12. Str8 Ballin’ (5:04) Written by: Tupac Shakur, Osten Harvet, George Clinton, Jr., W. Collins and G. Cooper Previously released on “THUG LIFE: VOLUME 1”

Now, “Str8 Ballin'” is a classic in my eyes, a pure classic. One of Tupac’s best songs, but not the best, maybe top 3, just maybe, however. It has that kind of beat that you hear it and your like “Oh, yeah, this song is tight” and just listen to it. Definate plus to put onto an album. 9.5/10

13. Rebel of the Underground (3:16) Written by: Tupac Shakur and Gregory Jacobs Previously released on “2Pacalypse Now”

Tight lyrics, tight beat, tight song. Nothing else said, “Rebel of the Underground” is a definite good track to have on any 2Pac album, it probably should have been on “Greatest Hits”. 9/10

14. The Realist Killaz (2:58) feat. 50 Cent Written by: Tupac Shakur, Curtis Jackson, Andy Thelusma, Calvin Broadus, Bruce Washington, Yafeu Fula, Rufus Cooper, Katari Cox, Joseph Paquette, Tyrone Wrice, Brad Jordan, mike Dean, James Harris and Terry Lewis Previously unreleased

Adding 50 Cent into the mix just makes this album even tighter. You have to admit it, 50 Cent is the best on the market right now, no if’s and/or but’s about it. The song has a “new” beat, very tight, and with Tupac and 50 Cent it is just straight-fire lyrics. One thing I don’t like is “Until Makaveli returns, it’s all eyez on me”, that’s jus’ tellin’ people to buy the album, just to think that Tupac is alive. HE’S DEAD. 9/10


Album Final Points: 116/130 Album Final Grade: 89% (B)
Album Final Notes: This soundtrack is a must have for any true 2Pac fan. The album may be one of the best “mixes” of 2Pac’s songs, all into one.
Best Song Race: 1. The Realist Killaz 2. Ghost 3. Secretz Of War 4. Runnin’ 5. St8 Ballin’

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