Brotha Lynch Hung – 24 Deep

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep24 Deep was the first record that Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung released. The ep was released in 1993


1. Thought They Knew (Intro) 

Lynch talking, just an intro

2. 24 Deep

Tight oldschool track with a classic sample from Robert Clouse’s movie Enter The Dragon. Lynch flows really hard with some insane lyrics, nothing more to say about this track.

3. Had 2 Gat Ya

This track samples Zapp’s funk anthem “More Bounce to the Ounce” and it has a real old school feeling to it. The beat sounds really mad and I can’t figure out anything more suitable for a Lynch track then this crazy beat.

4. The Next Hoe (Insert)

Just a girl calling a radio station speaking about Lynch.

5. Lose a Hoe, Gain a Hoe

I don’t care what the booklet says because this track must have been produced by the devil. This one might not be the most intellectual track made by Lynch, but this is a real pimp-anthem, all about them hoes.

6. Back Fade

Introduced by the devil, the Ripgut Cannibal gets the track started with the siccness; “Marinating niggas skin like a thick slab of roast beef”. I am feeling this track to the fullest.

7. Jackin’ 4 Joints

A fast tempo beat and a hyped up Brotha Lynch Hung that displays his lyrical skills. The song is quite short but this is as old school as it gets. Jackpot ounce to the bounce!

8. Walkin’ 2 My Funeral

This track features singer Mia Bruce on the chorus and a rapper called T.m. Shades. The only track on the album with a mellow/laid back type of beat. Perfect song to end the album with

9. Fundamentals of Ripgut Cannibalism (Outro)

This is basically a conversation between Brotha Lynch Hung and the Devil. The last thing you hear on this album is one shot. But you really don’t know who pulled the trigger….


If you like Lynch and never listened to this album you won’t be disappointed. Pick it up. Rating 4/5. I consider this as an intro-album to “Season of da Siccness”. Defiantly a great album by the siccest rapper to ever pick up a microphone.

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