Naughty By Nature – Nature’s Finest

Naughty By Nature - Nature's Finest1. Hip Hop Hooray

What can I say a Hip Hop classic right here and a classic party jam. This is what sky rocketed Naughty By Nature into the mainstream and the best thing is that this song contains some great lyrics from both Vinnie & Treach. DOPE!

2. OPP

Another song that sky rocketed Naughty By Nature, in my opinion this is not as good as Hip hop Hooray but it’s still good. You’ve heard this before so why explain? Good

3. Uptown Anthem

DOPE! Starts off with a nice little piano interlude then just goes right to the song, great stuff. Treach starts it off with a classic verse, man Treach just spits rapid yet coherent lines, just amazing. I love the chorus. Classic track right here. DOPE!

4. Penetration(Feat Next)

I love the softer beat, Next to me are worthless and Treach carries this song on his back. Treach just rips the track with rapid yet clever verses. They rip off Master P’s “Make Em Say Ugh” chorus which makes me laugh. Good

5. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

Now this track is a classic. This is a Treach solo and he doesn’t hold back. He raps about his life and it’s such a beautiful song. Treach’s storytelling is unbelievable. The beat is very dope, nice little piano type beat and I love the sample chorus. DOPE!

6. It’s On

Song is gritty! I love it! Vinnie disses Sir Mix-A-Lot which makes me smile, and he disses him hard as well. Classic Naughty By Nature track here. This is a very hard track with some dope horns and just has that grimey East feel. DOPE!

7. Craziest(Crazy C Remix)

Well I like the Poverty’s Paradise version better but this one is still classic. It has a Westcoast feel to it and I’m talking a 1995-1996 West type feel to it. Same verses but with different music. I love how the beat changes during the chorus. DOPE!

8. Written On Ya Kitten(QD 3 Remix)

Better than the original, the beat sounds like a track that would be put on the Above The Rim soundtrack. Very good song. Good

9. Feel Me Flow

Ok now everyone knows this song and it’s a classic. Treach solo right here over some West sounding beat and man he just rips it. Treach can adapt to any style he wants and that’s what makes him one of the best rappers ever. Just a classic track. DOPE!

10. Clap Yo Hands(Remix)

The beat is better but why do the edit the track? Weird, still a good track. The original was on Poverty’s Paradise. Good

11. Nothing To Lose(Naughty Live)

DOPE!!!!! One of the best Naughty By Nature songs ever! I love the beat, it’s got that dark East type feel and man Treach disses Wendy Williams hard on the first verse, Treach just rips this track. Vinnie with the second verse and man Vinnie does a great job here, maybe his best verse ever. The chorus is good because it has that live feel to it. They trade the last verses together, just dopeness right there. DOPE!

12. Guard Your Grill

Has a dark type feel, don’t like the talking in the beginning. Man old school Treach sounds basically the same but I think he has gotten better over the years, he’s using the rapid rapping here, very dope stuff. Treach solo here and man it is great. DOPE!

13. 1,2,3

Good track, the Flavor Unit! I love the dope flute beat on here. Very dope track and everyone comes tight. Good

14. Poor Man’s Poetry(From Poetic Poetry)

Very good song, nice semi relaxing beat but Treach still rapid raps on here(DOPE!). Very dope song, it has that old school feel to it and I love the chorus, nice samples. Vinnie with a good verse, man Vinnie can rapid rap as well, very dope stuff. Treach again rips it. DOPE!

15. Wickedest Man Alive

Has a Reggae flavor to it, decent track with the horns and stuff but it’s way too soft here. Treach carries it well though. Good

16. Naughty By nature(Megamix)

Just mixes of their stuff all thrown together. Interesting stuff. Good

17. Mourn You Till I Join You

DOPE! This is the 2Pac(RIP) dedication track that Treach put out and it’s a classic. Great Westcoast beat. Treach is so honest on here just telling interesting stories and reminiscing about his friend. Classic track and it was just a classy tribute to Pac(RIP). DOPE!

All in all this gets a DOPE! rating. This IS the Naughty By Nature album to get next to Poverty’s Paradise. No filler on here, no stupid skits, just pure rap with Treach & Vinnie, with great beats by Kay Gee. COP IT!

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