Skatterman & Snug Brim – Urban Legendz

Skatterman & Snug Brim - Urban Legendz1. Say Whatcha Say

No intro here which is always good and they get right into the song, Tekneko Bros produces the beat and it’s decent, some decent sounding horns and Snug Brim starts it off with a very good verse. Man this is what you’d expect from the Strange crew excluding Tech and that’s not a bad thing. I really like the chorus, it’s a little simple but the slight beat change helps it alot. Skatter with a pretty good verse, his deep voiced semi sloppy flow is a little weird but not a bad thing. All in all a pretty good song. Good

2. Block Party

Now this has an Arabian style beat to it and I cannot stand it. Snug has a really cliche’d verse that isn’t that good, yea yea we heard the “playa” stuff before, the chorus is even worse as all they talk about is liquor and weed, boring. Skatter with a decent verse, much better than Snug’s but still not that good. Wack

3. Heart & Soul

Sounds like a beat used for Absolute Power which isn’t a bad thing, I like the singing as well, very nice touch there. Skatter with a good verse and Big Krizz sings the chorus. Snug with a very good verse, Snug is pretty good. Snug & Skatter start again with some good verses and that’s about it. Good song. Good

4. Car Wash(Feat Kutt Calhoun & BG Bulletwound)

Weird starting but the song is really good, nice bouncy hard hitting beat, sounds West Coast. Snug starts it off with a good verse. The chorus really sucks by the way, man what a horrid awful piece of crap that was but anyway now it’s Skatter’s turn and he has a good verse. Average

5. Crazy(feat Kutt Calhoun)

Skatter starts it off with a decent verse but it is cliche’d, man you’d think with Tech on the label and being their boss they’d become really creative and from Skatter’s verse on FTI you’d think he’d have better subject matter but anyway the chorus is decent nothing great. Kutt with a good verse and Snug with a good verse. Decent stuff. Average

6. Murder By The Numbers(Feat Ricky Scarfo)

Stupid starting but the beat sounds pretty good and it is actually. Skatter has a pretty good storytelling verse. Chorus is pretty goofy. Snugg has a very dope verse outshining everyone, man this guy needs a solo album. Ricky with a good verse as well. Good

7. Lapdance(Feat Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko)

Man they waste Tech on these kind of songs? BAH! Well anyway Tech has a pretty good verse actually but I wish Tech would do some crazy type verse instead of these slower style flows but you take what you can get. The beat is basic. I think the chorus is garbage, the mixture of singing is horrible and total styles clash. Skatter with a pretty cliche’d verse…next! Snugg with a good verse. Decent song overall. Average

8. Mafioso(feat Tech N9ne & Kutt Calhoun)

YES! Best song on the album easily. This is some Regime type track. Skatterman starts it off with a really good verse, man I love the piano type beat. Krizz sings the chorus and of course he’s ownage so you know the chorus is dope, it has that Tech N9ne vibe to it. Kutt with a really good verse, his best verse easily. TECH N9NE with the next verse and it’s crazy, very dope verse of course and he outshines everyone oh man this is crazy.

9. Pakman(Feat Kutt Calhoun)

Way too many guests on this album and if you’re going to have guests atleast get Tech on alot of tracks except 2 and 1 of them being an average song, oh well atleast he sings the chorus a little bit but still it’s criminal to not let him rap on here. Snug with a pretty good verse. Kutt with a boring verse, I do not like. This was a really odd song that was confusing as well. Average

10. Life In The Game(Feat Krizz Kaliko)

Beat is boring and Skatter with a very boring verse. Krizz with a decent chorus, I like how he sings these type of choruses but he’s wasted. Snug saves the track with a really good verse. Skatter again, oh man and he has another boring verse, it’s not horrible or anything but he needs to work on his flow a little maybe he should drink some coffee before rapping. Snug with another good verse. Average(For Snug Brim)

11. Tired(Skit)


12. Tired(Feat Agony)

I like the beat but ti’s basically a club/love song which in combo is not good. Snug with a very boring verse, I like his flow but he’s limited here. Skatter with yet another boring verse. Agony with the best verse on the song and man she rips it. She actually carries the song. Average(For Agony)

13. If U Want It(Feat Boy Big)

Boring track, skit ip. Wack

14. 2 Of Us

Finally a track with no guests, yeesh I was getting seriously bored before. Well nevermind it’s a sex song so it sucks already. Snug with a boring cliche’d verse as well as Skatter. Skip this. Wack

15. Kansas City(Concrete Jungle)(Feat Greed, Kutt Calhoun, Big Krizz, & BG Bulletwound)

Sounds a little like FTI but minus Tech N9ne and overall original feeling that it had. Everyone rips it though. Good

16. Shut It Down

Snug owns it on the first verse, the beat is a little odd though it’s not bad but it’s nothing mind blowing. Skatter has a pretty good verse, see this is where his slow flow is used the best and then Snug again with a good verse. The chorus is a little cliche’d but not bad and Skatter with another good verse. They worked hard here and it showed. Good


All in all I’m giving this an Average rating, Snug Brim was really good but Skatter needs work on his flow, it’s slow and can be boring and there were too many guests that I seriously could not keep track. 1 great song with Tech N9ne(I am not counting Lapdance) is not too shabby but he seriously needed to be on alot more songs than say Kutt Calhoun. Avoid this album.

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