Soopafly – Dat Whoopy Whoop

Soopafly - Dat Whoopy Whoop1. Yall N***az Betta Recognize

Well we start right into this album with a song instead of an intro which is always the ownage. Soopafly raps over a techno-ish gangsta type beat and talks about the usual gangsta cliche’d babble, but I do like Soopafly and he has charisma so it’s ok here, he however is not good at doing these type of songs. Average track. Average

2. This Type Of Flow

Well now we totally shift gears here into a much better song. This is straight hip hop here as Soopafly focuses on his lyrics here and the beat is really dope and old school sounding. Soopafly sounds really different here, his voice his high. Good track. Good

3. Hell Yeah(Feat Tray Deee)

Beat is boring, really boring and basic. Alot of weak scratches and a tired horn type beat that sounds like a Technotronic reject. Soopafly tries but this puppy is too boring to be carried plus the chorus is tired. Tray Deee also tries and as good as Tray Deee is he actually carries it(!), Tray has a way to turn the most horrible beat into a decent track just by flowing over it. Wack(Still giving it a wack rating)

4. Can I Get Bucc(Feat Crooked I & Daz)

What is up with the beat? It’s not afraid to suck that’s for sure. Daz starts it off with a tired verse, I’m sorry but when Daz flows like this I automatically change the track, it’s so cliche’d and stale and he does it all the time now. Soopafly with a decent verse but the beat sucks that I have to think about just getting through the track. Crooked I sounds awkward on this beat, it’s something to be heard, he tries to use the vicious flow but this beat is so corny. Wack

5. Way 2 Often(Feat Kurupt)

Beat isn’t that good, it’s “gangsta” and all but it’s just boring to me, no technicality into it and as good as Daz & Soopafly are at producing I’m dissappointed they’d produce a stinker like this since they “both” produced the album “together”. Soopafly sounds bored on here and hits every cliche’ imagined, and Kurupt is on here so you know it’s going to be the pretzels. Wack

6. Everyday(Feat Bad Azz, LiL C Style, & Tray Deee)

Now we’re talking, this is classic Soopafly here with a smooth beat here, nice guest line up here. C Style flows well over this beat, he sounds more comfortable here then on Chronic 2000 & Too Gangsta For Radio. Tray Deee with another great beat but of course it’s Tray Deee, even with his jaw wired shut he’d still outshine everyone and you all know it! Bad Azz has a good verse as well(One of his best actually). Love the chorus as well with both styles of singing, the good and the silly singing mix real good together. Good

7. There Will Never Be Another(Feat Daz, Richie Rich, & Gonzoe)

All star guest line up here and a great beat that sounds like something out of Dogg Food. See now this is a better Daz verse, he sounds a little lazy but atleast he has a good beat to carry him. Richie Rich with a good verse albeit short. Gonzoe with a crazy verse, but of course it’s Gonzoe so you know it’s going to be dope, too bad his albums are rarer than uncooked steak, yikes this is a long Gonzoe verse and he brings his A-game here, good work there very nice touch. Soopafly maintains his smooth flow, never gets old. DOPE!

8. Bacc 2 L.A.(Feat Daz & Xzibit)

Way too much Daz on here as you can tell he had a hand in the production and raps on here as well. Soopafly with a good verse but the chorus is terrible I’m talking really annoying. Daz actually sings then stops in a funny bit, actually Daz has a good verse here and sounds like old school Daz. Xzibit with a decent verse. Average

9. Like It Or Not

Same track that was on Chronic 2000. I like this track alot, nice singing type beat, real laid back and Soopafly rules the school on here. Good

10. Dat Whoopty Whoop(Feat Snoop Dogg)

Very dope West type beat, glad they didn’t go with the “Love” type beat on this one, even though the lyrics are cliche’d albeit funny. Snoop has a really weak verse, oh man his verse is atrocious. Average(Snoop brought this down)

11. Pimp City(Feat Daz)

Nice beat here, I love when producers use that cricket like high pitched beat in there songs. Soopafly with a good verse, good chorus as Daz does it, and Daz has a pretty good verse. Good

12. Phone Conversation

Pointless intro but I do like this track alot, I love the beat, it’s really laid back, even though it’s basically a “Love” song in Soopafly terms it’s still good. Good

13. Playing Games

Beat sucks really bad, way too happy here. Soopafly tries but still the beat brings the song down. Wack

14. Why You Wanna Act This Way

Very dope beat, sounds really 1996-ish which I love, Soopafly with a vicious flow here which is good. Nice chorus with nice singing samples. DOPE!

15. Freak Freak

Beat has a mixture of newish rap and old school g-funk. Soopafly has a pimpish flow & lyrics here, same old same old. Average

16. Baby Boy

DOPE! Great way to end this album, no Soopafly but Jewel(?) sings the whole track, oh man this track is so smooth, seriously this is actually worth the price alone right here. Flawless track. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating, this will most def please g-funk fans and gangsta rap fans. Some very good tracks but also some really horrid tracks. For established fans get this but for the casual fan try to make sure you listen before buying.

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