Mr. Doctor – Documentary

Mr. Doctor - DocumentaryDisc 1

1. In The Beginning

Just an intro.

2. The Invitation The Observation

Beat is pretty dope, I dig the singing mixed in. Mr. Doctor is one of those rappers who has a great flow but his lyrics and concepts can get wack, but this isn’t the case here as he rips the track. Good track. Good

3. Made Man


4. Fellas

Great beat here, I dig the “Fellas” sample. Mr. Doctor rips the track here. This is way different than his other material and that’s a good thing, not saying his other material is wack, hell I enjoyed Bombay a lot even though a lot of people hated that album. I thought Bombay was overlooked, anyway back to the track, Mr. Doc’s flow is on point here. Good

5. Reality(Feat Mihkil & DC)

Beat is basic but it gets the job done. Wow Mihkil sucks really bad on the mic. His flow is sloppy and really just all over the place. Mr. Doc outshines him of course. What I like about this track is the chorus with the scratching. I can tell Mr. Doctor is going for a more Hip Hop feel here and it works, only bad thing is Mihkil. Good

6. The Signing


7. Vibrations(Feat Adrian Baker Of The Beach Boys)

Wow talk about weird, this track actually works! Great beat here and props to Mr. Doctor for trying something different and pulling it off. Good

8. Bangin Dirty(Feat LiL Flip)

I cannot stand LiL Flip, I think he’s one of the worst rappers out. The beat has a Down South feel to it, it’s not very good and Flip has the first verse and it’s horrible. Mr. Doc tries to carry this but no go because this track sucks. Wack

9. I’m These Streets

Slow beat here and it’s pretty good, nice and relaxing. Mr. Doctor raps pretty well on this track. Good

10. Real Talk


11. Three Theories(Feat E-40 & LiL Keke)

Wow weird guests here but both are dope so I’m not complaining. Beat is a little sloppy, well it’s a lot sloppy and not good at all. Everyone comes tight but that beat drags it down. Average


Another damn skit. This is getting on my nerves!

13. They Betta Know(Feat Lo-Cel)

Starts off with some scratching, nice touch here as Mr. Doctor is trying to shake the cliche’d gangsta rap image. Mr. Doctor tries to semi rap fast and it works. I dig this track here, the beat is nice and semi-fast. Good

14. All The Deals, All The Work

Another skit, people didn’t buy your album to listen to these, just saying.

15. So Crazy(Feat Savina Hail & Vero)

Soft type beat which is pretty dope actually, I’m not really into slow type love tracks but this beat is really good and Doc’s flow is pretty tight. Good track. Good

16. Bust Back(Feat Foe Loco & Lo-Cel)

Nice to see an Odysea member on here. Track has a pretty dope gangsta type beat, I just don’t like the chorus, it’s very annoying with the constant “You betta bust back” sayings thrown in there. Good track overall but man I could’ve done without the chorus. Good

17. The Releases


18. Money, Dollas, Fetti, Cash(Feat Big Q)

Wack track with an awful drum type beat mixed in with a piano. Track is about not paying these “ho’s” or whatever. Wack

19. I’m High(Skit)

Another skit.

20. Tragedy(Feat Die Trying)

What the hell is this? Seriously what is this? This is awful with a weak rock type vibe to it. This is the drizzling shits. Train Wreck

21. You Don’t Know The Real(Feat Levitti, Arsen, & Mista Cane)

Levitti sounds bored singing this track, that’s not a good sign. Decent track here with everyone coming tight hell even Levitti sounding bored is good because Levitti owns! Good

22. Do*****entary

Outro to the first disc.

Disc 2 

1. Intro: Lorenzo Green Eyes(Chopped & Dropped)


2. Reality(Chopped & Dropped)

Self explanitory. Same track just chopped.

3. The Invitation, The Observation(Chopped & Dropped)


4. Bangin Dirty(Chopped & Dropped)


5. I’m You(Chopped & Dropped)


6. Three Theories(Chopped & Dropped)


7. They Betta Know(Chopped & Dropped)


8. Bust Back(Chopped & Dropped)


9. You Don’t Know The Real(Chopped & Dropped)


10. Outro: Lorenzo Green Eyes(Chopped & Dropped)

Finally the outro to this mess.

11. Don’t Ask Me Why(Feat Jay-Z)

Yup Doc got Jigga on a track, which is pretty cool once you think about it. Beat has a Swizz/Neptunes club vibe to it, not that good really. Mr. Doc comes pretty tight and Jay-Z has a good verse. Average

12. Who’s That Man

Terrible track with an awful beginning. Skip this. Train Wreck

13. Keep it Gangsta(Feat 50 Cent, Babe Reg, & Lorenzo Green Eyes)

Wow talk about weird. This is easily the best track on the album, really good beat here, nice and gangsta. Everyone comes tight and 50 Cent doesn’t even sound like himself. Good

14. Mic Check(Feat Big Q)

Really good track, nice way to end the album. I dig the eerie beat, forget the last track this IS the best track on the album. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. This album is different than anything Mr. Doctor has done, some tracks weren’t that good and I could’ve done without all the Chopped & Dropped tracks but all in all this is a good album.

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