Digital Underground – This Is An EP Release

Digital Underground - This Is An EP ReleaseDigital Underground – This Is An EP Release (1990)

1. Same Song – Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Tupac Shakur

Same Song. “We been all around the world – the same song!” The debut of Tupac Shakur on a Digital Underground release. Same Song is an amazing party track with a fantastic jumpy feel to it. Tupac fans may be a little disappointed that Tupac only gets to rap a few lines (well, they give him the buildup of the bridge at least!). Along Shock, Money-B and Humpty Hump, they all flow over the track with such versatility and speed its hard to believe that such a great song could be made. Listen for the sneak in of ‘Humpty Dance’ on the keyboards. Hella funky. Praised by me in every aspect. Awesome

2. Tie the Knot – Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Kent Racker

Along with “Same Song,” the production notes mention this song is taken off the “Nothing But Trouble” motion picture. First few spins the track is pretty funny. Humpty tries to keep together a marriage choir who keep messing around! Hearing the beatboxed scratching is really something to be heard! There is only really one verse to it by Shock, going along the lines of their B-side “Your Life’s A Cartoon,” (except about rushing into marriage) and after that gets silly. A bit of a slacker on the production note. Piano sounds too laid back. Although the singing is meant to sound silly, after a few plays it gets rediculous Average, at most

3. Way We Swing [Remix] – Shock G, MC Blowfish, Money B, Tupac Sharkur

A revised version of the original off “Sex Packets” LP. Beat is slightly switched up from the original and the lyrics are changed slightly. Shock and Money sound less focused as if it were an album track, just rapping for the remix. As dope as the original, plus ever-so-slightly enhanced beat.

4. Nuttin’ Nis Funky – Shock G, Schmoovy Schmoov, Humpty Hump, Big Money Odis

That’s not a typo. Nuttin’ NIS Funky! The long DU jam track! There ain’t nuttin’ nis funky! Beat is hard to describe. Just odd, Raw Fusion style. DJ Fuze working the decks with the occasional hoot and squeak throughout. Works on the “Doowatchalike” beat with additional bass thuds and “la la da da” of the vocalist. Lots of the boasting that there isn’t anything funkier (at that time) than DU. Good track. Need to hear it to like it, however

5. Packet Man [Worth a Packet Remix] – Shock G, Humpty Hump

Another golden remix. Also taken off “Sex Packets” LP, the beat has been reworked with a saxaphone line and a much dancier step to it and added synth effects. A great job.

6. Arguin’ on the Funk – Shock G, Money B, Humpty Hump

Shock and Hump try to settle their disputes over the “Rhyming On The Funk” beat. Hump wanna know why it was called “Rhyming On The Funk” leaving Shock to amend his misunderstandings! Funny. But only really worth the spin to listen to the beat, same as the original.


Essential? Well, that depends what your interests are. Digital Underground fans will love this EP, it fits perfectly between “Sex Packets” and “Sons Of The P.” The CD insert is only one sheet of paper (the credits are on the back of the case) so some may feel short changed, but the music content is still quality, which is what matters most. DU fans- get this! Others may want to try out some DU before copping this EP – try “Sex Packets” and “Sons Of The P” to get an idea what you are getting. Worth it for the 3 [outstanding] party tracks. Otherwise, leave this gem for the Digi Heads!

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