Shock G – Fear Of A Mixed Planet

Shock G - Fear Of A Mixed Planet1. Keep It Beautiful(Feat Keith Porter) 

Great way to start off the album. Beat is really dope, it has that 1996 DU feel to it. Shock G raps about the negative side of the world and how we need to change and be more positive. Good message here and Keith Porter is a dope singer. Good

2. Cherry Flava’d Email(Feat Clev MC, Fifth Element, Ant D.O.G., & Delina Dream) 

Nice accoustic guitar type beat. Everyone comes tight here. Good

3. Weesom Hustlas(Feat Money B & Humpty Hump) 

YES!!!! The beat has a nice pimpish vibe to it. Shock, Humpty, & Money trade some verses and the chorus is pretty dope. Great track. Good

4. Cinnamon Waves(Feat DJ Q-Bert, Ray Luv, & Delina Dream) 

Nice slower type song. Shock with the first verse and it’s pretty tight. This song has a really odd beat but I dig it. Q-Bert with some dope scratches. Ray Luv with a very dope verse, he doesn’t sound odd on here at all which is dope. Good track. Good

5. Holmedown Up(Feat Yukmouth, Java, Clev MC, & Fifth Element) 

Nice beat, it mixes gangsta with funk and add’s that DU flavor to it. Yukmouth starts it off with easily his best verse of the year. Java with a very dope verse. Clev with a good verse. Shock doesn’t rap on here which is a little odd. Good

6. Let’s Go(Feat Trevel & DJ D-Sharp) 

Not a big fan of this track. Bouncy club type beat and it just doesn’t have anything worthwhile in it. Average

7. My Opinion(Feat Numskull) 

Great concept here. Numskull starts it off with a hilarious verse just stating his opinions. Shock G with a great verse giving his opinions as well. DOPE!

8. Who’s Clean 

Beat is really weird to explain but it’s tight. Shock G solo track which is always great and it’s easily a DOPE! track. DOPE!

9. Fear Of A Mixed Planet 

DOPE! This track is straight weird and I dig that. This is just some singing and then just a crazy beat and scratches and then some talking. Crazy track! DOPE!

10. Gotchoo 

Beat is basic with a piano thrown in there. Shock tries but it’s just not that good of a track. Average

11. Rime In The Mochanut 

This track is genius! Seriously this track may be one of the most original tracks of the year. You see the concept is that you think Shock will say an explicit word to rhyme but then he switches and says something else. It’s too tought to describe, you have to hear it. I don’t like the beat but the concept alone makes this good. Good

12. Perfect Life(Feat Element) 

Pretty dope track, it’s straight Hip Hop here as everyone comes tight with their verses. Shock comes the tightest. Good

13. We’re All Killaz 

Beat is all over the place with multiple things going on at once, pretty dope stuff here. I like the chorus with the voice morph. Good track. Good

14. Baby You Okay 

Relaxing beat here, very dope stuff. Different approach at rapping, one thing I always dug about Shock is that he’s not affraid to try and make different music. Very dope stuff here. Good

15. Sunshine Rime(Feat Mo & Delina Dream) 

Same beat as Let’s Go. I still don’t like the beat much, but it’s better than Let’s Go and they tried. Good(For the work involved)

16. Clev MC 

This is Clev’s solo track and it’s pretty good, your basic Hip Hop rhyming track. Good

17. Your Sun Iza Pimp(Feat Humpty Hump & K-Lien) 

Very dope bouncy beat. Humpty starts it off with a short but fun verse. Shock with a great verse. Then Humpty with another fun verse and then Shock & Humpty trade lines. K-Lien with a pretty dope verse. Shock & Humpty again trade some lines and Shock with the last verse. Fun song and a great way to end the track.


All in all this gets a Good rating. This is most def an “Album Of The Year” contender. This is a must for music fans. COP

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