The Dayton Family – What’s on my mind?

The Dayton Family - Whats on my mind?This is the debut album of the group from Flint, MI. After this release they also released “F.B.I” in 1996 and “Welcome to dopehouse” in 2002. This album was released in 1995. At the time for this album, the groups members were Baccstabber, Shoestring and Bootleg. Future member Ghetto E had still not joined the group.

1. Sound Effectz (Intro)

2. Smoke for free

The Dayton Family start off by hating on people that think they can smoke for free… Tight production with a cool bassline’s backing them up, so I gotta agree with them; don’t come here and think you’re gonna smoke for free!

3. I’m a gee

In this song the Dayton family’s explaining that they’re G’z. Slow, tight, west coast OG production’s making this to a good track. The Dayton family come out tight too.

4. Potato chip

If you like the Dayton family’s style, you’ll also like this one. The production is kinda weird with piano and a nice bassline, but this time it’s Baccstabber, Shoestring and Bootleg holding it up.

5. Oxydol

Damn. Realy cool piano roll on this track. I’m really feelin this! Normally when a rapper’s screaming when rapping on a slow jam it’s wack, but this track is really tight!

6. Watch yo ass

“Watch yo ass” is a little more up tempo track than the past ones, and it’s a good track. The production is realy different, but you’ll like it if you’re openminded. The Dayton family’s coming out tight as usual.

7. Nutty Niggaz

This track is even more up tempo than “Watch yo ass” and this one’s got a catchy hook. If you ask me, the Dayton family are at their best on up tempo beats, even if I also like them on slower productions.

8. Dope Dayton Ave

An other up tempo beat for the Dayton family to spit about the Dayton Avenue in their hometown Flint on. You just gotta love it! This is an other of their weird sounding productions. I think you have to be openminded to like them. I can imagine some people hating on this kind of production. This one is realy tight tho!

9. Sound effects (skit)

10. Flint niggaz don’t play

If you got beef with the Dayton family, you better be ready! That’s pretty much the message with this track. It’s a cool production with the Dayton family coming out hard. Check out the chorus. It’s really tight!

11. Thru a thang

Everybody’s usually having some kind of problems in their lives. This song’s dedicated to what the members of the Dayton family’s struggling with. It’s not one of my favourite tracks but the raps are lifting it to an average level.

12. Billy blunt

Haha, this song samples the inspector gadget melody, and that’s actually pretty tight! However, the flow ain’t all that on this one.

13. What’s on my mind?

What’s on the Dayton familys mind? Well, if you were wondering you’ll have the answer after listening to this track. Other than that, I don’t really like this one. The chorus is wack! The production’s average, that’s all.

14. Flint town

Awesome way to finish off the album! This is probably the best track of this album and I love it! Tight ass production with tight ass rhymes and flow! The Dayton family’s representing Flint town once again… Even if you didn’t like the other tracks of this album, you’ll like this! This last impression of this album will probably also be what I’ll remember it for.

This debut album from the Dayton family is a good album. It’s clearly above average and therefore over 3. However, there’s only really 12 full songs. The album has 14 tracks and 2 of them are skits… If they’d put some more on it I’d probably give it 4 out of 5. Now there’s not enough tracks for that, so I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5.

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