VA/Death Row – Too gangsta for radio

61i-fPFzkRL._SL500_AA300_This Death Row compilation was arranged by Keita Rock when Suge Knight was still in prison. Since Snoop made the radio stations ignore Death Row it’s called “Too gangsta for radio”. The album didn’t sell to well but it was highly anticipated by the die hard Death Row fans.

1. Intro
A funny intro about Snoop waking up in the middle of the night, making his girl call the pen to see if Suge is still there.

2. 2pac – Friends
This song was supposed to be on the Makaveli album by Tupac, but they couldn’t make the sound clean. Or atleast that’s what the rumour says. Fact is that this is a very tight track. I’ve heard the original and it’s a lot like that, so Big Hutch didn’t change much when he reproduced this. Big ups to him since this is a dope production. QDIII produced the original.

3. Crooked I feat. Treach & Scarface – Gangsta Rap
Tight track. Crooked I’s first released track on Death Row/Tha Row and he’s doing a good job. Treach is good but Scarface is not exactly doing his best verse ever on this track. It’s ok tho, he’s talking about fakes. They failed to mention in the credits that that’s Kurupt on the hook.

4. C.J. Mac – I ain’t f*****’ wit cha
Tight beat on this one. C.J Mac is dissing the shit outta everyone on Aftermath. Actually this is one of my favourite tracks on the cd. It’s funny. I know that a lot of people don’t like it tho…

5. Above The Law – Everywhere we go
Very tight production. Above The Law is definitely dropping one of the better tracks on this album. The beat is tight and their verses are ok too. Don’t skip this one.

6. Tha Realest – F*** Hollywood
The intro is funny as hell. A mother’s telling her son: “What’s wrong baby?” And the son replies whispering: “I se gay people”. Just like in the 6th sense. The song as a nice, southern inspired production. Tha Realest is calling out pretty much everyone in the Hollywood, name by name, and saying they’re gay or something like that. Funny track to listen to. It’s not a big banger tho.

7. Ja Rule feat. Cadillac Tah, Black Child & Vita – Murda for life
Murder INC diss to the Doggpound. They’ve taken the “Doggpound for life” beat and made it “Murda for life”. Anyway this is an average track. The beat is good, but it’s recycled.

8. Ruff Ryders – In too deep
Worst track of the album. The beat seems to be a 4 seconds loop of some wack shit. The raps are ok, but can’t hold this track. Skip it.

9. Tha Realest, Swoop G, Twist & Lil C Style – F*** Dre
The intro to this is funny as hell. It’s showing how Dre takes care of someone who wants a deal. Tha Realest, Swoop G and Twist are doing one good verse each, and Twist is good at the chorus. But Lil C Style is just wack on this track. I know some who think he’s doing the best verse on this track but definitely not in my opinion. It’s a tight track tho. It’s dissing Snoop, Dre, NWA, Eminem, Hittman etc.

10. 2pac – Thug nature
Very tight 2pac track. One of the best reproduced 2pac tracks. J. Valentine on ths hook is doing a good job too. Death Row did a very good job picking 2pac tracks to put on this album. They were both bangers!

11. Crooked I – Death Rizzo
Crooked I’s first solo track on Death Row. This track has a super-tight beat and Crooked’s doing his thing proving why some now call him the best in the west.

12. Swoop G feat. Keita Rock & Juice – Projects
Swoop G is a good rapper no doubt. When he was doing this his mind block’d so Keita Rock wrote him a verse. Swoop G didn’t think it would be right for him to rap Keita Rock’s verse so he asked him to do it himself, and he did. The result’s ok, and that was enough for Keita Rock to start working on his own album. Juice’s doing a good job on this one too.

13. K-9 – Gangsta’d out
This track starts out with an Eminem diss. It’s a KKK leader saying their newest member is Marshal Matters… The song itself is NOT a diss record tho, except maybe a lil bit. At one point he’s saying “Makaveli your ridaz are scared to ride”. Rumor is that this is the track K-9 got signed for and after dropping it, Death Row dropped him. It’s a tight party song and nice production.

14. Dre’sta – Give it up for Compton
Eazy E’s old homeboy is givin it up for Compton. Tight production and Dre’sta’s definately got authority to speak on rap today.

15. Mac-Shawn – Real type gangsta
Mac-Shawn’s rapping about how Snoop stole his style. “Always spittin my game, but never mention my name”. An interesting fact is also that Mac-Shawn got a big Death Row tattoo covering his back. That must feel weird now that he’s not on Death Row anymore…

16. G.P. – The coff
G.P sounds kinda like DMX or Ja Rule, but he’s 10 times harder! The beat on this track is kinda weird but if you give it a chance, you’ll probably like it. This track made me go to G.P.’s site and hear snippits from his album. They sounded tight so I ordered his album and I’ll post up a review of that later on.

17. The Relativez feat Nuttz – This is the thanks you get
This is a direct reply to Dre saying “We started this gangsta shit, is this the mother*****in thanks we get?” and go on dissing some other west coast artists. The production of this song is cool and the verses are ok.

18. Dre’sta feat. Young Hoggs – Too gangsta
Dre’sta is givin it up for Death Row – there’s something you wont hear every day. This track has realy tight production and a catchy hook. One of the better tracks of the cd!

19. Outro
You are now allowed to go back to your mainstream pop shit.

This album was very very slept on. The album got tight production except for a few exceptions, and most artists are skilled rappers, too. Both 2pac tracks are above the standard of the reproduced 2pac songs from Amaru/DeathRow/Interscope and upcoming star Crooked I made his name know a little bit more than it was before. A funny note is also that he’s the only rapper from this compilation still on Death Row/Tha Row. This is a typical example of that pop rappers are taking over and real gangsta rap like this don’t sell anymore unless it’s got a lot of promotion. This album had none. I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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