Fredro Starr – Firestarr

Fredro Starr - FirestarrFredro Starr began his rapping career in 1991 with the group Onyx. After the breakup of the Onyx in 1998, Fredro Starr began his solo career with this album. Fredro’s also done a few movies and is pretty well known in the entertainment industry. I expect this album to be average.

1. Comin’ at the game

Nice lil intro here. Some talking over a nice beat.

2. Dyin’ 4 rap

“Dyin’ 4 rap” is a really nice track to start off the album with. It’s got a really tight production and Fredro’s going at it!

3. What if

This track makes you think… What if? Fredro’s asking himself interesting questions and I find this slow jam super tight. Just enjoy it!

4. Thug warz feat. Outlawz

I love the production of this song… Actually, this far I’ve liked all the songs production wise. The Outlawz are featured on this one and they’re spitting fire! Definitely a tight cut.

5. Perfect *****

How would you make your perfect b*tch? Fredro’s telling us how his would be… This track has some cool lyrics from time to time but the production sucks and it’s not realy a good track overall.

6. Electric ice feat. X1 & Mieva

Nice production on this track but other than that it’s not all that. It’s kinda short too. Mieva’s wack.

7. Who ***** betta

The beat on “Who ***** betta” is tight but it’s still not a really good song. It’s average.

8. Big shots feat. Sin

Fredro Starr and Sin’s saying how they’re taking other peoples money and buying all the cars. I haven’t heard from Sin before but I doubt he’s rich, considering he’s kind of wack. Some of you might like him tho. The nice production’s saving this cut.

9. Soldierz feat. Sticky Fingaz & x1

Just like the other cuts on this album this track has a nice production. A lot of them sound the same tho and I’m getting a little bit tired of it right about now, even tho they would be tight if I wasn’t listening to them right after eachother. Sticky Fingaz’s tight.

10. One night feat. Begetz, Versalite & Ice T

It seemed like Fredro knew what I was thinking on the last track, because on this one the production style changed a little bit. I like it! Tight track and nice guests.

11. Dat be dem

The single of this album and naturally a tight song. One of my favourite cuts no doubt. I’m sure most of ya’ll have heard this one.

12. Dyin 4 rap (Remix) feat C-N-N, Young Noble & Cuban Link

This is the remix for “Dyin 4 rap”, and they’ve put some tight MC’s on it. I still like the original better tho. Young Noble’s mentioning Makaveli as usual… 3 times.

13. I don’t wanna… feat. Aaron Hall

Fredro Starr’s talking about how he don’t want to die, he don’t want to have nightmares etc. Wack track. Skip it.

14. America’s most

“America’s most” is just 1:20. It’s not that good and I view this more like a skit.

15. Shining through (Bonus track)

Nice piano string on this slow jam. I like it! I also like the chorus and overall a nice track.

With this debut album, Fredro Starr proved he can make it on his own. The album started off very tight, but couldn’t hold the same standard throughout the entire album. If all tracks on this album was like the first ones, I’d grade it 4. Now, I’ll give it 3.5.

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