Drama – Causin Drama

Drama - Causin DramaDrama is a rapper from Georgia. His style is similar to Pastor Troy and Miracle.
This was his debut album and was released on Tight-4-Life.

1. Intro/ M.I.A

Just some boring talk.

2. Left, Right, Left

This is the big hit single from the album, this song made the album push over gold in sales. It was also the first song that I heard from him. The song is very good; it’s playable at any club. The hook is catchy as hell. Good choice for a single.

3. It’s drastic

When I heard this track I thought about the old No Limit. The track reminds me of that golden era No Limit had between 98-99. The way Drama is rapping on this track is very similar to the No Limit sound. The beat is just banging and his energy on the track makes you want to go up and do some real damage. I love the screaming in the background of the hook. This is a very tight track!

4. Double time (Drama`s Candence)

The bass is just incredible on the track and the rapping and the hook are nice too. You got to bump this one in the car because it’s a bass- banger.

5. The plot

Drama does some storytelling here. He does it very well over a tight beat. The track really impressed me; it’s rare to get a good story from an artist that spit with the crunk-style.

6. My name is Drama

This is the only song I didn’t felt that much. The beat and hook is way too simple. Makes it boring to listen to after a while. I usually skip it.

7. Let’s go to war 

The hardest track on the album, Drama gets crunk as hell on this track. The energy here is just crazy. Its easily one of the tightest track on the album!

8. Mama, Mama

When I read the title, I thought that this was going to be some wack show some love to his mama type a song. I was right on one point the song is dedicated to his mother but it’s really good. The beat is tight, and even the hook is cool. I can really feel Drama’s deep heartfelt lyrics on this track.

9. I’m Ballin` Man

This is the only track were he talks about the “Bling Bling.” He does it over a nice beat that could do well in the club. I like his rap style even when he is bragging he does it raw with a tight crunk-style.

10. Sir, yes sir (Skit)

Just some talking

11. Left, Right, Left (Radio)

Same song with some edited lyrics.

Overall it’s an impressing debut album. He doesn’t have any features here so it’s really a solo album. The beats are good but could use some variation, most of the hooks are catchy and the lyrics are not that great but his energy and voice makes up for it. There are a few bad things on the album. One is that it should been more tracks. He should also have skipped the skits and the radio version on Left, Right, Left.

I give it 3 of 5

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