Yukmouth – Godzilla

Yukmouth - GodzillaThis is Yukmouth’s third solo album. For you who don’t know, Yuk’s a member of the group Luniz.


1. Godzilla

The album starts off with a laid-back mystic type of beat. This does not sound like a “regular” Yukmouth track at all, but he drops three tight verses and there is nothing more to say, Yuk is back. Perfect Intro track.

2. Money & Power

The 2nd track has a slow-tempo beat, and this track does not suit Yukmouths flow. The hook is just boring, skip this track.

3. Nothin 2 a Boss (ft. Benjilino) 

It took about 2 seconds for me to realize that this song is not “ok”, not good and not even dope, this is a real masterpiece! Yukmouth flows so hard and represents the West and Rap-a-lot records to the fullest. Benjilino sings the hook; this is a real tight track.

4. Regime Mobstaz (Ft. The Regime) 

The Regime consists of 12 rappers (C-bo, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, D-Don & Dorasel, to name a few). This song sounds like a declaration of war, everyone comes real hard on this one, but Tech N9ne steals the show with his and the tracks first verse. Good track.

5. Stuntastic

When I first heard this track I really hated it, but after a while I started to like it. The beat sounds like a Neptunes production and I really can’t figure out what Yuk thought when he wrote this song, cause the only thing he raps about is the clothes he wear. An average track.

6. Pimp Da ***** (Ft. Dru Down/B-Legit) 

The title says it all, this is one of those “laid-back pimp tracks”. It features the Pimp Of The year, Dru Down and The King of Sticky; B-Legit. I really like this track, Dru Down comes hard and B-legit´s flow fits this track perfect. Good one

7. Do my thang featuring (Ft. Val Young/Kurupt/Roscoe) 

The production on this reminds me of one of those latino-flava hiphop songs (that I really hate). The lyrics from Yuk, Kurupt and Roscoe is ok, but doesn’t fit in on this type of beat . If you like Ricky Martin maybe, skip this one.

8. Kidnap U (Ft. Nyce/Who’z Who) 

This one is definitely dedicated to the girls, a real slick song .The hook is catchy and Yuk shows that he can turn into Don Juan whenever he feels like it. Features female Regime member Nice. Tight track.

9. Somebody Gone Die Tonight (Ft. Tech-N9ne/Hussein Fatal/The Realest/Benjillino) 

Next time Yukmouth decides which guest-rappers he want to put on his album, he better not invite Tech N9ne to the studio. Tech N9ne rips the track to tiny little pieces. Everyone is coming real tight but Tech N9ne is playing in another league. Yukmouth´s verse is a raw Master P diss. Good one.

10. Ya boy (Ft. Devin/Ampichino) 

Tight beat, Devin comes tight as usual. I never heard of Ampichino before, and it seems like I didn’t miss anything special. He´s ok, but not all that. Devin and Yuk bring this track up one level. Average track.

11. I want ya body (Ft. Aaron Hall) 

A typical party track, Aaron Hall sings the hook. Boring song.

12. Thug Lordz (ft. The Thug Lordz) 

This is actually a 50 Cent diss, and it’s a good one. This is a real tight track, they fire slugs at the whole Aftermath camp;”You niggas think the westcoast are only Dre & Xzibit, they aight but The Thug Lordz handlin buisness”. Yuk is dropping tight lyrics on this one.

13. Be Easy (Ft. Ray J/Gangsta Girl) 

The track features Brandy´s little brother Ray J on the hook and a really wack female rapper called “Gangsta Girl”. Awful track. Skip it.

14. What it do (Ft. E-Roc/Bun B) 

I don’t know if it’s possible to record a wack song that features Bun B, probably not. The beat sounds like a Lil Jon production, real crunk track for the clubs.

15. Go hard (Ft. The Fleet/Ampichino) 

The beat sounds like typical Slip-N-Slide (Trick Daddys Label) beat, but it doesn’t fit Yukmouth, and the guests aint all that. Average track.

16. Do it B.I. 

Finally, a track with only Yukmouth on it. Tight beat, Yuk´s flow is real good, but the hook is boring.

17. Model Chicks

This song is about Models and why Yuk loves ´em. This is a real funny track, but the beat is weird, Yuk got a kind of flute sample on it.

18. Hard Tymez (Ft. Z-Ro/Trae/Tanya Herron) 

This is the last and defiantly the best track on the album. It features Houston Rappers Trae & Z-ro (from the group Guerilla Maab) and the singer Tanya Herron. Heavy beat and deep lyrics.

If you liked “Thug Lord: The New Testament” and “Thugged Out: The Albulation” you definitely should get this album. I give it 4/5.

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