Cam’Ron – Killa Season

Cam'Ron - Killa Season01. Killa Cam (Intro)
The beats kicks in after a while and it’s a really good one to begin with. The beat has that Dipset sound as its very dramatic sounding with its rapid guitar. Instead of Cam doing it his Dipset buddy 40 cal is heard. The lyrics don’t really impress me that much as I expected as you don’t know which dipset member is which half the time where they are so basic and all too alike. Before you can even really start to enjoy the beat it is cut off and a new beat comes along. It’s heavily synthesized and Cam takes over speaking about his struggle growing up in the hood and dealing. I’m surprised with that I actually like his lyrics. Saying that this happens with all Cam’ron’s album from “Come Home Wit Me”, so let’s hope this isn’t the case.

02. He Tried To Play feat Hell Rell
After that great introduction you get a calm mellow piano with Cam singing over it. After a few minutes of Cam’s crooning the drums kicks in and Cam begins to rap but the typical fast dipset drums don’t fit this arrangement at all. Lyric wise his raise it since the terrible “Purple Haze”. I think this is also another shot at Jay-z aswell making him sounding as biter and obsessed as Yukmouth. Either way still a pretty good track.

03. Leave you Alone
Arghhh! This is such a terrible beat. The beat has those terrible typical fast drums like the last song and hype pitch sampling. It’s a well shame as again I like the lyrics a little bit but is drowned out by the awful beat

04. Living A Lie feat Mo’ Money
Even though the beat again equipped with fast drums, they fit a tiny bit over the freaky eerie haunting backdrop. In the song he must be talking about himself as they go on about people living a lie. Boring song topic boring lyrics wasted on a decent beat.

05. We Make Change (feat. Juelz Santana)
Again starts of with Cam crooning but then the strings and the choir singing are introduced. For once it seems like it has both good lyrics and a good beat with cam telling us about the situation with his mum and drugs.

06. Voicemail (Interlude)
Exactly does what it says on the tin.

07. Wet Wipes
For a first single from Cam’ron this is actually pretty good! I’m really surprised! Normally Cam would be hiring the biggest names but where he is not on Rocafella his gone for alternative roots and it’s a great change. Where before he would be having a played out high sped soul sample he has gone for a much darker synth sound from Alchemist and it works really well. Before the singles would have been about car money and hoes but this is different and it’s more of a bragging rights type of song. The hook is quite catchy too.

08. Touch It Or Not (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
Another song on this album which has me on two sides of my decision. On one side I don’t mind the horn beat behind it but the lyrics about head is too much. Pretty obvious a song like this would have came up sooner or later so no surprises there. Lil’ Wanye doesn’t add anything new to this song either. Pretty surprised this wasn’t the main single to be honest.

09. War (feat. Hell Rell)
Like Hell Rell says at the start “this is sounding like a movie here” and the beat actually does sounds like it should go along a war scene. Hell Rell drops an average verse first. Cam’ron does a little bit better but nothing to save the track but not a bad track to be honest.

10. Triple Up (feat. 40 Cal.)
The rapid strings fit the fast high hat hits. Again it’s a bragging type of song about all the things he can afford three times but he isn’t that cringeworthy. 40 Cal does much better starting with that flipping wordplay technique. Not a bad track again.

11. I.B.S.
This is easily the best track on here. Cam looks and goes in depth about his illness which made him lose loads of weight after one of his album dropped, and people questioning if it was drugs. For once no fast hi hats just normal drums and a simple high pitched chiming.

12. Get Ya Gun
I really do like the beat here it is really freaky and eerie from the demon moaning sounds and the high fast strings. Lyrically again its not that bad. The title pretty much describes the topic.

13. White Girls
There’s not much to say here (well really I don’t really want to talk about this track). Fast piano, chipmunk singing etc you can pretty much see the formula. Cam shows his love for white girls, which isn’t a new topic at all.

14. Girls, Cash, Cars
This songs topic is all the things wrong with hip-hop now days. You could tell this sort of song was to be featured. The freaky beat again is very good.

15. Do Ya Thing (Remix)
Really mellow beat and works really well and is a refreshing change to proceedings. The lyrics are not too bad aswell. Can’t say much but a pretty good track with both good lyrics and good beats.

16. Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix) (feat. Hell Rell, J.R. Writer & Jim Jones)
This must be a posse cut track for the dipset and it’s ok. The beats again a eerie and freaky beat with fast hi hats and it works. The lyrics are not bad nothing amazing nothing cringe worthy.

17. Voicemail 2 (Interlude)
Just an interlude and you can tell what its about by the title.
18. Something New (feat. Hell Rell)
A bouncy track where Cam talks about his new fling in his life. The topics nothing “something new” and neither are the lyrics. Again good beat weak lyrics.

19. You Gotta Love It (feat. Max B.)
This is the hype track which everyone was waiting on the album for just like 50 Cent’s Piggy Bank. This is a diss to his ex labelmate now company owner Jay-Z. This is one of the rare songs where he comes both good on the lyrics side and picks a nice beat. He does the generally “*****, mutha*****a” etc childish lyrics which could be aimed and wrote to anyone but he does have some personals. In All not bad but lasts a little bit too long.

20. Love My Life (feat. Nicole Wray)
Ends the actual album pretty good take away the two bonus songs. Over a piano he reminisces back and looks about his life at the moment and tells you how much he loves his life. Deep lyrics over a nice beat.

2 bonus songs
Nothing special just Cam’s protégés rapping.

In all this gets 3 out of 5. I’m really surprised as I was expecting the album to be rated much lower. The album is not consistent in both the whole album wise and the songs. At some place neither the beats nor lyrics were good, then they both were good and then they are missing one of them. Cam has raised his lyrical game since the awful Purple Haze. His beat selection most would say he has lost some good ones but in my opinion he has had much better then he usually did. Suppose you’re going to love it or hate it.

Buy a different record unless a fan of him.

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