Busta Rhymes – The Big Bang

Busta Rhymes - The Big Bang1. Get You Some(Feat Q-Tip & Marsha From Floetry)
Dr. Dre & Mark Batson produce a really weird layered beat. The piano throws everything off, and the chorus by Marsha is really bad. Q-Tip is pretty underused here, he just rattles off some lyrics with apathy in his voice. Busta is great here though, he sounds really motivated. Good enough. Good

2. Touch It
This was the first single, and I dig it. I can understand someone who might not like it, but it’s so damn catchy that I have to listen to it. Busta does the “Quiet…LOUD!” style here. I think I like the remix better though, because DMX pretty much does this track better than Busta. Good stuff. Good

3. How We Do It Over Here(Feat Missy Elliott)
Dr. Dre produces a lifeless party beat, and Missy is absolutely horrible. Busta does his boring “Let me rap really quiet here”. This is like a throwaway track from “It Ain’t Safe No More”. Wack

4. New York S***(Feat Swizz Beatz)
DJ Scratch produces a nice old school style beat here. Really cool track, with both guys talking about various New York surroundings. Yea, this is the goods. Good

5. Been Through The Storm(Feat Stevie Wonder)
Sha Money XL & Dr. Dre do a really good job on production. Stevie Wonder really makes this track work though, because not only does he sing a great chorus, but he puts so much emotion into it that he can relate to pretty much anyone. Busta raps about his parents & growing up. Busta’s pretty motivated here, as he actually writes something worth listening to. Pretty well developed track. Good

6. In The Ghetto(Feat Rick James)
Rick James(RIP) does a pretty good job singing at the beginning. Good track, but I can’t stand the really stupid sounding “In the ghettooooo!” deep voiced sound effect. Busta does his “Quiet, yet rapid” flow, it fits the track. Good track, but that low voiced “In the ghettoooo!” really, really sucks. Good

7. Cocaina(Feat Marsha From Floetry)
Boring piano beat from Dr. Dre & Mark Batson. Busta does a good job, but this beat has no life to it. Good chorus with both Busta & Marsha rapping/singing on it. Pretty average all around. Average(I really liked the chorus though)

8. You Can’t Hold The Torch(Feat Q-Tip & Chauncey Black)
BEST TRACK ON THE ALBUM! J Dilla(RIP) does the production here, and it sounds like something “A Tribe Called Quest” would rap over. Q-Tip starts it off with a fun verse. Really good chorus by Chauncey Black. Busta up next, and he raps about the weak rappers in the game, and how they can’t carry the torch. Q-Tip & Busta do the last verses. Really great track that needs to be heard. DOPE!

9. Goldmine(Feat Raekwon)
Erick Sermon & Dr. Dre do the production, and this is the best E-Sermon beat I’ve heard in a while. Pretty good track with both men(Raekwon & Busta) spitting dope verses. This is the type of tracks Busta should be doing, not lifeless club tracks. Good

10. I Love My B****(Feat Kelis & Will.I.Am)
Will.I.Am produces a weak beat that sounds like it was a Dr. Dre hand me down. This would be the second single, and it’s atrocious. Kelis is just annoying here, as is Will.I.Am. Wack

11. Don’t Get Carried Away(Feat Nas)
Good beat by Dre, but it sounds like something G-Unit would rap over(Nothing wrong with it, but it’s odd hearing Busta rap over this). Busta does his 50 Cent impersonation for the chorus. Busta with the first verse, and it’s pretty good. Nas is up next with a good verse. Busta with the last verse, and it’s really good. This was good, but nothing great. Good

12. They’re Out To Get Me(Feat Mr. Porter)
Bad singing at the beginning, I’m talking really bad, like Mo B Dick bad, but without the comedy. The beat sounds like Country Western on acid. Busta does a decent job, but wow, this track is a mess. Wack

13. Get Down
Timbaland produces a boring drum heavy beat. Wow, this is really boring, like a “Rashad Evans fight” boring, but without the cool dancing. Wack

14. I’ll Do It All(LaToiya Williams)
Now this is more like it. Very good flute heavy type beat by Jellyroll. LaToiya is just great, and probably my favorite hook singer. Busta does a good job flowing over this beat. This should’ve been the second single instead of “I Love My B****”, because it’s a lot more melodic and less annoying. Good

15. Legend Of The Fall Offs
Dr. Dre produces a really great beat here, very dark. The gravedigging noises just add to the track, and take nothing away from it. Busta is great here as he uses his “Low voiced flow”, and raps perfectly over this track. Great way to end this. Good

All in all, this gets a Good rating. Well, this was so much better than “It Ain’t Safe No More”. Busta was motivated, and with the right production, he really shined. This is worth a listen.

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