Benzino – Redemption

Benzino - Redemption1. Stayin 4 Eva
This is your “I’m not goin anywhere” type track. That Nigga Moel produced the track and it’s a sick beat. Benzino actually comes pretty dope.

2. Call my Name(Feat Jadakiss)
L.E.S. produced the track. Jadakiss makes a nasty appearance. The chorus is pretty wack as Benzino tries to sing it. Good track(For jada’s appearance)

3. Rock The party(Feat Mario Winans)
I’m sure you’ve heard this before, this is the lead single and Mario produced this. Nice bouncy club beat, catchy chorus. Sure to be a club banger.

4. Would You(Feat mario Winans and Lisa Raye)
Well I can see Mario Winans in this song but Lisa Raye? I know she hosted the awful Source All Access show but man what in the hell is this? And she raps also. Mario Winans produced this but who cares this track sucks.

5. Make You Wanna Holla
Bangin track produced by Hangmen 3. Benzino talkin about the hard times he’s goin through (Um ok lol). The chorus is pretty good. Dope track.

6. Neva Shuvin(Feat Wyclef and M3)
Hangmen 3 produced a banger. Clef does guitar, sings background, and raps. Good track.

7. Gangstas Touch(Feat Cadillac Tah & Black Child)
Hangmen 3 produced this one and it’s not that great, the beginning singin type chorus will make you wanna skip this one.

8. Redemption(Rosary)(Feat Fatal and Kid Javi)
Former Outlaw Fatal joins Benzino on this track and it’s pretty dope. Tone Capone produced a great beat.

9. X-Tra Hot(Feat Daz & Jewel)
LT Hutton produced the track and the beat is annoying. Skip this one.

10. I Remember(Feat Mario Winans)
Hangmen 3 produced the beat and it’s a slow type beat which isn’t that great. Mario sings a pretty wack chorus. Skip it.

11. Get It On
Mario Winans produced this and all the beats he produced on this album sound the same. Wack.

12. 44 Cal Killa(Feat Scarface & M3)
Houston legend Scarface joins Benzino on this track while Trackmasters lay the beat. Benzino starts it off and comes average, Scarface outshines him(of course). This is your typical “Killa” track which gets very annoying fast.

13. Hoola Hoop
Gary Gizzo Smith produced this and the starting is enough to skip it. Wack.

14. Different Kind Of Lady
Hangmen 3 laid down a very dope beat. This is your “Hey baby I saw you and I have to have you” type track. Atleast the beat is dope.

15. Pull Your Skirt Up
This is the infamous Eminem diss song, it’s pretty good actually, Tone Capone produced a dope beat. Benzino talks about the state of hip hop, callin Eminem a wanksta and such.

16. Rock The Party Remix (Feat LiL Kim, Mario Winans, and Petey Pablo)
Ah man they got all annoying rappers to guest. Everyone comes wack.

17. Some hidden track
Um I don’t know who produced this. Dope beat and track though.

All in all a 3/5, it’s average. The guests really helped this album out. I really don’t suggest copping it. The production was solid though.

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