Swizz Beats – G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories

Swizz Beats - G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories1. The Start(Interlude)
Just the intro

2. Ghetto Stories(Swizz Beats)
Well Swizz takes the mic, and the first thing he says is “I am not a rapper” which is ironic, because he’s rappin on this song. Dope beat by Swizz. Good track.

3. Big Business(Jadakiss Feat Ron Isley)
Swizz produced a fairly odd sounding beat, but it works. Ron isley is great on the chorus. Jadakiss of course is spittin flames on this track. Great track.

4. Turn It Up(Interlude)
Just an interlude

5. Endalay(Swizz Beats Feat Busta Rhymes)
Starts off terribly, but it kicks in and it’s a great song. Dope beat by Swizz. Busta is well Busta on this track and that’s not a bad thing.

6. Shyne(Shyne Feat Mashonda)
This will please the Shyne fans, but I don’t see what’s so special about him. Decent track.

7. Ghetto Love(LL Cool J Feat Mashonda)
ZZZZZZZ… oh I’m sorry, this track is boring. Skip it.

8. Alien(Interlude)
Just another interlude.

9. Good Times(Styles)
I’m sure you have heard this track before, as it was on Styles solo. Great beat by Saint Denson and Swizz.

10. Gone Delirious(LiL Kim & Swizz Beats)
The beat is pretty good by Swizz. LiL Kim actually comes pretty tight. Good song.

11. N.O.R.E.(N.O.R.E.)
Noreaga comes with some funny lines(Of course), and Swizz lays down an ok beat. Decent song, not my favorite.

12. Let Me See Ya Do Your Thing(Baby & Yung Wun)
They waste Yung Wun on this track? And with Baby? I woulda liked to see a Yung Wun solo track but oh well you take what you can get. Kid Klever and Swizz drop a terrible beat. Yung Wun shines though.

13. Island Spice(Eve)
Blah this track sucks. Skip it.

14. Guilty(Swizz Beats Feat Bount Killer)
Bangin beat by J Brown and Swizz, sounds kinda like “Get At Me Dogg”. This is the lead single and it’s very catchy. Swizz comes pretty dope, and Bounty Killer comes tight.

15. Salute Me Remix(Nas, Fat joe, and Cassidy)
Swizz Beats produced a bangin track. Nas has a short but ok verse, Fat Joe has a pretty tight verse, and Cassidy kills it, man this guy is ill as hell. Dope track.

16. We Did It Again(Metallica, Ja Rule, and Swizz Beats)
Make it stop please make it stop. Metallica hasn’t been good since “And Justice For All” and Ja hasn’t been good since “VVV”. TERRIBLE!

17. Bigger Business(Swizz Beats Feat Ron Isley, P Diddy, Baby, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg, Cassidy, and TQ)
Same beat, basically same chorus, and different verses and guests. Good track but P Diddy’s appearance is pointless and why have Baby on this track? Pointless. Cassidy kills this track(Of Course), Snoop comes with the usual stuff. Good track, nice way to end the album.

All in all I give this album a 3.5/5, good album, but some guests were pointless. I really don’t see why Yung Wun was only used on 1 track and he was a feature for Baby. Cop it if you’re a Ruff Ryders fan or a fan of Swizz’ production.

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