Jadakiss – Kiss The Game Goodbye

Jadakiss - Kiss The Game Goodbye1. Intro

2. Jada’s Got A Gun
Dope beat by Swizz, nice singin at the begining of the song. Jada comes tight as usual.

3. Show Discipline(Feat Nas)
QB Lyricist Nas joins Jada on this Mahog beat. The chorus shows nothing new. Ok song not feelin the beat.

4. Knock Yourself Out
Neptunes produced this and the beat is average Neptunes. Nothin special, average at best.

5. We Gonne Make It(Feat Styles)
Alchemist produces this one and it uses the same beat as Ras Kass’ “Home Sweet Home”. Great beat, and Styles and Jada trade off tight verses.

6. None Of Yall Betta(Feat Styles and Sheek)
DJ Premier produces a brilliant beat as the Lox flow well over it. Premo and Lox work well together, first “Recognize” now this. Tight track.

7. Stick Yourself(Skit)

8. I’m A Gangsta(Feat Parle)
PK produces this one and it’s ok at best.

9. Nasty Girl(Feat Carl Thomas)
Timbaland lays down an average beat, sounds robotic. Pretty wack song. Skip it.

10. Put Ya Hands Up
Wayne O produced a banger on this one. Dope track, Jada rips this track to pieces. Chorus is catchy and tight.

11. Jay Jerkin(Skit)

12. On My Way
Jada hooks back up with Swizz on this one and the chorus may be the worst chorus ever. Wack song. Skip it.

13. Cruisin(Feat Snoop Dogg)
Oh man this song is straight garbage. Awful track. Skip it.

14. Kiss Is Spittin(Feat Nate Dogg)
Beat is similar to “Regulators”, Jada just can’t remake the classic even with one of the original regulators. Ok at best.

15. *****in Or What?
What a waste of a perfectly good Swizz Beats beat. Man the piano’s are very dope, but man what a waste. It’s your usual “Sex” song. They coulda used that Neptunes beat for this, but nooooo they gotta use the dope Swizz beat. Beat is good, chorus is trash and lyrics are trash.

16. It’s Time I See You(Feat Sheek, Styles, Drag On, Eve, Infa Red, and Cross)
Just Blaze lays down a very dope beat and the Rough Ryders rip it to pieces. All you Drag On doubters should peep this, he rips it.

17. What You Ride For?(Feat Fiend, Yung Wun, and Eightball)
Yea Yung Wun’s on the track! Ok anyway Fiend(Yes former NL soulja) produces a banger. Every1 comes dope, I even think Fiend has grown as a lyricist. Dope track.

18. Uh-Hunh(Feat DMX)
DMX sounds unmotivated, but still he comes tight. Jadakiss rips it! Good track.

19. Feel Me(Skit)

20. Keep Ya Head Up(Feat Ann Nesby)
Dope track, Ann Nesby sings a pretty good chorus. Good beat by Mahog. Jadakiss comes with some nice reflective lyrics.

All in all I’ll give this a 3.5/5 A solid album no doubt, but there was some wack fillers all throughout this. Buy it if you’re a Ruff Ryders fan.

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