Snoop Dogg – Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$

Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$1. Don Doggy-Intro

2. Da Bo$$ Would Like To See You
Ok what was the point of this? It’s just Snoop sayin he’s the boss over an annoying beat produced by E-Swift.

3. Stoplight
Jelly Roll produces a wack beat, this track sucks. Skip it.

4. From Tha Chuuuuch To The Palace(Feat Pharrell)
Dope track produced by the Neptunes. Dope chorus(Though simple) and Snoop comes tight.

5. I Believe In You(Feat Latoiya Williams)
Hi-Tek produces a beautiful beat. Great track. Latoiya sings great. Her and Snoop have good chemistry.

6. Lollipop(Feat Jay-Z, Soopafly, and Nate Dogg)
Just Blaze produced the track and it has a funky whistle type beat. Average song though.

7. Ballin(Feat Dramatics and LiL Half Dead)
Battlecat produced the beat. This song sucks. Skip it.

8. Beautiful(Feat Pharrell and Charlie Wilson)
Neptunes produced the track and it’s the average soundin Neptunes beat. This song is boring.

9. Paper’d Up(Feat Mr. Kane and Traci Nelson)
Fredwreck produced the track and this song is about of course “money”. Kokane is awful. Other than that it’s a dope track.

10. Wasn’t Your Fault
LT Hutton produced the track and it’s an average beat, just basically talkin about ho’s. Nothin special and played out.

11. Bo$$ Playa
Fredwreck produced a banger, dope track.

12. Hour Glass(Feat Goldie Loc and Mr. Kane)
Wack skip it.

13. The One And Only
This is what I’m talkin about. The Legendary DJ Premier finally produces a Snoop solo track. Best song on the album, man with all that wack garbage in the beginning it’s nice to hear some real hip hop.

14. I Miss That *****(Feat E-White)
Hi-Tek produced the track and it’s ok. The numerous “I miss that *****” singin in the background will make you skip this track.

15. From Long Beach 2 Brick City(Feat Redman, Nate Dogg, and Warren G)
Very very dope track. Fredwreck produced a banger. Redman straight rips it. Nate sings a dope chorus and Snoop comes tight.

16. Suited And Booted
Meech Wells produced the track and it’s decent.

17. You Got What I Wanted(Feat Ludacris, Goldie Loc, and Charlie Wilson)
Awful awful track. Skip it.

18. Batman & Robin(Feat Lady of Rage & RBX)
DJ Premier produced another banger, really clever track as RBX plays the commissioner, Lady of rage plays Robin, and Snoop plays Batman. Tight track.

19. A Message 2 Fat Cuzz-Interlude

20. Pimp Slapp’d

Josef Leimberg produced the track, and this is Snoop’s diss to Suge Knight, it’s okay.

All in all I give this a 2.5/5, really just a bad album. Too many cliche’d tracks and piss poor production. Some bright spots but those are buried under the garbage.

Do not cop this album.

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