Tha Alkaholiks – X.O. Experience

Tha Alkaholiks - X.O. Experience1. Intro

2. Bar Code(Feat Xzibit)
E-Swift lays down a pretty good beat but it’s nothin special. The chorus re-uses Freaknasty’s “Da Dip” but replacing “dip” with “sip”. Xzibit rips it.

3. Run Wild(Feat Shae Fiol)
Rockwilder lays down a bangin beat. Tash rips the track(As usual), but the lady singin is annoying.

4. L-I-K-S-E
Swift lays down a dope horn type beat. Good song.

5. Bully Foot Skit

6. Bully Foot(Feat Busta Rhymes)
Wow they really blew what coulda been a classic collab track. Awful beat, awful song.

7. My Dear(Feat Defari)
The most slept on rapper ever Defari guests on this track. They re-use the “My dear my dear my dear” from the Pharcydes “Passin Me By”.

8. Interlude

Very dope track, though the numerous “da da da da da” sayings get annoying in the beginning. Tash and J-Ro rip it.

10. 40 Oz Quartet Part 1
I guess this is a skit, it’s like a minute long but does feature J-Ro rappin a lil.

11. Sickness(Feat Butch Cassidy)
Ok track nothin to write home about, average Rockwilder beat.

12. Goin Crazy
E-Swift produces a banger. Dope track. J-Ro rips it.

13. Best U Can
Never thought the Liks would work with the Neptunes but they did and this is the track. This is your average Neptunes beat, but Tash and J-Ro try their best to make it sound dope. Decent track not my fav. Pharrell sings an awful chorus.

14. 40 Oz Quartet Part 2
Same as part 1, but Tash is rappin.

15. Anotha Round
Ok track nothin special.

16. Yo Mouth(Skit)

17. The Bubble(Feat King T)
E-Swift produces a weird soundin beat, it’s ok though. Legendary King T joins the Liks on this track. Average song.

18. 151(Feat Xzibit)
My fav song on the album, man this song is a Lik’s classic. J-Ro and Tash rip it, with Xzibit doin the chorus. This one is a banger.

19. Promote Violins(Feat Kurupt)
E-Swift produces a crazy orchestra type beat and Kurupt starts it off and rips the track, J-Ro does the second verse and probably has the best verse on the song, and Tash rips it. Banger.

All in all I’ll give this one a 4/5, I’m a huge Likwit Crew fan and this one quenched my thirst. Cop this album!

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