DJ Quik – Under The Influence

DJ Quik - Under The InfluenceThis album was released by Quik in 2002, a little before dropping his Greatest Hits. I think DJ Quik is massively underrated both as a rapper and producer, despite consistantly dropping quality albums throughout his career.

1. Tha Proem (feat. Hi-c, Talib Kweli, Shyheim)

This first track doesn’t feature Quik at all, although like the whole album, it is produced by him. Good intoduction to the album with some nice guest appearances.

2. Trouble (feat. Amg)

A superb track, and one which still grows on me the more I hear it. The pairing of quik and amg is as good as ever. This song flows well, with simple yet effective production.

3. Come 2nyte (feat. Truth hurts)

Another decent track, although I think the production on this one is too similar to a lot of Quik’s other stuff. Truth Hurts sings the hook, and makes a good job of it.

4. Put it on me (feat Dr. Dre)

This is what happens when the west coasts premier producers hook up. Excellent production (produced/mixed by dre), and some good verses and a catchy chorus. It has to be said that DJ Quik somewhat outshines Dre on the mic on this one.

5. Murda 1 case (feat. KK, Chukey, Pharoahe Monch)

Not a bad track at all, but you may skip over this one a little. A nice piano on the production, with Quik’s new reggae artist Chukey on the hook. Pharoahe Monch comes as tight as ever.

6. Ev’ryday (feat. Hi-c, James Debarge) 

Some pretty innovative production which bounces along and becomes catchy. This track was skipped over a fair bit when I first copped the album, but is now certainly one of my favourites. Check out the chorus. Quik’s choruses are usually excellent, this is no exception.

7. Get Loaded (feat Amg)

An ok track (another good chorus carries the song somewhat), but again I think this sounds too much like an old reworked track in terms and does nothing special for me.

8. Gina Statuatorre (feat. Chuckey)

A fairly decent track which see’s Quik and Chuckey rapping and singing about a girl who is underage, but continues to flirt and tease older men – who if give in have to face the consequences. The typical funny and ‘cheeky’ lyrics of Quik are complimented by Chuckey’s regga influence.

9. 50 Ways (feat Wanya Morris)

A suprisingly serious track for Quik, who tackles issues of life, death, his career etc, with Morris from Boyz II Men handlin the chorus. Despite being an unusual kind of song for him to do, it works well and doesn’t seem out of place. The use of the military style drum loop is effective. And is that a subliminal diss to Suge Knight on there, or simply satan himself? The jury is out.

10. Quik’s Groove 6

The mandatory quik groove, like the title suggests, the sixth one. These tracks are instumental only, and serve to show DJ Quiks all-round musical ability. Although not the best one he’s ever done, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a break from hip-hop to listen to a bit of jazz – this fits the bill.

11. Get tha money (feat. Suga Free)

The famous pimp rapper suga free has this track to himself, and sticks to his usual flow and style. Not a bad track, but nothing special.

12. One on 1

It’s debateable, but this is the best track on the album. If there was one track to stir up the emotions with a lady friend, its this. Very sexy track, El Debarge does some excellent background vocals, and Quik keeps Roger Troutmans legacy alive with the talkbox on the chorus. The only problem I have with this song is its only 3 minutes long.

13. Sex Crymee 

Quik lives up to his name on this one, spitting some pretty fast verses. Good production and a solid track.

14. Birdz and da beez (feat. Hi-c, Amg)

It’s all down to personal taste but I’ve never been a fan of this track. No real flow to the production, and a horrible chorus doesn’t help matters. Possibly the weakest song on the album.

15. Oh well 

Another solid decent track, although the high-pitched tune can get annoying. The talk-box helps this song out, and is not a bad finish to the album

Hidden tracks:

Leave the last track running and the outro will appear – an instrumental, featuring some nice production. Bit pointless but nonetheless better than nothing. After this has finished, leave the cd running again to hear a brief message from Quik, giving shoutouts and thanking you for the purchase. How nice of him!

Another solid release from Mr Quik, one which any west coast fan should not be without. Again this album highlights DJ Quiks abilities both as a rapper and a producer. This is not as good as his Rhythm-al-ism album in my opinion, but will certainly not disappoint. There is talk that this may be his last album. Lets hope not.

Total mark for album 4/5

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