Fiend – Street Life

Fiend - Street LifeThis was Fiend’s second album on No Limit, and his third solo album overall. This album is different from the typical of No Limit records productions. The producers here Beats by the Pound delivered some tight original beats mixed with blues and rock.

1. Intro

2. The rock show

The album starts off with a nice rock sample over a tight hard-hitting beat. Fiend is dropping a tight verse with a lot of energy. Great start to kick off an album.

3. Talk it how I bring it

I think this is the only single of the album. In my opinion they picked the wrong track. The beat is average, the only thing that saves it is the catchy hook. I don’t even think the song fit in with the rest of the album.

4. War 4 reason

KLC starts talking then the beat kicks in. It got that raw sound with some nice drums in the background. Fiend comes raw and the hook is tight.

5. Get in 2-it feat Mia X

This is one of the hardest beats I’ve ever heard. If you got a tight system bump this track with high volume. The bass is just crazy, and as always Fiend is dropping heat. Mia X is dropping a tight verse too. Very tight song.

6. Ak`n bad feat Skull Duggrey & Mystikal

This track got a hard kind of dark and raw beat. Both fiend and Skull is dropping some good verses. But when Mystikal is dropping his verses you know who the star is.

7. Heart of a ghetto boy

Fiend goes deep and makes you want to listen to what he is saying. I love the hook too. I also liked the way he used a blues felling on the beat. The track is good and very deep.

8. Trip to London feat Kage

I don’t understand what he means with the song title, and don’t know who Kage is. But it’s a good song. The hook is the best on the song .The raps are just average. But the song should be a bit longer.

9. The truth is

This track got a good beat and the hook is tight. I like this track cause Fiend is dropping some serious shit to a girl, the song is’t the normal pimp shit it’s deeper than that.

10. Been thru it all feat Magic

This song got a rock beat to it. If u like rock samples you will love this song, because everything else is on point.

11. Mr. Whomp Whomp

This should have been the first single. The track got a tight party beat to it and a catchy hook to match it up. They couldn’t go wrong with this song as a single its perfect to play in the club.

12. I was placed here feat Holloway of Ghetto Commission

Holloway and his group Ghetto Commission are very underrated. Holloway is dropping a very tight verse here. Fiend comes next and does well too. The beat is very nice. The hook could be better though.

13. I’m losing my mind

Fiend flows very well over this beat and the hook is tight too. Overall a good song.

14. They don’t hear me

This is some hard shit. Fiend brings a lot of energy to this track, the only setback is that the track should been a bit longer.

15. If they don’t know 

This song got a tight beat and fiend flows well over it. But it’s only about a one minute long; it’s too bad because it could have been a very tight song.

16. Walk that line

Wack track could and should have been left out.

17. Waiting on god

I love the beat here its very deep and raw. Fiend comes with some deep lyrics; the hook is very well done. It’s my favorite song on this album.

Overall it’s a very impressive album. Fiend is very talented he can cover all areas in the rappin game. From making deep tracks to make us get crunk, or some straight street shit. It’s too bad that this album wasn’t promoted right because he was one of No Limits best artists. The problem with the album is that some songs are too short and some tracks just didn’t fit in, but I recommend you to check it out. I give it 4 of 5 Stars.

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