Brother Ali – Shadows On The Sun

Brother Ali - Shadows On The SunBrother Ali is one of the most underrated rappers of all time. He is an underground rapper who posses many skills giving him the ability to rip up the mic with either a prewritten verse, freestyle or a battle. Brother Ali is one of the most coherent lyricists around today and he can rip up most people who are ever on the other side of the mic. Very few people rival his lyricism which he perfectly coats all his tracks with. Brother Ali is one of the greatest underground rappers around today.


A Room With A View 

A simply remarkable track to start off this astounding album with. An astonishing track with tremendous lyrics. :One of the best tracks from the album. A striking narrative laced with shocking lyricism. This track is simply one of the best.


The champion flows with a amazing vitality. The only downside to this track is the hook is a bit off. For that sole reason this track may take a while to get into. But aside from that his lyrics are up to speed and it is a great track. Very few rock with this champion.

Star Quality

A softer track lined with lyrics full of reflection. It is slower and extremely steady. Brother Ali comes smoothly with nice lyrics which contain emotions and truth. A great track aside from the slightly annoying chorus.

Prince Charming 

A great track. Brother Ali’s delivery is slightly different on this track. It loses it’s edge and adopts a more playful tone. Ali comes with witty lyrics which make the song an enjoyable one.

Win Some Lose Some 

A good track. His lyrics take a bit of a dip on occasion throughout the track but it doesn’t detract much from the track. His flow is a bit choppy but it manages to sustain some of his usual style. He wins with some lyrics, he loses with some others.

Pay Them Back 

A truly terrific track. Ali comes with some amazing lyrics which come at the listener head on. He showcases his “poetic eloquence” on it with some thoughtful lyrics. One of the better tracks on the album.

Blah Blah Blah (feat. Slug) 

A good track. Considering the artists on it an the potential for brilliance this track was slightly disappointing. Both Slug and Ali came correct but the track on a whole could have been better. It was a still a high-quality track but it had the capability to be superior.

Shadows On The Sun 

The title track does not disappoint. Brother Ali delivers some subtle lyricism. It is all around a good track. The beat may get a bit irritating but at the end, it’s the lyrics which are more important for this artist.


A simple prelude. Nothing good, nothing bad. Wasn’t necessary but it didn’t detract too much from the album.

Forest Whitiker

A great track. Brother Ali lays this track out so simply; his flow, his delivery; basically everything aside from his lyrics. This track is extremely different from the rest of the album. It’s a breath of fresh air amidst originality.


This is like a battle track. A simple track where Ali lashes out viciously at many unnamed MCs. He basically takes a lot of the rappers around out for a lesson. He gives them a major slap from all quarters. A great track.

Backstage Pacin’ 

A superb track. A narritive on Brother Ali. It’s basically countless thoughts flowing through his head before he goes on stage. On this great track he certainly grasps control on the situation.

When The Beat Comes In 

Brother Ali’s delivery on this track has a slight edge. His self-proclaimed arrogant words on this track describe him almost flawlessly. Ali murders the track with his lyrics and narrative. He rips the mic every time there’s a beat.

Missing Teeth (feat. Slug) 

Yet another Slug featured track, and this one is better than the other. Slug comes nicely on this track. His flow is lazy and unusual. But it is Brother Ali who shines on this track. Together, they make a great duo.


A great track mixed with great lyrics. It’s a great narrative about himself for the most part. The haughtiness on this track is well-fitted for a rapper of his stature. An amazing track as he basically takes the listener on a journey with him.

Soul Whisper 

A short track which contains a few quotable lines compressed within so they can sometimes pass unnoticed. This is one of the weaker tracks on the album.

Picket Fence 

One of the best tracks on the album. A beautiful track with stunning imagery powered by masterful lyricism. Brother Ali relates to the listener no matter what their background may be. This is a tremendous track and almost alters the way of thinking with some of the skilfully played metaphors.

Victory (Come Forward) 

A great track. Brother Ali dishes out powerful lyrics with his amazingly raw flow. Brother Ali spits incredibly on this track. He’s upfront and extremely secure with his well fitted skills. A truly amazing track.


This album is a definite recommendation for the avid hip-hop fan that listens closely to lyrics. His complexity may not be appreciated by all but this lyrical album is a must have to fans of artists such as Slug, Tonedeff, Sage Francis, Canibus, Big L and many others. This jewel may be difficult to find but it is worth scouring CD racks for. One of the best releases of 2003. Brother Ali is a must have for fans of true underground rap fans. There is no doubt about this almost classic being a masterpiece.



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