C-Murder – Trapped in Crime

C-Murder - Trapped in CrimeIt’s hard to review No Limit’s music, because most people will tell you that it all sounds the same. You have to really be a fan to get their style of quantity over quality. And while most people will tell you that No Limit has a roster of below and average rappers, there are a few that stand out. One of them being C-Murder. It’s not nesecarily his rapping skillz, but the realness that comes with it, and that’s something that his brothers don’t have. That being known, I’m reviewing C’s third solo album, Trapped in Crime.


1) Intro: 

Tight way to open up the cd. A lot better than the piano intros on his two first cds. Just him talking over a beat, but nice way to start out the album.

2) Forever TRU:

This song iz dope. C samples ‘Gimme the Loot’ by Biggie, and comes with sneak disses at Cash Money, and two tight ass verses. Def one of the best songz on the album.

3) Concrete Jungle feat. Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Goldie Loc, Tray Dee: 

This is a west coast track w/ Snoop, Kokane, and Tha Eastsidaz. It’s a good song, but not one of the best. Kokane’s hook getz old after hearing it once. But overall, average.

4) They Don’t Really Know You feat. Erica Fox:

This song is trash. P makes it even worse, and the beat sounds like an alarm clock. What makes it even worse, is this was one of the singles. Skip it.

5) How a Thug Like It feat. Da Brat: 

Not a really good song, but not terrible. It’s better then the songs Silkk did with Mya, but that doesn’t mean its good. Brat and C flow decent over a Jermaine Dupri beat, talkin bout how each other likes it.

6) Want Beef feat. Fat Joe: 

Not a bad beat ( Kenoe for Deadly Soundz did it ), but the song is too short, and once again MP ruins it. Fat Joe and C have some aight verses, but MP reppin the No Limit East drags it down.

7) Ride feat. Samm, D.I.G.: 

One of the better songz on the CD with tight features from all three artists. D.I.G. shoulda definatley put an album out. The beat iz hot, the hook is hot. Overall, good song.

8) Staring at the Walls: 

Another great song. This talks about being locked up and wanting to be free. Not a slow song, but not a hype track either. Everything sounds good though, as far as the beat and the flow over it.

9) On Da Block feat. Young Gunz: 

Average song, over an average beat. Nothing stands out, not the features, not the beat. Just average.

10) What You Bout feat. Mystikal:

Tight song over another Kenoe laced beat. This is right after Mystikal left No Limit, but he came hard on his last song w/ C. Everything about the song is Bout It, Bout It. One of the best songs.

11) Battlefield:

Really boring song ( if you want to call it that ). Skip it.

12) Where Do We Go feat. Mac, Silkk the Shocker, Nuance: 

Tight song with a nice beat. Silkk’s verse is nothin that stands out ( what’s new ) but Mac and C-Murder have two on point flows, as the song talks about the ghetto being home.

13) NL Iggaz feat. Afficial: 

Another Kenoe track, and another great song. If he would’ve produced the whole CD, it would’ve been a def. clazzic. C tears it up, followed by average verses from Afficial.

14) Too Much Noise feat. D.I.G., Master P:

Average song w/ D.I.G. ( who sounds like Magic ) and MP. Not bad, not good. Doesn’t stand out at all.

15) Damned if They Murder Me feat. Mac, Ms. Peaches, Magic:

Once again C-Murder and Mac flow perfect on this joint. It’s deep ( which is rare for a TRU/No Limit song ) and definatley one of the BEST songs on the CD.

16) Hustlin feat. Master P, Krazy:

In my opinion, Master P appeared on too many joints already, but on this song he actually doesn’t ruin it. Krazy ( who many people think sounds like Tupac ) has probably the best verse. C comes average, but the beat is good, and its about Hustlin in the ghetto.

17) That Calliope:

Not really a song, just C representing the CP3. Tight beat, but the original version ( unreleased ) is better. Average song.

18) Young Thugs feat. Popeye, Holloway of the Ghetto Commission:

Another one of the highs of the album, talks about young thugs and the mistakes they be makin in the game. Popeye’s flow goes hard, and C and Holloway come correct. Good song.

19) Otis Commercial:

Commercial where C messes with a girl on the phone for playin Soulja Slim.

20) Interlude:

Funny 40 second song about nuttin in a girls eye.

21) They Want My Money feat. Mac, Mia X: 

It’s good to hear Mia X on a NL song again, and she comes tight as she always did. Mac and C couldve started a group though, with the chemistry they got on the mic. They saved the song, it’s about hoes wantin money.

22) Thug in Yo Life feat. Krazy:

Good song about spittin game at a girl. Krazy and C’s flows are on point, over a nice beat.

23) Down 4 My N’s feat. Snoop Dogg, Magic:

As stated in the NL Top Dogg review, this song is a KLC produced joint with hard verses from everyone, but Magic has the tightest. Good pick for a single.

24) Street Thugs feat. New-9, Magic:

Decent song, not the best way to end the album though, it could’ve been better.


Overall, this cd is a classic to me. It’s not C-Murder’s best album, but it definatley deserves some recognition. I’d give it a 4/5.

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