Yo Gotti – Back 2 Da Basics

Yo Gotti - Back 2 Da Basics1. That’s What’s Up(Intro)
Drumma Boy produces a hyped up horn heavy beat. Wow, this is pretty great, and this is only the intro. I’m digging Yo Gotti’s energy here. He channels Pastor Troy here, but he doesn’t jack his whole style or anything, and it works for the track. Gotti says ‘What up?” to a bunch of people. Great way to start the album. Good

2. I Got Them(Feat LiL Wayne & Baby)
Fate Eastwood produces a really hard hitting Southern style beat complete with a ton of scratch samples. Wayne starts it off with a pretty good verse. You know, I’m not a huge Wayne fan, I mean, I can see the appeal and all, but he just seems uninspired most of the time. The chorus consists of scratches(Which is a great thing) and constant “Dope man! Dope man! Dope man!” sayings. Gotti up next and he outshines Wayne here, because he actually shows some energy here. Baby with the last verse and….well….it’s Baby, so it may not be great lyrics, but he’s still entertaining. If you’re expecting great inspiring lyrics from Baby, then you should go look elsewhere. Great track. Good

3. Full Time
Electric guitar type synth here. I don’t like the starting, because it sounds so hokey. Gotti shows a ton of energy here though, which is always a good thing. Gotti talks about avoiding the cops, and being a full time hustler. This is like a weird mixture of New Orleans rap & Memphis rap. Needless to say, it really works well. Good stuff. Good

4. Where I’m At
We slow things down just a little bit here, but the beat still maintains that certain hard hitting bounce to it. Gotti switches up his flow here a bit, he goes for a more low voiced approached as opposed to his energetic style. Yea, this is catchy. Good

5. U A Gansta Rite
Well, we go from sort of relaxing to straight up rowdy style. This track is about all the fakes who try to be gangsta, because they listened to some rap, or watched it on TV, but when it’s time to fight, they run away scared. Gotti does a really good job here getting the point across. Good track. Good

6. Spend It Cuz You Got It(Feat Allstar)
Pretty self explanitory here, and I agree with them. Why not have fun and spend some money? Total flossmode stuff here. Gotti does a good job mixing the Atlanta sound, Orleans sound, & Memphis sound all in one track. Good track. Good

7. Cold game
Nice horn heavy beat, but the starting with the singing is just bad. It gets pretty good after that though. Gotti talks about not going to jail, and trying to take his time to make some money. Good track. Good

8. Gangsta Party(Feat Bun-B & 8-Ball)
Easily the best track on the album. Carlos Broady(Who is probably one of the most underrated producers ever) produces a really great soul mixed with Memphis bounce beat. Eightball starts it off and just flows really well over this beat. Great chorus here, very simple but it works. Gotti up next and the beat changes a bit, so what does Gotti do? He rapid spits. That was pretty great. This is the perfect mixture of car music & dance music. Bun-B is up next and of course he rips the track to pieces. Bun-B’s a guy who could make any track sound good. Wow, that was really great. DOPE!

9. That’s What They Made It Foe(Feat Pooh Bear)
Scott Storch produces a pretty good beat(Which Gotti admits he paid a nice chunk of change to get). It’s simple, but it has a Miami style to it. Great chorus here, it’s pretty simple and the singing adds a lot to it. Both men comes tight. Good

10. 25 To Life
Carlos Broady produces another great beat, that mixes hard Memphis style with soul. Gotti does a good job with wordplay, and telling a story about someone going to court and then jail. Nice reflective track. Good

11. That’s Not Yo *****
Electric guitar type synth here, with a piano thrown in. It’s decent. Gotti raps about how women can set you up, and goes into detail about how he trusted some women. This was really a well thought out track, that really will make you think. Good

12. Shawty Violating(Wup That How)(Feat La Chat)
We go full Memphis style here, complete with the repeated choruses. Gotti up first with a really good verse. La Chat up next and she does a good job, it’s nice to hear her get some cd time. Rowdy type track. Good

13. I’m A Thug(Feat D’Nero From The BlockBurnaz)
Hard hitting track here. This is something you can get crunk to, and would probably incite a riot if it was played at a club. Gotti admits he’s a thug, and he will beat you up if you test him. D’Nero does a pretty good job as well. Good

14. We Gonna Be Alright
Carlos Broady produces a softer soulful type beat. Gotti raps about everything is going to be alright, and that he’ll(Gotti) will support them. Wow, this track is really great, and it’s nice to hear a rapper make an emotional track like this. Good

15. A Part Of Thugs(Feat Jazze Pha)
Carlos Broady produces another really great soulful type beat. Isn’t it odd? Jazze Pha on the track, yet Broady produces? That rules. Jazze does the chorus, and he does a good job. Will Carlos Broady every get his props? Anyway, Gotti rules it here as he talks about getting caught up, and not having time with his woman. Great track. Good

16. Warrior
I don’t like this track at all. It has a hard hitting LiL Jon-like beat, but it’s about how a woman looks like a warrior. I’m not digging this at all. Wack

17. Shawty(Feat D’Nero From Block Burnaz)
Now this is what I’m talking about. Great heavy hitting Memphis style track. They both come tight, and show enough energy to power Las Vegas. Great way to end the album. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. Yo Gotti took elements from New Orleans, Atlanta, & Memphis, and put them on one album. The end result is a great album that should be worth a listen. COP IT!

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