MF Doom – MM..Food?

MF Doom - MM..Food?1. Beef Rapp

Long intro to this track, we’re talking a good 2 minutes but once it gets started it really gets good. Doom raps about the usual(Himself, food, beer, and jibberish). Beat is done by Doom and it’s really good, it has that Operation Doomsday feel to it. Great track to get the album started. Good

2. Hoe Cakes

Doom produced this track, ok to get this out of the way, Doom produced most of the beats on this album except 3 and I’ll address those when I get to them. Nice piano beat here with a beat box. Doom raps about a lady and does it in a way where it doesn’t seemed cliche’d. Good track. Good

3. Potholderz(Feat Count Bass D)

Count Bass D produced the track and it’s a little weird but it’s pretty good. The Count starts it off with a short semi verse then Doom takes over for a little while then The Count again with a verse to end the track. Pretty good track, it shows that Count Bass D is a really overlooked producer. Good

4. One Beer

MADLIB!!!!! produces this track and it’s pretty good but I think he could’ve done better. Lyrics are all over the place but that’s Doom for you. Good track. Good

5. Deep Fried Frenz

Pretty good beat, I can’t really explain it. Track is about friends and how you can or cannot depend on them depending on your state of mind. Doom’s using voice samples to end tracks these days and not a 30 second sample but about a minute or so sample(s), I’m not complaining but it’s a little weird and too Madlib-ish. Good

6. Poo Putt Platter


7. Fillet O Rapper

Another voice sample skit.

8. Gumbo

ANOTHER SKIT?!? This is overkill.

9. Fig Leaf Bi

Carbonate-Very long instrumental/skit here.

10. Kon Karne

Nice piano beat here, we waste no time here as Doom gets right into the rapping. Semi relaxing song. Good

11. Guinnesses(Feat Angelika & 4ize)

One of my fav Doom beats of all time, this beat has been around for a little while, glad Doom used it for some rapper. Angelika does the rapping here and she does a pretty good job. The chorus is a little weird but all in all a really good song. Good

12. Kon Queso

PNS Of The Molemen does the beat and it’s basic, not really feeling it. Doom carries the track though. Good(Doom raised the score)

13. Rapp Snitch Knishes(Feat Mr. Fantastik)

Nice guitar type beat here by Doom. Both come tight here. Good

14. Vompitspit

This beat sounds like a J-Zone beat, but Doom produced it and of course it’s pretty dope. Doom raps his usually jibberish, good stuff. Good

15. Kookies

Ok so this is the semi single on the album and was praised by Doom fans before the album came out and it lives up to its hype. Doom uses “Cookies!” samples throughout, cookie monster would be proud. Song is about….well of course COOKIES!!!! Great way to end the album. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating, nothing in between just all Good tracks, nothing mind blowing but I really wasn’t expecting it since Operation Doomsday is a personal classic to me. The cover art is a sheer classic though. Cop this if you’re a Doom fan or looking for something new.

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