Digital Underground – This Is An EP Release

Digital Underground - This Is An EP ReleaseDigital Underground – This Is An EP Release (1990)

1. Same Song – Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Tupac Shakur

Same Song. “We been all around the world – the same song!” The debut of Tupac Shakur on a Digital Underground release. Same Song is an amazing party track with a fantastic jumpy feel to it. Tupac fans may be a little disappointed that Tupac only gets to rap a few lines (well, they give him the buildup of the bridge at least!). Along Shock, Money-B and Humpty Hump, they all flow over the track with such versatility and speed its hard to believe that such a great song could be made. Listen for the sneak in of ‘Humpty Dance’ on the keyboards. Hella funky. Praised by me in every aspect. Awesome

2. Tie the Knot – Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Kent Racker

Along with “Same Song,” the production notes mention this song is taken off the “Nothing But Trouble” motion picture. First few spins the track is pretty funny. Humpty tries to keep together a marriage choir who keep messing around! Hearing the beatboxed scratching is really something to be heard! There is only really one verse to it by Shock, going along the lines of their B-side “Your Life’s A Cartoon,” (except about rushing into marriage) and after that gets silly. A bit of a slacker on the production note. Piano sounds too laid back. Although the singing is meant to sound silly, after a few plays it gets rediculous Average, at most

3. Way We Swing [Remix] – Shock G, MC Blowfish, Money B, Tupac Sharkur

A revised version of the original off “Sex Packets” LP. Beat is slightly switched up from the original and the lyrics are changed slightly. Shock and Money sound less focused as if it were an album track, just rapping for the remix. As dope as the original, plus ever-so-slightly enhanced beat.

4. Nuttin’ Nis Funky – Shock G, Schmoovy Schmoov, Humpty Hump, Big Money Odis

That’s not a typo. Nuttin’ NIS Funky! The long DU jam track! There ain’t nuttin’ nis funky! Beat is hard to describe. Just odd, Raw Fusion style. DJ Fuze working the decks with the occasional hoot and squeak throughout. Works on the “Doowatchalike” beat with additional bass thuds and “la la da da” of the vocalist. Lots of the boasting that there isn’t anything funkier (at that time) than DU. Good track. Need to hear it to like it, however

5. Packet Man [Worth a Packet Remix] – Shock G, Humpty Hump

Another golden remix. Also taken off “Sex Packets” LP, the beat has been reworked with a saxaphone line and a much dancier step to it and added synth effects. A great job.

6. Arguin’ on the Funk – Shock G, Money B, Humpty Hump

Shock and Hump try to settle their disputes over the “Rhyming On The Funk” beat. Hump wanna know why it was called “Rhyming On The Funk” leaving Shock to amend his misunderstandings! Funny. But only really worth the spin to listen to the beat, same as the original.


Essential? Well, that depends what your interests are. Digital Underground fans will love this EP, it fits perfectly between “Sex Packets” and “Sons Of The P.” The CD insert is only one sheet of paper (the credits are on the back of the case) so some may feel short changed, but the music content is still quality, which is what matters most. DU fans- get this! Others may want to try out some DU before copping this EP – try “Sex Packets” and “Sons Of The P” to get an idea what you are getting. Worth it for the 3 [outstanding] party tracks. Otherwise, leave this gem for the Digi Heads!

Digital Underground – Future Rhythm

Digital Underground - Future Rhythm1. Walk Real Kool(Shock G, Erika “Shay” Sulpacio, & Marsha Lurry)

Nice way to start off the album, this isn’t a rap song so don’t get it twisted, this is pure funk right here with the master of it Shock G. I never got why people never gave Digital Underground especially Shock G his props, he brought 2Pac into the game and still gets no praise, it’s a shame. Nice song to chill to with a great chorus sung by Shock G, Erika, & Marsha. DOPE!

2. Glooty-Us-Maximus(Money B, Numskull, Saafir, Shock G, Skatz, & Humpty Hump)

DOPE! This song is about…of course the bootay(heh). Money B starts it off with a funny verse then Numskull with the typical Luniz humor, then Saafir with a dope verse(Man Saafir is such an underrated rapper, he has one of the dopest flows ever), Shock G with a good verse, Skatz with a decent verse but compared the the others he just doesn’t cut it, but he tries. Shock G and Humpty Hump(Best Alter Ego EVER!) do the chorus and Humpty Hump adds his 2 cents after Skatz. Man this song is crazy. DOPE!

3. Oregano Flow(Gumbo Soup Mix)(Shock G)

One of many Oregano Flow mixes, this one is the more dark and eerie one but it’s still very dope. Nice song to just relax to. DOPE!

4. Fool get A Clue(Shock G & Black Spooks)

The beat is so off the wall and dope, it’s very eerie and funky that it’s classic. Shock G with a very funny yet disturbing verse, but still Shock G owns and he can never have a bad verse. Shock G sings a great chorus(The man can do it all!). The Spooks do a great job as well. I love the ending when they sing the “My Country Tis Of Thee” yet they add their own sarcasm to it over a great beat, that’s pretty much the only time you’ll hear cursing here. DOPE!

5. Rumpty Rump(Money B)

One of my favorite skits ever. Money B leaves a message on Shock G’s answering machine and gives this weird albeit great idea about Humpty Hump’s sister called Rumpty Rump with a fake ass and all, Money B’s cracking up giving this idea really funny stuff but it’s a skit and I can’t rate it.

6. Food Fight(Humpty Hump & Del)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Del of Hiero fame joins the original big nosed rapper Humpty Hump on this song and man this is some straight up weird hip hop. Humpty Hump starts it off with a great verse about….what else food. He talks about swinging melons and all that, great stuff and the chorus is so bizarre that it’s classic. Del with a good verse but he just can’t match Humpty Hump and I’m a Hiero fan as well. Humpty Hump with one of his best verses ever after Del, talking about what rappers when they eat. This was such a great concept song. DOPE!

7. Future Rhythm(Introducing Krazy Horse & Mac-Mone)

Different song but very dope, nice rapping and a great introduction to these 2. Good’

8. Hokis Pokis(A Classic Case)(Humpty Hump & Piano Man)

DOPE! Man this is such a weird song that I love it. The make quack songs like a duck and Humpty Hump tells them to “SHUT UP!” very funny stuyff. It has to be heard to be believed. DOPE!

9. We Got More(Shock G & the Luniz)

Yup Num & Yuk join Shock G for this song, nice egyptian type beat, very dope song and if you’ve heard this on “Don’t Be A Menace…” then you’ve heard this song. Still a classic song with Shock G carrying it but the Luniz are no slouches themselves. DOPE!

10. Hella Bump(Feat Krazy Horse & Shock G)

This has to be one of the best beats I have ever heard. This song is about music and how they are addicted to it and that putting fake music into your veins is bad for you PREACH ON! Shock G does a great job with his singing/rapping style. I am a bump junkie! DOPE!

11. Stylin(Kenya, Shock G, & Tyranny)

DOPE! The beat has some funk to it but it’s hard to explain. Very dope stuff, classic Digital Underground. This doesn’t have your stereotypical rapping to it, they all add their own style to it and make it a classic. DOPE!

12. Midnite Snack(Piano Man)

This is moreso a skit than anything else so I can’t rate it.

13. Oregano Flow(Hot Sauce Mix)(Shock G)

DOPE! The best version of this song, they even add tribute to George Clinton to it. Great song with Shock G just owning it on vocals, man why can’t people just realize that this guy is one of the best musicians out, not just a rapper but a MUSICIAN! Nice bouncy funk beat. DOPE!

14. Want It All(Digital Underground)

Very nice way to end the album with all the camp just having fun. Shock G, Money B, & Humpty Hump just do a great job on this song with Shock G doing his singing rap style and Humpty Hump rapping about wanting a whole bunch of food and women. I love the happy style smooth relaxing beat. DOPE!


I’m giving this album the DOPE! rating because it is one of the best albums I have ever heard. There was hardly any cursing and they didn’t even need to curse to get their point accross. This album is a real breath of fresh air out in the cutthroat word of rap and this album just shows how politics in the rap business suck. Get this album! You need this album in your music collection as it has everything from funk, to rap, to soul. BUY IT!

Digital Underground – Who Got The Gravy

Digital Underground - Who Got The Gravy1. I Shall Return(Intro With KRS One)

Great intro as KRS does a great job introducing all of Digital Underground and the guests on the album. I’m counting this as a song because KRS also raps the intro’s which is very clever. Good

2. Holla Holiday(Humpty Hump, Shock G, Clee, & John Doe)

Different sound for Digital Underground. Humpty Hump & Shock G trade verses(!) and it’s really dope hearing Shock G get so into character with Humpty Hump. This is a party track and nothing else, a step away from their originality but still a good song. Good

3. Wind Me Up(Humpty Hump & Esinchill)

More bouncy beat, nice to hear a Humpty track, Esinchill sounds alot like Eminem, the resemblance in voice is uncanny. Really weird and Shock even calls him “E” hmmmmm. Humpty Hump doesn’t sound like himself, he’s more yelling here, sounds awkward but is still pretty tight. Esinchill has a pretty tight verse. Good

4. The Mission(Feat Big Pun, Shock G, Styles, & Whateva)

It’s funny to hear Shock insult Pun and hearing Pun respond back with Shock backing off, funny stuff. Big Pun totally rips the track, it’s weird hearing him on a DU track but I can’t complain. This is a love track, but it’s well done. Good

5. The Odd Couple(Humpty Hump & Biz Markie)

DOPE! This is a classic DU track right here. What a great concept, it’s California arguing with New York. It’s funny hearing Humpty & Biz arguing over the stupidest stuff. Classic track right here. DOPE!

6. Blind Mice(Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Black Ty, Rashida, & Malia)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! My favorite track on this album. This is a great concept song with a strong political message but using nursery rhymes as metaphors. I thought I would have never heard Humpty Hump on a political track but here he is and he’s doing a great job, man I love Shock G, in a totally hetero way of course. The beat is really dope with nice singing mixed in. DOPE!

7. The Gravy(Humpty Hump & Truck Turner)

It’s BDP & DU TIME! Dope song with Humpty trying out his lyrical skills and he does a great job mixing humor and battle raps together. Truck does a good job but he can’t compete with Humpty Hump! DOPE!

8. Peanut Hakeem(Shock G & Peanut)

Funny skit with Peanut trying everything he can to throw the criminal in jail and then getting caught so he keeps objecting and then is distracted by a women so he says that “hoochie mama” ruins his client then gets thrown out, really weird yet hilarious skit. I can’t rate this though.

9. Man’s Girl(Shock G, Money B, Clee, & Gruve)

Weird yet dope beat, nice and smooth yet hard hitting at the same time. I’m not to into the beginning though. This song is about women and it’s well done. Good

10. April Showers(Shock G, Mystik, & Money B)

I love the beat and the singing. Yes this is the Mystik female singer/rapper/poet that put out an album with some Hiero rappers. Shock G does a really good job singing, but them talking about doing it in the rain is a little weird but whatever, good melody. Good

11. Cyber Teeth Tigers(KRS One & Shock G)

DOPE! This is straight up Hip Hop right here, Shock G does a great job keeping up with KRS One. Shock G breaks down the different kinds of smiles which is actually a clever concept, I however do not care for the chorus. Wow KRS raps really fast here, very dope. DOPE!(I can ignore the chorus)


All in all this gets a Good rating. This is totally different than the other DU albums put out which isn’t a bad thing. It’s pretty rare so if you can find it then cop it.

Digital Underground – The Body Hat Syndrome

Digital Underground - The Body Hat Syndrome‘The Body Hat Syndrome’ – 1993 Tommy Boy/ TNT Recordings under Warner Strategic Marketing

Its 1993 and Digital Underground have had a slight change in style…


1.Return Of The Crazy One 4:38 

Once again, Humpty Hump kicks into the CD with another crazy song. After playing for a few bars you will see the change in DU’s production styles. Not only this but Hump’s nasal voice has changed slightly, perhaps matured? Pity is isn’t reflected in the lyrics! Still a funny song but Hump is a lot more mack than usual… beat could have been better.

2.Doo Woo You 7:36 

Aah yeah! Sit back and jam to this! Over 7 minutes long! Another DU jam. Real catchy hook and nice vibes. Can’t say much more about this, its just a nice jam!

3.Holly Wanstaho 3:35 

Holly’s just a lazy, crazy girl who wants to sell herself instead of trying to make it. “What a wonderful” I quote, track. Bass is reminiscent of That Dogg Pound’s “Ridin’, Slippin’ & Slidin’”

4.Bran Nu Sweater 4:58 

That’s a metaphor for a groupie woman! The clingy type too, therefore you are “stuck wearing a sweater” DU got the track laced once again. Beat is jumping and bass kicks with energy. Another great track

5.The Humpty Dance Awards 4:51 

For all the Tupac fans out there, this is the first you’ll get of him on the CD. It’s a skit about a spoof dance ceremony. Personally I think its filler.

6.Body Hats (Part One) 1:35 

“Protection from FADES- Falsely Acquired Diluted Educational Syndrome” – that is, the hype the media brings – we shouldn’t believe all of it This CD doesn’t just have one title track it has three! The first of 3 parts with a very catchy hook.

7.Dope-A-Delic (Do-U-B-Leeve-In-D-Flo?) 4:07

Has a go at those using the DU sound coz its so funky and fresh. A beat not too hot. I feel more could have been done to it.

8.Intermission :54 

Short interlude of clips of DU on the radio from around the world

9.Wussup Wit The Luv 6:35 

Perhaps it would be typical of me to say that coz this song has Tupac on it makes it special? I’m afraid I think this one is. It is deep and touching. The second dose of Tupac on this CD. A very deep song about racial tension and black-on-black killings, problems with the police and the fact that even though a black man can be from America and the other from Africa, they still cant get along. We really see Pac’s early potentials in his short verse. Great beat. Touching chorus. Lots of meaning to this song, one of my favourites. DU at their best, giving serious messages out. One of DU’s best songs ever.

10.Digital Lover 4:38 

Mainly a lot of sampling and repeated chants. Nothing too special, just a jam.

11.Carry The Way (Along Time) 4:15 

A real bass-digger. Even gave me a slight headache. Play in your trunk

12.Body Hats (Part Two) 1:31 

More of the same. Hook has an additional chant to it. As dope as the last part.

13.Circus Entrance 1:54

A confused skit and intro to the next song. Full of cheesy masturbation jokes!

14.Jerkit Circus 4:50 

FINALLY- a song that reflects men’s habits! Hella funny OTT lyrics about doing it with yourself instead of a woman! Too many funny lines to mention. Great playback value for a laugh. DO NOT BLAST OUT THE BACK OF YOUR RIDE!

15.Circus Exit (The After-Nut) :43 

Outro. Feels to me like filler as well

16.Shake & Bake 4:34 

A “More Bounce To The Ounce” sampler. Humpty Hump on the mic and his sexual habits are rapped about. This track jumps more than the last Hump solo (Return Of The Crazy One). Bumping.

17.Body Hats Part Three 3:07 

The third and final instalment of the Body Hats tracks and the longest of them too. A bit more soul to this one and a bit more of Hump

18.Do Ya Like It Dirty? 4:45 

A switching duet between Shock-G and Humpty Hump and doing it dirty. They take it in turns to tell it. Speaks on some freaky sex with food and sexual preferences!

19.Bran Nu Sweat This Beat :33


20.Whee! 5:08 

Clearly the MCs took to the mic high on this one! What a laugh though. Great sounds though and lyrics are hilarious


Conclusion: DU have changed their sound for 93. They still sound far out for a rap group and they still keep it jumping but this CD I don’t think was as good as the rest. Still, its DU and they never fail to impress. There are lots of good tracks on here, even though a slight bit of filler. Overall I give this a Humpty Dance Award (buy the CD and you’ll know what I mean) 4/5

Digital Underground – Sex Packets

Digital Underground - Sex Packets1. Humpty Dance 

The CD kicks in with the track that made DU explode on the scene. Humpty Hump takes the lead introducing himself (Shock G’s alter ego) and his signature dance This song is a classic and you can see why with its funky clapped out bass line (which Humpty acknowledges) and ‘dope-a-delic’ lyrics.

2. The Way We Swing 

“Are you hip-hop? RnB?” DU reply in their own honesty, they are themselves with their own original sound. The song is about how other people hear their music and try to take their styles. Features a lot of shout outs at the end to countries across the world that like the way they swing

3. Rhymin’ On The Funk 

Just check out this beat! This dope beat is a duet from Shock G and Money B. Both their vocals and the beat fit together because of their smoothness. Great track

4. The New Jazz (One) 

A very quick interlude. Its over before you even have a chance to skip it. Some piano beats. Funky, very short

5. Underwater Rimes (Remix) 

Somehow this song actually has an underwater feel to it especially when MC Blowfish takes a verse! This track has some of the cleverest lyrics on the CD. It pretty much takes an every day situation and turns it into an underwater dimension

6. Gutfest 89 (Edit) 

The intro of this song should have been separated from the song because it lasts over a minute meaning you have to fastforward it to get to the song Another Shock-G and Money-B duet In case you hadn’t guessed the song is about taking a road trip to a music palooza with a lot of sex going on! The beat is nice and quick and the breaks are filled with snippets of commentary from the Gutfest festival. Good song for breaking to

7. The Danger Zone 

Another song to show DU’s totally original sound. The bass is so low I cant get under it! Feel the kick drum! This is funky, through and through, laced with a few strings. Guitared hook What its really about is the situation of drugs in the hood and the dramas and dangers that follow. A message which is delivered in DU’s independent style

8. Freaks Of The Industry 

Sexual ‘freaks’ that is! It’s another Shock G and Money B collabo, Money busts some nice quick flows. Beat is slooow and chilled. Mainly about a multiple choice of what you would do caught in a dodgy sexual situation. Piano Man takes us out of the song. Real smooth.

9. Doowatchulike 

Its another DU classic and it plays at over 8 minutes long! Most of the lines end with “Doowatchulike” but its all good because the beat is constantly moving with variations in the beat every few bars. Its all about being yourself and basically doing “watchulike,” whenulike, howeverulike, as long as its cool This song is just straight dope… halfway through an announcer announces that radio stations may fade out, but it still keeps going! Samples, chants, Piano Man, break beats, pumping bass! This is one of those few songs that can go on for ages but still remain dope.

10. Packet Prelude 

Piano Man takes the prelude to Sex Packets

11. Sex Packets 

A very slow, mellow, smooth and sensuous beat. The idea is to capture the feeling of a sex packet in this song so this song is like trying one, apparently. The track is all sung. Smooth, something to blaze to and full of synthesised sounds No doubt this is another DU classic. Not often you get to hear stuff like this ever.

12. Street Scene 

A packet-dealing skit

13. Packet Man 

A Shock-G and Humpty Hump duet this is funky! It’s the song to the Street Scene skit basically. Real funky. DU got the styles!

14. Packet Reprise 

Instrumental lead out from the album


What can i say, this CD is smoooth! Digital Underground are unknown to alot of people except those who heard Shock-G and Money-B on ‘I Get Around’ by 2Pac. They were around years before the start of gangsta rapping. Their style always had been different and more fun yet often holding political meaning.

Sex Packets is a classic CD no doubt. Their sounds are original, their lyrics are clever and the rappers have character. If you call yourself an ‘oldskool rap fan’ then this should be in ur collection

Although this is definately DOPE some of the beats become uninteresting. An essential nonetheless


Digital Underground – Sons of the P

Digital Underground - Sons of the P1. D-Flo Shuttle 

The moment you start playing this you know the CD will be good! By this time in D.U.’s timeline Tupac had been initiated as a member, although this is his only rapping appearance on the whole album! “D-Flo Shuttle” features a funked out saxophone bass line and a really catchy hook. Its one to sing along to! A fantastic introduction into the CD!

2. Heartbeat Props 

“Everybody get ready for the HEARTBEAT PROPS!” The track is about DU giving props out to living black representatives in the media. The song takes up a pumping bass line another sung/ sampled hook and bridge with a few classy choral verses. Great song

3. No Nose Job 

Humpty’s own song. Comically strung chords come as a standard and of course, Humpty Hump’s funny lyrics. And once again, disguised in its funny shell of a song, it also holds a deeper meaning, about how young kids are beginning to think they’re inferior because of the media Funny and dope song. And check out the cutting at the end

4. Sons Of The P 

Looking at the track time, this is another long jam at over 9 minutes long And once again it’s another original DU beat. You will either like it or you wont. If you like George Clinton’s voice you will be pleased to hear he graces the song with the DU emcees This song is laid back. Like I said, you either like it or you don’t. You decide.

5. Flowin’ On The D-Line 

I love this track. It has an almost Michael Jackson sounding beat. Shock-G tells of a story when he was on the D-Flo shuttle! Sadly its only one verse long with no chorus. Has some crazy cutting at the end

6. Kiss You Back 

The perfect radio-friendly song with such an oldskool style, this is really chantable It’s a Shock-G and Money-B duet once again! The motto is simple: “kiss me and I’ll kiss you back!” Its all about returning the favour. Full of nice nonsensical lyrics (“see me coco might go pop!”). A very playable tune.

7. Tales Of The Funky 

The most noticeable thing about this song is it samples “One Nation Under A Groove.” Shorty-B takes the verses which is different from Shock and Money’s flowing but he does a good job anyway. Humpty Hump supports the hook. This track is worth the boogie!

8. The Higher Heights Of Spirituality 

Interlude featuring some preaching and Piano Man’s talent

9. Family Of The Underground 

If you were waiting for another Tupac appearance, you can hear his voice at the start (that’s it) Think of “If My Homie Calls” and you will get an idea of what this song sounds like with “Family Affair” as the sampled hook Since DU’s last outing they had initiated a few more members and this track is each of their opportunities to flow. You should already recognise Stretch of Naughty By Nature already The bass on this song bangs! A good song. Each emcee has their own style of flow

10. The D-Flowstrumental 

Instrumental of “The D-Flo Shuttle” You may just consider it as a filler because it isn’t too necessary

11. Good Thing We’re Rappin’ 

Suddenly the atmosphere changes to something more threatening to fit in with the changing sounds an image of rap becoming gangsta. Yet ironically, Humpty Hump takes the verses in alternates with Shock-G! It also kicks some hilarious lyrics and even soulful singing near the end (check it out for yourself!) It’s another long jam (9 minutes). Humpty Hump takes up a lot of time giving shoutouts. And that closes the album!

Well what can i say? DU have pulled it off again. Their sounds still stay original and fun, humorous and friendly Like ‘Sex Packets’ this is another DU release you will want in your collection. Lots of fun and a class CD. DU may be funny but they keep it real.

Rating: 4.5/5