Digital Underground – Sons of the P

Digital Underground - Sons of the P1. D-Flo Shuttle 

The moment you start playing this you know the CD will be good! By this time in D.U.’s timeline Tupac had been initiated as a member, although this is his only rapping appearance on the whole album! “D-Flo Shuttle” features a funked out saxophone bass line and a really catchy hook. Its one to sing along to! A fantastic introduction into the CD!

2. Heartbeat Props 

“Everybody get ready for the HEARTBEAT PROPS!” The track is about DU giving props out to living black representatives in the media. The song takes up a pumping bass line another sung/ sampled hook and bridge with a few classy choral verses. Great song

3. No Nose Job 

Humpty’s own song. Comically strung chords come as a standard and of course, Humpty Hump’s funny lyrics. And once again, disguised in its funny shell of a song, it also holds a deeper meaning, about how young kids are beginning to think they’re inferior because of the media Funny and dope song. And check out the cutting at the end

4. Sons Of The P 

Looking at the track time, this is another long jam at over 9 minutes long And once again it’s another original DU beat. You will either like it or you wont. If you like George Clinton’s voice you will be pleased to hear he graces the song with the DU emcees This song is laid back. Like I said, you either like it or you don’t. You decide.

5. Flowin’ On The D-Line 

I love this track. It has an almost Michael Jackson sounding beat. Shock-G tells of a story when he was on the D-Flo shuttle! Sadly its only one verse long with no chorus. Has some crazy cutting at the end

6. Kiss You Back 

The perfect radio-friendly song with such an oldskool style, this is really chantable It’s a Shock-G and Money-B duet once again! The motto is simple: “kiss me and I’ll kiss you back!” Its all about returning the favour. Full of nice nonsensical lyrics (“see me coco might go pop!”). A very playable tune.

7. Tales Of The Funky 

The most noticeable thing about this song is it samples “One Nation Under A Groove.” Shorty-B takes the verses which is different from Shock and Money’s flowing but he does a good job anyway. Humpty Hump supports the hook. This track is worth the boogie!

8. The Higher Heights Of Spirituality 

Interlude featuring some preaching and Piano Man’s talent

9. Family Of The Underground 

If you were waiting for another Tupac appearance, you can hear his voice at the start (that’s it) Think of “If My Homie Calls” and you will get an idea of what this song sounds like with “Family Affair” as the sampled hook Since DU’s last outing they had initiated a few more members and this track is each of their opportunities to flow. You should already recognise Stretch of Naughty By Nature already The bass on this song bangs! A good song. Each emcee has their own style of flow

10. The D-Flowstrumental 

Instrumental of “The D-Flo Shuttle” You may just consider it as a filler because it isn’t too necessary

11. Good Thing We’re Rappin’ 

Suddenly the atmosphere changes to something more threatening to fit in with the changing sounds an image of rap becoming gangsta. Yet ironically, Humpty Hump takes the verses in alternates with Shock-G! It also kicks some hilarious lyrics and even soulful singing near the end (check it out for yourself!) It’s another long jam (9 minutes). Humpty Hump takes up a lot of time giving shoutouts. And that closes the album!

Well what can i say? DU have pulled it off again. Their sounds still stay original and fun, humorous and friendly Like ‘Sex Packets’ this is another DU release you will want in your collection. Lots of fun and a class CD. DU may be funny but they keep it real.

Rating: 4.5/5

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