VA – Bones Soundtrack

VA - Bones Soundtrack1. Intro 

2. Legend of Jimmy Bones (RBX, Snoop and MC Ren)

Fredreck drops a tight dark beat for this one. RBX spits some pretty wack stuff but Snoop and MC Ren come very tight. Especially Ren. Good way to start the album.

3. Lost Angels In The Sky (Kokane and the Lost Angels)

Battlecat’s production on this one is the highlight. Straight Wesct Coast. The rapping is pretty average though.

4. Ballad of Jimmy Bones (Latoiya Williams)

Sooopafly provides a good mellow beat for this one. Latoiya Williams does pretty well on this track. Her voice is very nice.

5. Dogg Named (Snoop and Tray Dee) 

Mel-Man provides a dope, thundering beat for this one. Snoop comes tight with his verses and Tray Dee does well on the chorus

6. This Is My Life (Kedrick and C.P.O)

Another R&B track. The production is nice with a middle-eastern feel to it. Kedrick is amazing on this song. His voice is really smooth. The track would have been perfect but C.P.O’s vrse kind of messes up the song.

7. It’s Jimmy (Roscoe and kurupt)

Frdwreck comes tight once again with the production. Kurupt mostly rap’s on the song, and does a good job, but his younger bro Roscoe outshines him. Roscoe ends the song with a 30 secong verse that is short but blazing.

8. Raise up (Kokane)

Kokane flat out sucks. His voice is horrible and he does terrible on this song. His attempts to be funny in the song are just plain stupid. It’s a shame Fredwreck wasted such a tight beat on this crap.

9. These Drugs (D-12)

Im not a big fan of D-12 but this song is just dope. Eminem gives us a dark beat for an hilarious song. Bizarre, who ususal sucks comes tight on this one. His verse is pretty funny.

10. Death of Snow White (Snoop, Bad azz, Chan and Coniyac)

The beat sounds more like a Battlecat beat but it’s produced by Fransisco Rodriguez. The chrous is really ctachy. Bad azz does surprisingly well on this one.

11. If You Came Here to Party (Snoop, Eastsidaz and Kola)

This track is pure funk. Warren G comes up with a banger. Everone on this song comes really tight. Snoop is singing on this one, and at first i didn’t really like it but he’s actually pretty good at it.

12. ***** wit us (Kurupt, Tray Dee and Xzibit)

This sounds like something that come straight out of a nintendo video game. It’s still damn tight though. Fredwreck is always trying new things. The rapping is very solid too. Xzibit and Tray Dee come off really good on this one.

13. Jimmy’s Revenge (Snoop and Soopafly)

More of a laid back track here. Once again snoop is singing but it’s all good. Soopafly does well too.

14. Be Thankful (William Devaughn)

This is a nice R&B track too. William Devaugn does a good job wit his verses. This is not as good as the other R&b tracks but it’s still nice.

15. ***** It Less (***** That)

Ah back to the hardcore shit. I’ve never heard of ***** That but these guys spit fire. One of the guys kind of sounds like redman. The beat is nuts too. I loves the use of the violins. Something a little different.

16. Gangsta Wit it (Butch Cassidy, Snoop and Nate Dogg)

Battlecat serves up yet another solid beat. Butch cassidy steals the show on this one. His verse is amazing. Nate comes good on the chorus and Snoop does weel wit his verse too.

17. Memories (Cypress Hill)

This track is pretty average. The beat is pretty simple and the Lyrics are just boring. The track kind of a filler.

18. Endo

Just instrumentals


Final Rating: 4/5.

Bones is a solid West Coast Compilation. Definently a worthy purchase.

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