Master P – Only God Can Judge Me

Master P - Only God Can Judge MeOnly God Can Judge Me was made post Beats by the Pound era, and after No Limit’s success really wore off. After going 4x platinum with the Da Last Don, Master P came out of ‘retirement’ to release Only God Can Judge Me. The twist on this cd is that by this time ( late 99 ) most of the soldiers had left the tank, including BBTP, which gave it a new style. Along with the new production, came a new style from P. It’s an experiment, and not everybody liked it. With that being said, here’s the review for OGCJM.


1) Only God Can Judge Me

P talking over a Daniel Kartell laced guitar solo, about why he’s a soulja and how he’ll always be TRU 2 Da Game. Not really recomended.

2) Ghetto Prayer feat. Magic

This is a song that was really critiqued when it first came out as a shallow, meaningless wannabe 2Pac song. I wouldn’t say it’s that bad, but it does get a lil repetitive. Not the worst, not the best.

3) Step To Dis feat. D.I.G.

One of the best songs on the album, also released as a single. D.I.G. has a flawless flow, and Master P comes correct. What more to say?

4) Return of Da Don feat. Silkk the Shocker

Unfortunatley, this song doesn’t live up to it’s name. Silkk’s accent is complete garbage, and the beat is mafiaso, but without BBTP, it sounds terrible. Nothing stands out.

5) Say Brah feat. Mac

This is a club bangin track with Mac. It’s almost like whenever Mac is on a song, it can’t be bad. This is a good song, with an uptempo beat also featured on 504 Boyz’s ‘Goodfellas’.

6) Boonapalist feat. D.I.G., Ms. Peaches

This is a slow song that has no relation to anything good at all. D.I.G. has a tight verse, and that’s about it. Nothing special about this track at all.

7) Where Do We Go feat. Mac, Nas

This is probably one of the best songs on the entire album. Master P definatley has his best verse I’ve heard in a long time. It’s about staying positive even when life getz tough. Tight verses from all three artists.

8) Ice on My Wrist

Cash Money’s success obviously influenced this song, because P never used to rap about cars, jewels, etc. Not really worth listening to unless you like songs about diamonds, and Cash Money does it better anyway.

9) Stop Playing Wit Me

One of the highlights of the album. It’s a rowdy joint that stays on point through the whole song detailing P’s come up in the game. Worth a listen.

10) Ghetto in the Sky

Much like Ghetto Prayer, this song is criticized for being a cheap version of songs from the likes of 2Pac, Biggie, etc. I don’t really look that deep into it, but it’s worth a listen if you like slowed down jamz.

11) Ain’t Nothing Changed feat. D.I.G.

Another one of the best songs on the album, as whenever D.I.G. touches the mic, the song is gold. Everything about the song is good; the production, the chorus, and the verses from P and D.I.G.

12) Commercial feat. Young Guns

A ‘commercial’ which is on here for whatever reason, is not that bad. The Guns lace the track with a smooth flow over a tough beat.

13) Oh Na Nae

I’m not sure why this song is on here. It’s another watered down Cash Money type song. P’s change from ‘Da Last Don’ is most obvious here, as he continues to rap about Benz’s, 20’s, and basically Big Tymer type raps.

14) Ghetto Honeys feat. Mac

The beat is hard, couldn’t be any better. The title of the song could’ve been better though, because just looking at it, made me want to skip it. Overall, a good song with Mac and P layin it down.

15) Y’all Don’t Want None feat. Mystikal

Despite saying that he’d never beef on wax, Master P takes shots at UNLV and Pastor Troy on this song. Over basically the same beat that UNLV used to diss Mystikal, P and Mystikal use it to diss them subliminally. A good song though, one of the best.

16) Life Ain’t Easy feat. C-Murder: 

Finally a track featuring C-Murder, and although it’s less than two minutes, it probably couldn’t be any better. Definatley one of the best songs on the album, and bout it bout it.

17) Who Down To Ride feat. D.I.G.

As you can see, D.I.G. is obviously all over this album. Promotion paid off, because he once again steals the song from P, and lays down the chorus on point. Too bad ‘AfterLife’ never dropped.

18) Y’all Don’t Know feat. Ghetto Commission

P goes back to his ‘Last Don’ style to talk about his 2Pac-influenced-penetentiary-chances theme. It’s good to hear Ghetto Commission again ( because they were always good ). Overall, not a bad song, not the best, but not bad.

19) Nobody Move feat. Magic, Silkk the Shocker

Bottom line, this track is a hard track that gets you hyped. Silkk does not do good on these type of tracks, and basically ruins the end of the song. However, if you want a tight two minute track, peep the first two verses from Magic and P, and you won’t be dissapointed.

20) Da Ballers feat. Jermaine Dupri

P and JD go back and forth talking about their lifestyles and where they’re from. Not a bad track, but don’t expect much. JD produced it.

21) Crazy Bout Ya feat. Mercedes, Ms. Peaches

Slow song ( which P doesn’t do good with ) about being crazy bout ya girl. It’s not recomended. Skip It.

22) Intro to Get Yo Mind Right

P talking in the background, and introducing the following song.

23) Get Yo Mind Right feat. C-Murder

Tight song w/ a catchy hook. Not a bad way to close out the album, but definatley could’ve been better.


Overall, after hearing this experiment I wouldn’t say this a bad Master P album. Due to his limited rapping skills, it’s probably one of his better solo efforts. There are worse ( Ghetto Postage, Gameface ) and there are better ( Da Last Don, Ghetto D, Ice Cream Man ), but if you are a No Limit fan or just a P fan in general, it wouldn’t hurt picking this up, because it’s not as bad as everyone says.

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