Tha Alkaholiks – Firewater

Tha Alkaholiks - Firewater1. Intro

2. Turn It Up
Decent clapping type beat with electric guitar sound effects added in. J-Ro starts it off and seems to be on cruise control here as he sleep walks through his verse. The chorus consists of people saying “Turn It Up” in a montone voice. This track isn’t that good. Tash with a good verse, he tries to salvage this track but it doesn’t work. Bad way to start off the album. Average(For Tash’s verse)

3. The Flute Song(LaLaLa)
Decent flute beat albeit uninspired(Produced by E-Swift). Tash starts things off with a good verse. Tash is one of the most overlooked rappers out. The guy(Tash) really needs to release another solo album. The chorus is decent but the girl singing ruins it. J-Ro with a decent verse, it seems like he doesn’t care, but I can’t really blame him. E-Swift with the last verse, it was average. Tash ruled it here, the rest were just there. Average

4. Popular Demand
I dig the beat here. It’s like a weird mixture of West & East with the horns and such. Everyone does a pretty good job here and the chorus is pretty simple but it works. Good

5. The Get Down
This beat sounds like something that was on Busta Rhymes “It Ain’t Safe No More”, that’s not a good thing. This track is horrible as J-Ro starts it off with a cliche’d verse about women & the like. This beat is just horrible and the chorus with some girl saying “You gotta get up to get down” in a montone voice doesn’t help matters. Tash tries but this beat is just death in music form. Crap, be gone from my ears! Train Wreck

6. Get Into It
I like the beat, it’s hard hitting and is so much better than the track before this. Everyone comes tight here and show a different side of Tha Liks, a more serious style but still maintaining that charm. Good track. Good

7. Faded

8. Chaos
Danger Mouse produces the beat and it’s so uninspired that it’s not even funny. This is probably the worst Danger Mouse beat I have ever heard. Tha Liks make up for it by doing a really good job and showing some amazing chemistry. This is a case of average beat and great rhyming. Good

9. Hangover(Stylizik Jones & Bishop Lamont)
Good party beat here. Stylizik starts it off and he sounds like the lost member of the Young Gunz. J-Ro with the next verse and it’s not that good. The chorus is just awful, it sounds like someone doing a horrible Kurupt impersonation. Tash rules it here as he outshines everyone. Bishop Lamont with the last verse and it’s good. Good(But leaning towards Average)

10. Party Ya A** Off
Bad 80’s sounding beat. Tash tries but man this is just uninspired stuff from just about everyone. Uninspired lyrics, uninspired chorus, uninspired beats. Just terrible. Wack

11. Handle It
Southern style beat, it’s just really sloppy and horrible. This is another case of Tash trying to carry the load and again it just doesn’t work because even Tash realizes this track sucks so he comes with an average verse. Wack

12. On The Floor
Really annoying “Get your ass on the floor!” voice samples, after that a cliche’d clapping beat kicks in and your average party track is born. Tash rules it here though as he flows really well over this. E-Swift has a decent verse. Average stuff all around though. Average

13. Poverty’s Paradise
Pooh(?) sings a good portion of this track. I like the beat, very soul sounding. Pooh is a decent singer, but I really don’t want to hear him sing for a good minute. E-Swift is the only Lik rapping and he does a pretty good job. Good track. Good

14. Drink Wit Us´
I like the beat, it has a Southern sound to it. It’s like a LiL Jon throwaway beat(That’s not really a bad thing by the way). J-Ro starts things off with a good verse. I like the chorus as J-Ro says all these artists names and says “They drink wit us”. E-Swift with a pretty good verse. They really should’ve done more tracks like this one. Tash has the last verse and of course he rips the track to pieces. Yea, this track was pretty good. Good

15. Do It
Really good beat by Rural. Very hard hitting stuff and has a hint of Westcoast to it. J-Ro with the first verse and he does a good job. Tash up next and he does a great job. E-Swift with the last verse and he does a pretty good job. Yea, this was pretty good as well. Good

16. Over Here
Westcoast bouncy beat, it’s pretty good. Tash with the first verse and he does a really good job. I like the chorus, it’s pretty simple but it works. King T up next and he does a great job. King T is one of the most overlooked rappers in the game, he can make any track sound good and has a ton of charisma. J-Ro with the next verse and he does a pretty good job, but following King T is a tough task. Really good way to end this album. Good

I’ll give this a Good(Leaning towards average) rating. Well, this is their farewell album and it had it’s share of awful tracks and good tracks. This was totally different than their other albums and at times it felt like the chemistry just wasn’t there. Give it a good listen first before you buy it.

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