J-Zone – A Job Ain’t Nuthin’ But Work

J-Zone - A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work1. The Zone-ettes

Intro to the album, it’s pretty funny as J-Zone introduces his own female back up group, then he fires them afterwards. I can’t rate this but for comedy it was great.

2. $poiled Rotten(Feat Celph Titled)

DOPE! The beat by J-Zone is really heavy, it hits pretty hard and has a hint of electric guitar thrown in. J-Zone & Celph show some great chemistry together. Great track, we’re off to a great start. DOPE!

3. A Friendly Game Of Basketball

What a clever track, this track is about how J-Zone would crush any music artist in a game of basketball. He goes after Bow Wow, Ice Cube, & Master P, of course this is not meant to be mean spirited so J-Zone is not trying to beef with any of them. I like the beat here, it’s heavy hitting but has pretty good singing samples. This is one of Zone’s greatest tracks. DOPE!

4. Edit These

Clever track, see J-Zone can’t get a track played by the radio because his music is too “dirty”, so he edits it with the cursing edited(In fact it’s edited to go backwards) so you get a hilarious second verse. Really clever track. Good

5. Greater Later(Feat Devin The Dude)

Oh yea DEVIN!!!!! This is not the type of beat you’d expect Devin to rap over but that’s not a bad thing, in fact Devin does a great job and the J-Zone beat is really good as well. This is a surreal track. Devin does the first verse and it’s really good. J-Zone with the second verse and it’s also pretty good. You have to hear this track. Good

6. Xactly

Beat is ok, it’s got a funky feel to it. J-Zone sounds like he’s using echoes for a voice effect. The lyrics and concept are pretty funny(It’s about bad breath and poor hygiene). Good enough. Good

7. Kill Pretty

The beat here is great, it may sound a little odd during the first listen but once you hear the track more you get used to it. J-Zone raps about how ugly he is and how he needs alcohol to get girls. Pretty funny track. Good

8. Baldylocks

This track reminds me of Willie D’s “Bald Headed Hoe’s” and really anything that reminds you of WILLIE D! is dope. Track is about how women are bald one day and then the next day they have a full head of hair. Hilarious track, really good as well. Good

9. Crutches


10. Disco Ho(Feat Dick $tallion)

Nice semi disco-ish beat by J-Zone, it’s got some funk in it as well. J-Zone raps about not dancing, pretty funny stuff. Chorus has some bad singing which J-Zone says “Sound better than Pharrell…for half the price!”. Great track. Good

11. Flight 212


12. Bulls**t City

Nice funky type beat, it’s almost Premo-ish. Track is about New York, I like the scratching on this track. Great track. Good

13. Heavy Metal(Starring Al Shid)

This is an Al Shid solo track, J-Zone does the beat here and it’s nice and dark. Shid does pretty good on this track. Good

14. Oops!(I’m Sorry B*tch)

Nice bouncy type beat. J-Zone tries a different style of rapping on here, really dope stuff. Track is pretty funny as well. Good

15. Sleazy Listening

J-Zone makes some porn background music here with numerous sex samples. I can’t rate this.

16. Lightweight(Remix)

Nice beat here, there are some different styles going on here, some guitar’s and bouncy type bass here. J-Zone raps about not being able to hold his liquor, pretty funny stuff, good track as well. Good

17. The Zone Report

DOPE!!!!! This may be my favorite J-Zone track ever and he even mentions ICE T!!!! J-Zone raps about his entire album catalogue. It’s pretty interesting to hear him give his honest opinion on his own albums. You have to hear this track, the beat here is really funky and has a really good electric guitar type riff mixed in. DOPE!

18. Old Maid Theme/Biscuits II

Nice shout out type track, J-Zone gives a great shout out to Devin. Nice way to end this though I really can’t rate this.


All in all I give this a Good rating. This may be J-Zone’s greatest album, this smokes his old stuff easily. The skits were kept to a minimum and J-Zone was more focused here. Most def cop this album.

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