J-Zone – Pimp’s Don’t Pay Taxes

J-Zone - Pimp's Don't Pay Taxes1. Model Citizens


2. Q&A

Pretty good beat by J-Zone (J-Zone did all the production on this album by the way), it’s a different beat sounds a little goofy but it’s great. The track is about an interviewer who asks J-Zone questions about his life, career, etc etc etc. Pretty dope track. Good

3. Live From The Pimp Palace East(Feat Huggy & Al Shid)

Long song title name, but that’s not a big deal. Pretty good beat, has a bass like guitar plucked in there, I can’t really describe J-Zone beats. Huggy starts it off with a dope verse, then a dope chorus consisting of scratching occurs, J-Zone uses voice samples which is dope. Al Shid with the next verse and it’s pretty good. J-Zone with the last verse and it’s pretty funny, he even mentions bumping Bushwick Bill(CHUCKWICK!) which gets points. Good track. Good

4. Stroke happy

Hilarious skit.

5. The Trojan War(Feat Thug Penis(AKA Huggy))

Well that’s an interesting character name. I like the beat here, it’s got several voice samples throughout. This track is about safe & unsafe sex, decent message at the end. Good track. Good

6. The Bum-***** Ballad

Beat has a cheesy Italian(No offense to the Italians) feel to it, it’s pretty good and the chorus consists of “*****” scratches, one from Too Short. J-Zone raps about women in a hilarious manner. Good track. Good

7. 190(Feat Al Shid)

Pretty good beat by J-Zone, it’s sort of bouncy but maintains that J-Zone sound to it. Al Shid raps about drinking alcohol and getting hung over. Pretty good track. Good

8. You Block You Bleed

Hilarious skit about some aspiring nerd rapper who bothers J-Zone, classic skit here but I can’t rate it.

9. Block Itch

Pretty good guitar type beat, it has a South West type feel to it. Song is great, it’s about J-Zone who meets a woman and she says she’s going to bring her cousin and J-Zone thinks it’s another girl and it turns out to be a guy and he’s some wanna be rapper who bothers J-Zone, I saw it coming but it still was hilarious. Great track. Good

10. No Consequences(Feat Huggy Bear)

DOPE!!!! This track is great! Nice chants in the beat, nice dark feel to it. Track is about causing terror in a world where police are off duty, I can’t do it justice. Hilarious lyrics by J-Zone(“Roll through the ghetto bumpin ‘Ice Ice Baby'”). Huggy does a really good job as well. DOPE!

11. A Word From Our Sponsor


12. County Check Pimpin

Really goofy type beat, it’s pretty good albeit totally out of left field. Track is about J-Zone selling his time, pretty funny stuff. Good

13. Zone President

Great beat here, classic J-Zone. Hilarious lyrics by J-Zone(“Backpackers wave while I pump that Trick Daddy”). The chorus has a pretty dope beat change in it, then J-Zone starts dissing internet rapper wannabe’s. Great track. DOPE!

14. I’m F*ckin Up The Money(Feat Huggy)

Huggy solo track with J-Zone on the production. Nice voice samples throughout the track and Huggy does a great job rapping here. Good

15. Old Maid Legal Aid


16. Jailbait Jennifer(Feat Al Shid)

This will offend some people, I don’t really like this track. Wack

17. S.H.I.D. Chapter 5(Feat Al Shid)

Al Shid solo track with a great J-Zone beat backing it. Great track, Shid’s a pretty dope rapper. Good

18. Ms. Platonic Part 2

Original was on “Bottle of Whup Ass EP” and this version is much better. The beat is a pretty guitar type heavy with a pretty dope accordion thrown in. J-Zone raps about platonic friends, pretty good track. Good

19. The J-Zone Fan Club


20. Invisible ink(Feat Huggy)

DOPE!!! This is a Huggy solo track and it’s really good. Nice weird guitar like beat. There’s a different beat that kicks in during the second verse that is great, it needs to be heard. Great track as Huggy raps about society. DOPE!

21. Metrocard Millionaires(Feat Al Shid & Huggy)

DOPE!!! One of my favorite J-Zone tracks. Beat has a great electric guitar type riff added in there. J-Zone starts it off with a funny verse, then Shid with a great verse, then Huggy with a great verse, and J-Zone finishes it off with another funny semi short verse. Nice chorus that is full of scratches. DOPE!

22. Billionaire Theme

Short instrumental, I can’t really rate this.

23. Fan Club President

Outro, nice beat though.


All in all this gets a Good rating. This was something different and it worked, J-Zone isn’t your typical producer or rapper for that matter, most of his lines are filled with sarcasm and humor(Which is great). COP THIS!

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