Mr. Hyde – Barn Of The Naked Dead

Mr. Hyde - Barn Of The Naked Dead1. Intro 


2. On The Prowl 

Nice Necro beat here, it’s abrasive and has a nice distorted sound to it, I can’t really describe it. Mr. Hyde rips it, he really worked hard to improve his flow, he sounds much more crisp and very vicious. The lyrics? Well it’s gore but Hyde does it in such a manner that it doesn’t become redundant. Dope track. Good

3. Say My Name(Little Brittany) 

Nice dark beat by Necro, it’s really eerie and sets the tone for the track. Brittany “sings” a decent chorus, it’s a little corny but hey who cares? Hyde raps are vicious and piercing here. Great track. Good

4. The Crazies(Feat Necro, Ill Bill, & Goretex) 

CIRCLE OF TYRANTS!!!! Great dark piano beat here, has a grimey Queensbridge type sound to it with a nice flute like sound thrown in there. Hyde starts it off with a good verse, then GORETEX rips it, then Ill Bill throws in a vicious verse where he uses his psycho deep voiced out of control flow, then Necro finishes it off with a dope verse, I think Necro is overlooked on the mic, he’s perfectly acceptable on the mic and he does a good job painting mental pictures. Crazy track with no chorus just verses. DOPE!

5. Barn Of The Naked Dead 

Crazy Necro beat here, sounds like a psycho is on the loose and well Hyde is rapping so it’s true. Hyde gives some bugged out goon lyrics here as he kidnaps women and takes them to his barn, this was inspired by a B-Gore Movie so keep that in mind when you listen to the track. Good track. Good

6. Spill Your Blood 

Necro produces a dark Chinese type beat here. Hyde flows vicious here giving some gore type lyrics, good track. Good

7. Knife In Your Spine(Feat Necro) 

Eerie beat by Necro. Necro starts off with a good verse using a ton of multi’s and using some dope wordplay. Hyde next and he outshines Necro, man he’s working hard on this album, that’s good to hear because I’m sick of rappers half assing their flow and lyrics on tracks. Good track. Good

8. Malignant Messiah 

Eerie sample in the beginning and then a hard organ type beat kicks in. Hyde flows vicious on here, really good track. Good

9. Street Veterans Part 2(Feat Ill Bill & Necro) 

Nice funky type beat by Necro here. Part 1 was on Brutality and was just a Hyde solo. Hyde starts it off and flows perfectly on this track. Necro does a good chorus here. Ill Bill up next and he rips it. This track is dope! DOPE!

10. Weapons Of Mass Destruction 

Nice hard hitting beat by Necro and some nice Necro voice samples. Hyde raps about hitting you with different weapons. Good track. Good

11. Bums Intro(Kid Joe) 

Kid Joe explains that he’s a bum, Kid Joe is great.

12. Bums(Feat Necro & Uncle Howie) 

DOPE! Necro produces a more light hearted beat with several “Bum” voice samples throughout, really clever track as Hyde raps about being a bum with some hilarious yet true lyrics. Necro then raps about how bums live, smell, etc etc. Uncle Howie even gives a semi verse, really funny stuff. Great track. DOPE!

13. Death Sentence(Feat Sabac) 

Pretty clever track as Sabac plays a guard and Hyde plays the part of a prisoner on death row who gets executed. Good track. Good

14. Married To Pain 

Interesting beginning as Necro wed’s pain. Hyde raps about…well dishing out pain. Good track. Good

15. Beesh(Malaki Skit) 


16. Buggin Out(Feat Kid Joe) 

Kid Joe just gives psycho lines. Hyde tries a new rhyme style here, not bad. I like the crazed piano beat by Necro. Good

17. Them(Feat Goretex, Ill Bill, & Necro) 

Nice dark piano beat here by Necro. Necro starts the track off with a good verse. Ill Bill with the next verse and he has a good verse. Goretex gives a vicious verse. Hyde finishes it off with a pretty good verse. Another great track by the Circle Of Tyrants. No chorus just all lyrics. DOPE!

18. Outro


19. The Crazies(86 Metal Mix)(Feat Necro, Ill Bill, & Goretex) 

Same track but with a pretty good heavy metal sound to it, nice guitar playing but it sounds weird. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. This was an album that got overlooked, Mr. Hyde worked his ass off here rhyming and Necro provided the great beats, worth a listen.

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